Primitive Link Wallpaper: Perils of Life

Purple Software, Primitive Link, Sione Wallpaper
Purple Software Studio Primitive Link Visual Novel Sione Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

i must say the longest part of this wall was extracting her hair and figuring out what type of background to make ^_^'

this wall took about 7 hours to make using the scan from Fenafir which can be found here because i couldnt decide what to do with the background and after countless atempts this was the result i was most content with :D

i re vectored parts of her hair because i cut out all those loose one pixel strands ^_^'

so in the end after extracting her i went about vectoring in her many one pixel strands of hair XD

i added the wing because of the feathers that a floating around her :)

i wanted to make it so it seemes like she was remembering a memory from her past because of the way shes positioned, hence the way the background looks :)

there are about 40 layers altogether :D

thank you for viewing ^^

this is for the wings-lovers contest







hoteru-no-shiki ~*~Star Revolution~*~








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  1. aqiaqua Jul 01, 2007

    I love this image <3. I like how you've filtered the image, and added the castle in the background :). <3 fave, and new desktop!

  2. PinkPrincessAyu-Chan Jul 01, 2007

    Wow..this is good :o although the text is distracting the wall, but this is beautiful :o my.. Fav

    merged: 07-01-2007 ~ 12:34pm
    now i notice the wing ^_^' lol

  3. yui20 Jul 01, 2007

    I love the image too ^^ ~
    Nice extraction and lovely color, it give kinda fantastic feeling ...
    But it a lil bit weird that the mountain is clearly cut out tho ...
    I thk you should make a dreamy effect in the background that you add on to bring out that the background is just a memory from her past ?^^"

  4. carl123abc Jul 01, 2007

    the original scan was great and i loved it overall, and u just made it better than it it already was. so great job

  5. Sinever Jul 01, 2007

    you have extrected the pic very nicely :)
    the bg looks wonderful & the wing looks good too:D
    good job eternal-chan XD

  6. FireBlaster Jul 01, 2007


    hey, you always create great wallpapers? because every image that you create is in my personal collection, seriously you are a great artist

    "The way to the happiness is hard but, I'll Keep Walking"

  7. rika23 Jul 01, 2007

    Wai~! O.O Another sugoi wallie made by eternal-chan XD
    The extraction is good X3 suki! Faves!

  8. emoi Jul 01, 2007

    Overall, I think it looks beautiful, and her background is nice; I get that what's behind is really not behind her but what she's remembering, right? There are a few things that seem a little odd. One is the rock with what looks like a waterfall. It looks so sharp to be a "memory"...but if she's at a location with waterfalls, the angle seems odd. But that's really minor thing. ^^;; The lighting of the colored hair strands on the bottom hair makes it looks less like hair to me and more like neon thread/string. But what strikes me the oddest, is the light reflecting on and off her sword: there seems to be a gap/break in the light between the the sword and her skirt. And the last thing...is she only supposed to have one-wing? Because I only see one wing, and if she were two-winged, i think there would be something of one in the area between her arm and waist.

    Ahhh *bows* I'm sorry that I said so much, I, myself, am not a good waller, nor can i vector and make pretty wings like you. ^^;; But I'm just one of those people that look at a pic and see if it makes sense if it were a real thing or photograph. @_@ I do like your wallie and downloaded it too. ^^;;

  9. moonescape Jul 01, 2007

    Very pretty! I mainly love the colours in here and the extraction was very good. :D Though I think the background looked quite blurry.

    Well pretty much this went well. :)

  10. foreverforgotten Jul 01, 2007

    I knew I saw something beautiful. ^-^

  11. krisaiee Jul 01, 2007

    I think this is beautiful.
    I really like the background and how her hair flows!

  12. XAngelKnight1913 Jul 01, 2007

    ^_^ This is GREAT!
    Nice background too!

  13. norine07 Jul 01, 2007

    omg omg! love the wallie, this is really nice, love the colours used, the bg, is beautiful! the scan...hmmm...seen it somewhere! XD hahahax..! XD really nice~ thanks for sharing, i love the atmoshpere of the wall, gives a really nice and windy feeling hahax.! love the texture as well~ XD nya~ i'm going too slowly with my walling.... hahax..!

  14. x-lawss Jul 01, 2007

    This is beautiful! The background are great too XD
    Keep it up, my friend :)

  15. streamside Jul 01, 2007



    i liked your wallie -- some effort you've put into extracting the hair.you did a great job on re-vectoring the strands. ^_^ the building in the background -- is it just me or is the right half a bit too opaque? haha, it's probably just me.

  16. Offkorn Jul 01, 2007

    I don't think there are words powerful enough to describe this. It's that good. I love the subtlety that you used adding the wing.

  17. rala Jul 01, 2007

    Amazing work!^^ very creative!^^ the background is really great, you have done a wonderful job here^_^, keep it up^^

  18. Silvana11 Jul 01, 2007

    I love it! the scan, the colors, the bg, everything! BEAUTIFUL! :)
    +fav ^^

  19. melymay Jul 01, 2007

    Nice wallpaper. Nice choice of background, and awsome extraction/vectoring ^_^ Although, I'm not a big fan of those scratch like things on the top corners. Other than that, great job. +fave

  20. Idril Jul 01, 2007

    Kyaaa I just luv this one! The colors and bg looks great ^^


  21. IzumiChan Jul 01, 2007

    Really cool bg, EL. O___O

    Quote: a memory from her past because of the way shes positioned

    At first I read "poisoned" and thought "who gave her poison? O__O" XD XD

    Extracting this kind of hair is really a pain... you did it greatly! ^_^
    Really cool work, I liked it a lot! :D

  22. OrpheusTheBard Jul 02, 2007

    Holy... The hair looks DIVINE! Or rather, everything in the foreground looks absolutely stunning! Something that bothers me though, is a few of the details on the background, namely those semi-transparent arcs in the top corners. I somehow get the feel it would look better without them. Apart from that minor complaint, this is one of the best wallpapers I've ever seen! ^_^ Just wow!

  23. akiraryuki Jul 02, 2007

    wow nice Scenery!
    and ur Colour Efect is Just Perfect ^06
    nice !

  24. MasterPivot Jul 02, 2007

    Absolutely amazing work! Well done!

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