Yoshitaka Amano Wallpaper: Kiss the fish!

Yoshitaka Amano, Amano: The Complete Prints, Vector Art Wallpaper

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

BGM : again, ahee~ nodame cantabile ost desu~ xD
Scan : A mermaids innocent kiss by Lord Dream <3
Time : I dont know, 7 hours? x:

Art nouveau style ish just niice <3

I always wants to makes a wallpaper with art-nouveau style and yoshitaka amano's illustration on it :3 and now i did it yay! xD I dont know if it looks good or not, since this is the first time i use this style xD ahee~

Critiques please ;D I want to know what makes this wallpaper ugly, or not good or whatever it is :3

As usual, more bigger resolution ish going to be added here later ;D

ps. zomg the category @_@ someone please fix it ;_;

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  1. PinkPrincessAyu-Chan Jul 01, 2007

    The vector is nicely made :)

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Jul 01, 2007

    Love the vector and the background is really neat! Keep up the excellent work!

  3. miriambr Jul 01, 2007

    The vector is really nice ^^ I also like the colors you chose ;)

    I loved the title btw ^_^

  4. emoi Jul 01, 2007

    i think it looks nice. :) My only complaint is the background. The misty red looks too plain, like, i feel ike it needs some crickety black paisley or something. XD But i guess that is the style of art nouveau too. ^_^ Well, I like your wall. :)

  5. peniko Jul 01, 2007

    i just found this kinda gallery in the store yesterday, and i fell in love with this style <3
    great job k1ru

  6. Tsunoh Jul 01, 2007

    ahahaha lol love the title, love the wall itself. Your thick-lined style looks awesome with Art Nouveau.

    +favs of course.. and desktop-ed XD

  7. Sinever Jul 01, 2007

    nice simple vector wall :D
    I like your style & the title is perfect XD
    well done & keep it up ;)

  8. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 01, 2007

    How adorable! Wonderfully warm colours & a touch of Art Nouveau make what is otherwise a comical setting look sophisticated and classy. Lovely!

  9. magicmarkers Jul 01, 2007

    This is beautiful! O_O The red looks so.. rich. Great job k1ru!

  10. rubenz Jul 01, 2007

    Lovely, I love the colors and the vector is great :D

  11. inREVERIEforever Jul 02, 2007

    Ahaha kiss the fish. That's really cute. :3 I love the colors and vector. It's very lovely! Great work. ;D

  12. fawna-chan Jul 03, 2007

    Cool. B)
    Amano and Art nouveau looks good together.

  13. chubbykitty Jul 03, 2007

    Kiru! This wallpaper is just gorgeous. The colors are vector are so lovely, great work!

  14. ReBeKiCHii Jul 04, 2007

    ahaha awesome wallpaper, very cute! :D
    great vectoring and nice colours used
    altogether looks totally cool! :D

  15. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jul 06, 2007

    you win a free pass to join art-nouveau XD
    the black outlining/texturing is purfect, my only bleh is the circle design in the back has too pale outlines compared to your character, and the bg could use some fluffy swirls and painted details

  16. CosmoStar Jul 06, 2007

    This is very cool! I love art-nouveau-esque things! I'd like to try this art style too...
    I liked how you worked on the scan and how the colors merge! It's gorgeous!

  17. pamkips Jul 07, 2007

    The vectors great, love the textures and I especially
    love the Art Nouveau-ness, awesomely done :D

  18. sailorchiron Jul 07, 2007

    Really lovely, I love art nouveau and don't have the guts to try to vector it. On top of that, you worked with Amano's art, which is soooo quirky, I love it. Great job.!

  19. DREAM Jul 16, 2007

    ah lady k1ru, you have made an Amano-san wallpaper in the art-noveau fashion. :) i love the overall composition especially the circular design. the original artwork comes from a book called "Kingyohime" (Princess Goldfish) and fashions the pretty princess with quasi-"cute" fish.

    this leads to my very minor crits: i think the fish would have been better served with a different color. i.e a light purple or a shade of blue etc., and you colored the dress part on her arms yellow- this is a mistake since the dress covers her whole body. so in essence the color must remain fixed.

    overall beautiful work. :)
    :tosses a purple rose:

  20. Sienna Jul 22, 2007

    this is so wonderfully cute and interesting. it reminds me of so many stories that i have heard in my life. What if some one could get their wishes by kissing the fish?

  21. vatican92 Sep 06, 2007

    Nice that you added more color in
    But the bg seems like it only has cloud filter...... if I'm not wrong

  22. beyondmeasure Dec 18, 2007

    Noveau forever!

  23. Aracelie-lienie Dec 26, 2009

    dwqjkkgshg dhdjkhds kofsWRT

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