Yotsubato! Wallpaper: Deep Dive

Kiyohiko Azuma, Yotsubato!, Yotsuba Koiwai Wallpaper
Kiyohiko Azuma Mangaka Yotsubato! Series Yotsuba Koiwai Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

^_^' 2nd wall, this one went better

a massive number of 750+ layers, full vector and re CG... i hate her original eyes
original scan http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/2750/animepaperscansyotsubatic8.jpg
1 month of work ... but it was a good effort
and one personal comment: i'll never make undersea walls again... IM TIRED OF BLUE!

oops, forgot to add the AP link http://www.animepaper.net/gallery/wallpapers/Danalm/item59319/

vector-wallers sakura--cb


Chosen by bromithia and kuroimisa

Simply put, this is adorable >_<

This wallpaper is so great because of the depth and lighting- check out how far this wallpaper goes when you set it as your desktop- like woahhhh!

You definitely get an underwater feel- kawaii style!

Proposed by bromithia and highlighted by kuroimisa.

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Browse Yotsubato! Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. entity1660 Jun 30, 2007

    I saw this on AP, and I have it as my desktop right now. I love the CG used and Yotsuba is cuter than ever! Thanks for your hard work!

  2. Freyanen Jun 30, 2007

    XD I love it! i love that character XD I like what do you do with her eyes XD
    =D Cute!

  3. PinkPrincessAyu-Chan Jul 01, 2007

    I like dolphins :)

  4. crystal-tears-x Jul 01, 2007

    kawaii desu!

    cheering my ojisan ^^. and yes, how could i not fave my bday pressie? ^^ again. fave fave fave

  5. sailorcapuccino Jul 01, 2007

    Oh, this little girl is so cute ! I love Yotsubato's wallies ! Totally kawaiii !

  6. bromithia Retired Moderator Jul 01, 2007

    I absolutely love this wallpaper! Yotsubato! needs much much more love.. such cute scans. You have done this scan good! :D Keep it up.

  7. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2007

    I'm such a sucker for cute things :P But excellent vector and use of colours- 750 layers is a phenomenal effort- *bows*

  8. TheTaliban007 Jul 02, 2007

    this is cute

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2007

    This is total love!
    The vectoring is really neat. At first, I thought you had used gradients, but on closer inspection, it's different vector shades! That's crazy, and I love that sort of thing ;)
    Excellent job!

  10. yui20 Jul 02, 2007

    This one is really nice ^^ ~ I love the color and you did the vector very well =3

  11. BadMoonDemonHowL Jul 02, 2007

    750+ layers?! *faints*
    WOW! Go you! XD
    I saw this at AP but didn't comment there, so here I am LOL
    Well, I can see why it's highlighted - I mean, I'm still fascinated by the depths of this wall!
    And it's utterly cute too - that's an extra bonus :D

  12. Tsunoh Jul 02, 2007

    noob 0_0 kidding, Dan. Lol you didn't need any attention from us at all... highlight.. kampai!
    an extra fav won't hurt. This is firmly set in my wallpaper rotation :3 love Yotsubato.

    the useful comment was left back in AP XD

  13. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jul 02, 2007

    ahh the cuteness! >___< It looks really nice on my desktop ^^ I like the subtle underwater lighting, and nice job with the eyes ^^

  14. magicmarkers Jul 03, 2007

    SO CUTE! 750+ layers wow! props to you ;D

  15. norine07 Jul 03, 2007

    wow it's really good, love the texture and the colours! the lights and all! it's really well done, with great effort, the wall gives a really nice and fantastic feeling, like your really under water and swimming with the dolphins, really nice concept and wow! CG! really wonderful job done!

  16. anima241 Jul 03, 2007

    ! 750 layers! That is pure madness! I think i should go kill myself. ah well, it's still cool, you win my vote.

  17. Niiyapt Jul 03, 2007

    Yotsuba is so cute
    I like this eyes that you made
    Love the bg

  18. DarthTofu Jul 03, 2007

    Holy.... 750 layers? How did your computer not explode? (mine starts lagging like hell if I use a brush bigger than 50 pixels! Even my sister's takes 5 minutes to save anything with over 200 layers, and her computer is 8 years newer than mine) Seriously. Wow.

    curious, how big was the filesize when you were done? xD

    But it's worth it. There's so much subtle detail when you really look at it. Wow. I'm very impressed!

  19. Ionae Jul 04, 2007

    It's a pity that you are now tired of blue ;) - since I love blue. Therefore I love this wall :nya:
    It abolutely deserved being highlighted... +fav :)

  20. ReBeKiCHii Jul 04, 2007

    ahah totally cute!

  21. rythem Jul 04, 2007

    oh god this is so adorable xD <3 <3 the vector and cging is very well done , lovely work ~

  22. clarings Jul 04, 2007

    lalala... love it, from the moment i saw the scan.. favie ;]

  23. Marluxia Jul 05, 2007

    Oh wow, this looks great. Wonderful Job!

  24. misstyque Jul 05, 2007

    Glad you found my lighting effects inspiring :)). Nice job :).

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