Touka Gettan Wallpaper: - M o o n l i g h t M a i d e n -

Carnelian, Touka Gettan, Sei (Touka Gettan) Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Touka Gettan Series,Visual Novel Sei (Touka Gettan) Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

a new wallpaper from me..probably people will recognize the girl from the image
Momoka was just under her in the scan that can be found on MT...
a lot of people made wallpapers with Momo ^_^ so I wanted to make something a little different ;)
have you ever imagined her in water ;) like a moonlight maiden...
probably you guys will say.."what is with that sleeve"..well the maidens from Kao No Nai Tsuki and Touka Gettan...wear something like a kimono

this is a present for jamkuradoberi and akira-san

if you like Carnelian`s art then come visit the carnelian-sworld group on MT ^_^

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  1. JamKuradoberi Jun 30, 2007

    When i was looking at the first page and i saw..this..I was like : I smell something! :D

    I get 1st comment xD

    I really like the water effect at the bottom *~* and the moon in the back makes it even better.
    I somehow fin the "crippled" effect of the pic interesting *~*
    Image is clean and beautiful 8->!

    Di-chan..what can I say..except thank you very much! *hugs* and may you make as many wallpapers as you can!

    So this was the little surprise you were up to :D .Well..this just made mt day! *hugs once more*

  2. nxia Jun 30, 2007

    ^hehehe same here! XD i was really attacted the moment i saw the first page ~X3
    I really her love dark and sexy look, the colors, PLUS the water ripple n_n looks totally cool! XD

    Great Job and <3 the wallie.. Keep it up & thank you so much for sharing! :D

  3. Draconis112 Jun 30, 2007

    This was worth waking up for lol (having trouble sleeping tonight..) I dont think I can adequetly (spelling?) describe how much I like this wall. Its simply great and very well done. Its beautiful and great addition to the excelent work from Dianas. Thanks for sharing with us.


  4. Sinever Jun 30, 2007

    absolutely beautifull dianas XD
    I love the reflection & the water effect :)
    you did a wonderful job :)

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 30, 2007

    The texture is a bit too much, but other than that, nicely done!

  6. rala Jun 30, 2007

    So beautiful! Amazing work^^ I love it, one of the best walls I have seen^^ wonderful background and colors^^..... Great work .. keep it up^^

  7. gundamknight Jun 30, 2007

    Nice wall :). I think the "water reflection" behind the back is a little strong, and adding maybe a little more contrast between the end of the water and the sky. I love the colors how the flowers match the girl. Great work. Keep it up :)!

  8. Silvana11 Jun 30, 2007

    very nice :) I like the water effect ^^ good job

  9. ThunderByte Jun 30, 2007

    Water effect gives nice touch to this wallie and makes it much different than many others exist.
    Nicely done wallie.

  10. Kairi-Hearts Jun 30, 2007

    I'm loving the water effect ad how the colors give a mysterious feeling yet so pretty at the same time.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. moonescape Jun 30, 2007

    I really like teh style, but I think the reflection should've had some blue tint to look like it's water. :)

  12. Hachiko-chan Jul 01, 2007

    First comment in MiniTokyo ever and it goes for you!
    Amazing wallpaper! Really!
    I never saw this manga/anime, but the art is wondrerful. I'm definitly visiting the community of Carnelian.
    Congratulations! I'll try to add it to my favourites, it doesn't seem to be hard to do... ahahaha sorry... still learning!
    See ya!

  13. PinkPrincessAyu-Chan Jul 01, 2007

    it gives cool atmosphere to me ^-^ but the texture is bothering me ^_^'

  14. royaldarkness Jul 01, 2007

    Very cool wall, I love the colours :)

  15. spyder2544 Jul 01, 2007

    super spectacularrrrrr!

  16. TheTaliban007 Jul 02, 2007

    WOW im salivating man!the reflection is da bomb!

  17. yui20 Jul 02, 2007

    This is actually a nice wallpaper you got here, diana-chan =3 ~
    But the water floating should around the gal and not linear ^^" ~ *That what I feel a lil bit weird XD*
    Overall it was good, and I love the background color too ^^
    I think the pattern is unnecessary here.

  18. esiotrot Jul 02, 2007

    Wow... It's so beautiful... The reflection looks so real... Wonderful job! Thanks for sharing!

  19. PrairieDogGuy2006 Jul 02, 2007

    I know, I couldn't leave things alone. This is very pretty. I love the onna for being in the water. Soo clear and dark at the same time. The conbination of the moon, the onna, the stars and the water, what a sweet combination. She is pretty, whom ever she is.
    Thanxs for the share Yui chan ! ;-) ! I give this an "11" out of eleven :-) ! ;-)

    merged: 07-03-2007 ~ 07:01am
    My mistake, I identified the wrong person who submitted this work of art. My apologies to Dianas san ! Please accept my apologies !

  20. Devildude Jul 04, 2007

    This is nice, I like the effects from the bottom, the patterns on her hair is a bit out of place since the water effect down there seems to convey a message of smooth flow, the pattern is more to metal style.
    nonetheless, it is good, nice colors, the moon is a bit on the raw end, needed some grunge IMO.

  21. kiokorenay703 Jul 04, 2007

    wow.. nice job Dianas! ^^ hehe.

    Lol. Very simple yet very effective work! I love it :D

  22. Boss Jul 06, 2007

    awesome wall. Great water effects with the reflection.

  23. shinjoem111 Jul 06, 2007

    it's very nice

  24. Mieshi Jul 06, 2007

    Looks really nice. Great wallie you made there!

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