Nano Katase Wallpaper: '*Ox.~.. My love ... my Rose ..~.xO*'

Nano Katase Wallpaper
Nano Katase Mangaka

1680x1050 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

mt submision for the vector-wallers contest
highlighted at wings-lovers, vector-wallers and main featured at sakura--cb

Started today, finished today. (please don't ask how x_x )
Now, what to start with? For start, I LOVED this scan! Acordin to Scanpi, this is from Koakumana Kanojo (to be sincere, I never heard of it). I knew I had to make a wall out of this, but I never actualy knew wall. Vectoring alone would be too simple. But wile browsing around YouTube, I found a beautifull vid featuring Westlife's "The Rose". I didn't even need more.

First step: vector it ~ it asasinated me! T_T The hair literaly kiled me. Whit so many twistes and turnes I am amazed that I am still alive. The dress wasn't simplear eather. Boy, did it kill me OX . But after all, I did it to myself.

I didn't vector the flower petales ~ my patience was woring out (after 8 howers of vectoring, could ou blame me?). But I loved the roses in he hair. And to give hem a bigger role in this, I vectored some (real) rosas I found on the net (why can't I find anime-stile flowers?). After the "sunflower" incident, I got more experience whit vectoring flowers. But I nearly kiled myself (again) since he roses I liked and wonted to vectro WERE RED! So, on a side I had a sample, on the other, I had whad some scarlet roses to make. Vectoring them took me 2 howers.

At first I intended to make a wole fiald of white rosas, but after a wile ... *frustrated* I AM NO SUPERWOMAN *sight* ... So I was saved by thise wondarfull brushed. Using them relaxed me ... :pacman:

But there was still a backgrount to be done. Well, that ment only one thing: back to the drawing bord (literaly). Vector soething simple, add a few efects, try some diferent stiles, a bit of photoshop magic here and there and some burned brain celes and here it is. (pwef :hmpf: )

Ok. Maby after this I'm going to go lower (I hope) and chach up on some reading. But Untill then, wenever I ake a look at the result, I can simply hear those hevenly lyrics ...

When the night has been too lonely
and the road has been too long
and you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong
Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows
lies the seed
that with the sun's love
in the spring
becomes the rose

Thy might seme sad, and the melody might have a slight of melacholy, but it had to pe a joyfull and happy atmosfere, because the fealing of love witch boght the song and my vall (ore so I see it), can only be a joyfull fealing (::me=poet::)

What else can I say. This has been the hardest thing I have ever vectored up to day but it is my personal favorit work. Took 12h per total, scan can be found here if somebody planes to comit suacide by vectoring it and a vid with Weslife's song can be found here (please say it fits my wall ^_^' ). And now, it's time to say my groups.

carnelian-sworld colorfull-wallies celestial-luminesse cute-wallies dgrayman-black-fighters feathers-of-eternity fairies fullmetal-alchemist-fans full-metal-dreamer hoteru-no-shiki mikos-moon-flower sakura--cb nocturnal-mts rockers romanianmembers-united the-dior vectory vector-wallers wings-lovers

Advice: If you plan on seeng eny of the kiling detalies, see it in full resolution.


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  1. Grangin Jun 29, 2007


    Wow. That is amazing. The strokes are so fluid and the details of the plants on the left and right and her jewelry really add a little bit of ornateness that balances really well. I knew it was going to look good even from the small preview, lol. Great job!

    p.s.: the flowers are really well done too, in fact I keep seeing things that are awesome
    p.p.s.: woohooo 1680x1050 rez! :)

  2. kwoklim1234 Restricted Member Jun 29, 2007

    Good and amazing wallpaper :)
    Great job...

  3. PinkPrincessAyu-Chan Jun 29, 2007

    oh my, the vector is so beautiful :D

  4. CarbonR Jun 29, 2007

    srsly one day, not even i got the patience for it. this is pretty swt material i always thought you had it in ya and you've rly improved in vectoring. btw are you submitting it for the vectory battle of the bands contest?

  5. yothsothgoth Jun 29, 2007

    Very beautiful! So very nice, and the resolution is awesome!

  6. foreverforgotten Jun 29, 2007

    Too pretty! I really love that song... Vector is awesome beyond awesome, I like the girl more than the bg though... Still beautiful ^^

  7. Sinever Jun 29, 2007

    Im speechless right now kykyopj....................................(...)
    you have vectored it in one day.....well let me tell you this....you have done it girl :D
    such a strong entry for the contest :) okay back to the wall, you have vectored the scan very nicely but there are few jagged lines in the hair but who cares about them :D & the rosses are looking awesome.
    the bg fits well with the vector :)
    well done.......its a fav & its an *Excellent* Highlight XD
    one more thing you cannot participate with this wall in another contest :)

  8. syeung321 Jun 29, 2007

    Wow that is so good! I love it! ^^

  9. moonescape Jun 29, 2007

    Wow! Realyl love the creative idea! I don't know how you suddenly after knowing how to vector you become a demon vector. :o It's so frickin quick. I think you have at least 5 hours of sleep because of so much work on it. XD

    Despite the jaggyness with the outliens at some parts this is still just beautiful!

    Definately I was speechless like Sinever. This is really something beautiful! I was strucked especially it's Carnelian's artwork once again. :) Carnelian rules in the world of art and CG. >:D

  10. rika23 Jun 29, 2007

    O_O omg...i can't belive it.. i will lose for sure XD *emo to the corner* lol
    I'm so jelous to ya >_< XD you really made this vector beautifully :D *altho there's a bit jaged line*
    but i'm sure you will be improve and more :)

  11. Kiako Jun 29, 2007

    wow the wallpaper is very beautiful, you did a good job on the vectoring.
    the flowers are very nice especially the roses.
    keep up the good work.

  12. sailorchiron Jun 29, 2007

    very nice. I would have liked a scenic bg better since the girl is so well done, but the abstract flowers work too. pretty!

  13. cookiebunbun Jun 29, 2007

    Oh my goodness! It's so freaking pretty! It makes me feel at ease and i love the backround and the vines coming from the top!

  14. yui20 Jun 29, 2007

    I tot I did comment it ^_^', my bad!
    Excellent vector on this wallpaper, although there are little jagged in the background.
    You amazed me that you vector those roses and the color are really well done =3 ~

  15. BlackBahamut Jun 29, 2007

    Really like it, it

  16. Akira-san Jun 30, 2007

    I'm don't like vectors but this one really impressed me o_o I don't need to say the great job you done on it, I'm just stunned! Also I liked those plants/flowers effects, specially those plants made by circles, very interesting.
    My only complaint is abou the sky which looks a little weird for me...
    Overall, it's a really nice and well done wallpaper, fav from sure ^^

  17. enchantment Jun 30, 2007

    the vectoring is really nicely done and i love the roses :D the background is really nice and serene like as well :D nice wall~^^

  18. redangel6112 Jun 30, 2007

    One word to describe everything>>>>
    Beautiful :D
    She looks so innocent. Therefore white roses suits her a lot. ;)
    Great job and thanks a lot

  19. Faqir Jun 30, 2007

    simply awesome work. ^^

  20. ReBeKiCHii Jun 30, 2007

    oooo awesome wallpaper! :D:D
    great job on the vectoring, the colours are nice and blend well together
    the background is fantastic!
    great wallpaper! :D:D

  21. smallworld Jun 30, 2007

    Beautiful wall!
    Wonderful colours used!
    Love the background too!
    Great job! :]

  22. eternallegend Jun 30, 2007

    the vector is done really well and i like all the details :D its a bit jagged [hope i didnt offend you ^_^'] a the background looks nice and i like the nice colour scheme :) the atmosphere is nice and i like the overall composition of your wall :D lovely wall ^^

  23. Casheyes Jun 30, 2007

    Kawaiiiii! So many details! This kind of wall makes you love the vector =)

  24. 7AIHUNGER Jun 30, 2007

    Wow. This is gorgeous. Reminds me of the old days. Exellent color. Its almost monochrome, but the yellow in the horizon is a nice touch.

    I see you really worked hard on this.

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