Mint na Bokura Wallpaper: Rainbow-Colored Collection : Yellow Monkichi and Noel

Wataru Yoshizumi, Mint na Bokura Wallpaper
Wataru Yoshizumi Mangaka Mint na Bokura Series

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Rainbow Colored Collection item number 1: YELLOW
Other RCC itens: Red~

OMG! O________O
Is this really a new wallpaper by Izumi!? *I'm shocked myself~ XD *
And more, does the title say "collection"? Oh, and it mentions a rainbow... so does it means that she actually intends to make more wallpapers, and to be exact, there will be 6 more? O____O

That's right. XD
I finally got over my problems with my dear computer ( T_T ) and let my laziness on side for a while~ (it was so hard~ >_< )

And here I present to you, the first issue of my Rainbow Collection, the Yellow! >u<
The base scan, got at Haneoka, features Noel, my favorite character from Minto na Bokura, which happens to be one my favorites sugary shoujo mangas~ >u< XD XD
It's the first time I use colored outlines... O_O
I really liked the result, so even if it's harder, it's worth the work! I'll keep using them! *__*
Texture used is from Desktop Anime ~

Noel-kun was just sooo cute in that pose, I couldn't resist skipping red and orange and starting with yellow. But I'll get all the colors made eventually, so the order does not matter, right? XD
And yes, Noel is a boy. He's only pretending to be a girl for a while, and that's why he's wearing that wig. (yes, it's a wig~ XD )
Don't be scared for that, that manga is really funny~ >u< So go read it! What are you waiting for? O.o XD XD
Oh, and the monkey. He's really random, it's not like he's on the story. XD
So I named him Monkichi, okay? ;) XD

And yeah, I'm going to use Minto na Bokura scans for all of my collection issues. This category needs more love~ >.<

Also, I'm enroled for three contests right now, so even if the lazyness comes back strongly, I'll have no choice: let's go to a wallpaper-making spree! *o*

That's all, hope you'll like the first piece and wait for the next one! ^_~
(I'm almost sure it'll be the red~ ;D )

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  1. fawna-chan Jun 29, 2007

    Seriously 6 more of these wallpapers?! Wah! Yayay~!
    So happy! XD

  2. rubenz Jun 29, 2007

    wee so cute ha hah yeah and noel is kawaii (though he is a boy lol )

  3. Sinever Jun 29, 2007

    KAWAII Izumi-chan XD
    I love your vector :D the lines are very neat & I like its colors :)
    well done ne :)

  4. rika23 Jun 29, 2007

    lol, i thought he was a girl o_0 but after reading your descripition, now i know he's a boy XD lol, simple and kawaii :p

  5. norine07 Jun 29, 2007

    omg omg! so cute! XD hahax..! love the colours used and the kawaii vector of noel! XD hahahahahx..! really cute and simple really nicely done~ ^-^

  6. jaderabbit Jun 29, 2007

    curios george XD lol, cute wallpaper, very nice job on it.

  7. saki-xan Jun 29, 2007

    Izumi-chan this one is a good image, and a bottom with complete contrast on her ;) the style of bananas and this girl who shows total happiness close to his monkey ^_^ good work, +fav desu ~~

  8. FallenAngelZoicyte Jun 29, 2007

    cute monkey

  9. pitbull Jun 30, 2007

    omg that is sooo cute!XDXD its in my fav!nice work!

  10. sakuya-sama Jun 30, 2007

    WoW niceeeee
    I lovedddd, good work ;]]]

  11. Lum-sann Jun 30, 2007

    Kyahaha! XD
    Ok you reached the most cutie thing! ^__^ omg the wallpaper is so so cute! nyaaa! ^_^
    The vector is totally well made! omg so beautiful those colors! ^_^ yeh i agree it really needs more love! it's so cute! if you need me to make more wallies from it I'll help and together we'll make it the most powerful gallery! XD ok this is to much ne? XD But hope you really make 6 of them! ^__^
    Well let's talk about the wallpaper now! XD (I love banana btw) XD I really love the colors that you choose they are so soft and it's such a happy wallie! oh! i see that you changed the avie too! ^^ omg you do such a perfect outline! there are 3 rainbows? XD omg what a cute page of scans *clicks and add to bookmarks* XD
    Well hope to see the other soon! they are so cute! :D *goes to desktop* :)
    Favie for you! ;)

  12. nejika Jun 30, 2007

    Yellowish...and banana^^
    You're right he's so cute...and oh with the monkey with him...haha XD . Btw, i thought he was a girl at first ^_^'
    Nice combination with colors btw...nyahaha..i love yellow ^_~v

  13. CosmoStar Jul 01, 2007

    What I loved most about this hype wallpaper is the textures! They are so nice, I can't explain! They look alike some collectible "cromos" from long time ago, that have a little fur over the animal images! *____*
    I love Yellow and Rainbow! I hardly can't wait to see the other wallpapers! *O*
    I don't know this manga series... maybe I'll be checking it soon!
    The monkey is cute too! I love how they match their positions! XDD
    Congrats! Keep it up! I want to see you winning those contests, right?

  14. Lariel Jul 02, 2007

    Ehh... Kawaii desu. I love the yellow-ness of this wall. It's very... erm... hyper. Yeah, that's the word! ;)

  15. Angi Retired Moderator Jul 03, 2007

    nya nya!
    a Rainbow collection, sounds kawaii!
    color yelloww is the first, seems so cute!
    ill wait for the color blue!
    nice work in this ine Izu-chan!

  16. viekazama Sep 21, 2007

    kYAAAA kawaiiii XD
    Hi there Izumi chan... long time no see eh? so many great wallie I see XD nice job... go you girl XD

  17. ukyu Dec 20, 2008

    ohh is very kawai!
    monkys cuties!
    pretty wall!

  18. Kisaky Jan 30, 2012

    My favorite character. I became a fan of manga, after I was infatuated with Noel * Q * Cute and funny

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