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Artist Comment

Dedicated to my friends at high school. When school starts again we'll all be sophomores. :D I hang out with them all together at Lunch which we called the Group JKLMN Group. We're the original! XD Though techniquely the title should've been KLMN Group because I'm not in the picture here. ^_^' Each one of these characters represent them. :) Guess who you are! XD

The "KLMN" were the first four friends I've ever made in high school when I came. I'm really happy to meet them and I know at summer times I can't meet them since one is working, the other one is at China, the other two are at home doing something, but I have no contact with them. :( I always think of them in the summer from the distance. :( The only thing I wait is for school to start so I can join back with them again always during lunchtime when were all together. :)

Inspiration: Dedication to my KLMN friends. :)
Started: 6/24 - 6/28
Time: Lelouch = 7hrs, Suzaku = 4hrs 30min, C.C. = 3hrs 30min, and Karen = 5hrs 55min
Difficult: Outlining their hairs. OX
Easiest: C.C. XD
Credit: Found the scan by Eevaleena.
Note: none

Hope you like it and Iâ?ll be waiting until we meet again as sophomores. ;)

Ack! So tired, this is what I get for posting it so late and vectoring it days and nights. x_x

Can't really reply anyone from the comment/fave/guestbook because I'm in a rush. :(

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  1. Susan-chan Jun 28, 2007

    omg:D first i thought it's a scan XD and when i donwloaded it..i saw it's a vector! amazing:D <3

  2. Cheza1982 Jun 28, 2007

    This one is an awesome work.
    Wonderful vector, thanks a lot for sharing ^^

  3. HikutsuKyou Jun 28, 2007

    C.C = super cute with her hair pulled back.

  4. aneres Jun 28, 2007

    oh wows, your vector looks amazingly similar to a scan! Great job on that! XD I really enjoyed aving lunch with my friends back in high school too, it makes the boring classes worth going to. =P

  5. entity1660 Jun 28, 2007

    Nice crisp lines, Moon-chan! And congratulations on passing your first year in high school! ^_^

  6. mr-rimmer Jun 28, 2007


  7. JamKuradoberi Jun 28, 2007

    gorgeous *~*

    I've seen more of your vectors and they're all great~!

    Can't wait to see the next one! *hopes it may be another CG one xD*

  8. auel1124 Jun 28, 2007

    really nice! I wonder why everyone makes their vectors in such a short time and gets to be that great! I cant T.T

  9. rubenz Jun 29, 2007

    omg moon san, it looks like a real scan and the bg is great ^^ oh you have passed as a freshman? Congrazt ^^

  10. yui20 Jun 29, 2007

    Nice vector =3 ~
    Neat and clean XD ~
    And congratulation on passing your first year in school ^^ !

  11. Sinever Jun 29, 2007

    beautifull vector little sis :D
    your vectors always look like high resolution scans XD
    well done & keep it up :)

  12. pana Jun 29, 2007

    nice clean quality vector
    well done

  13. saki-xan Jun 29, 2007

    Moon-chan as always a good vector ;)

    Really I do not have desire of speaking about friends :( one of my friends this one angry with I ... this affects me in everything.
    But I am happy of that you have a few big friends :) without his presence always one throws them of less ^_^
    I am glad of this vector! ;)
    These hairs are totally difficult @_@ suppose that they were going a lot of time, more if it has to regenerate a part u,u but my favorite always will be in his list ;)

  14. barara Jun 29, 2007

    Kya~~ Nice vector, moon-chan! I love your work! :D
    Suzaku is cute! >.< I love him!
    Great job! :)

  15. eternallegend Jun 30, 2007

    the vector is nice and clean and is done really well :D the concept is nice :) i like how the nice simple background brings your vector into focus :D lovely vector ^^

  16. Kairi-Hearts Jul 01, 2007

    another vector!
    I loved that cover! Sooo happy that you vectored it.
    it's wonderful!
    Oh, and congratulation on passing your first year in school :D

  17. JCzala Jul 11, 2007

    At first look, I thought it was a scan. This is so awesome. The vector work is done so well. I can see you're really inspired to do this. You must have really good friends. I'm so happy that you vectored 4 of my favorite characters in Code Geass. Great job.

  18. ealpha-scorpio Jul 17, 2007

    Yehee my favorite Code Geass pairings! :D

    merged: 07-17-2007 ~ 10:35pm
    You're work is awsome! I just downloaded it, and looks incredible. Congrats on your good work! :)
    Keep it up! :)

  19. Dixanadu Jul 26, 2007

    Rich and beautiful.

    A fabulous vector you've got here. And a touching dedication~ ;)

  20. tenshi789 Mar 14, 2008

    Wow, it's simply awesome :)

  21. freedomm Nov 23, 2008

    VERY beautiful...

  22. GothRogue Jan 22, 2009

    Its sooo very goood and delicious :P
    Nice detailing n vectoring! Good job

  23. ichigo2323 Jan 26, 2009

    I like the expressions on all their faces.great scan

  24. biggsyke Jan 26, 2009

    awesome pic. thanks for the share

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