Keiichi Sumi Wallpaper: The Oath: promises forever

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Keiichi Sumi Mangaka

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Yeah, continuing my return to be active on mt again it's time to repost an old wallpaper of mine which was unfairly deleted by the acusation of ripped bg from a cloudnine's backgroud... When it happened I was very upset, I'm a fan of Cloudnine's work and I never could rip him or anyone in minitokyo. So I need say some things before continuing the description...

First: This background isn't a rip from cloudnine's or anyone work in here, it came from this scan Daylit Ruins by firnthoronwen So anyone who is considering to report this think 10 times before u_u

Second: This is not totally a repost! This scan from sumi keichii is my favorite one and I was pretty upset when my wallpaper using this one was deleted, so I had to repost it to my gallery!
The difference at this time I left lazyness in the closet and make some changes in the wallpaper, some effects color, the sky which wasn't that good and the text which wasn't good too.

You also can see the old deleted version here:

As you know, comments, favs and constructive criticism are always welcome... In this time I really want your oppinion in this work comparing to the old version.
So, don't be lazy and comment! Mwhahahahah xD

x Special thanks to Sakuya-sama for previewing this one and encouraging me post the thread asking why they deleted the old version.

x This was originaly dedicated to rikka-chan and still is! Hope she likes this new version! ^^

Also, a little advertsing of groups that I like:
celestial-luminesse free--wallers wings-lovers
colorfull-wallies timeless--rain sakura--cb

Aaah, what a long description... sorry for it ^^'
See ya, friends xD

Edit: Yay, Elite Gallery! Thanks a lot who put this on it! ^^

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  1. Akira-san Jun 27, 2007

    Ouch, the thumbnail sucks! >______>

  2. sakuya-sama Jun 27, 2007

    it's beautiful, the first one was great, and this new version is incredible
    you are a great artist
    the effects, the scan, the bg, everything is really good together

  3. chikage-kekinha Jun 27, 2007

    WoW! *-* beautiful!
    I think this scan is really great, and you make a amazing wallie with it! XD
    the background... o// is perfect! The effects are really great! I love light effects! ^^ :nya:
    this version is better than the old version...
    I love where you placed everythink :) !
    thanks very much for sharing your wonderful wallie XD
    really, really great Akira-san!

  4. aqiaqua Jun 27, 2007

    Ah gorgeous :). I love the light and shiney effects on the sword, and the background editing is great ^_^. In comparison to the older version, the sky looks better darker I think, and the characters now stand out much more :). Great work!

  5. rubenz Jun 27, 2007

    Pretty, the light and the colors are great, my, wish I have the ability to wall like u xD

  6. rafaellaGP Jun 27, 2007

    wahhhh yeaaah senseiii! *____*
    I remember when they deleted your wall... >_>'
    and was in the top of favs... >_>
    well anyway...
    they cant do this again! ^^ or I will be really mad! >___<'
    aff >_>

    nhaa about wall! xD
    ahhhhhh *___* I really like it!
    I think that is your best wall! *___* soo perfect!
    and I prefer this new version even! ^^
    the sky is more cool! and I can see the sword and it effects right now! ^^
    nha and I dont need say nothing about this background.. is perfect! ^^

    nha I loveee it! *_____*

    and of course
    ~favs dear senseiii! ^^

    kissus! ;*

  7. Lariel Jun 27, 2007

    Even if I don't dl it, I see it as stunningly beautiful. This wallpaper is really almost passing perfection. XD

  8. rika23 Jun 27, 2007

    Sugoi! *_* boku wa suki the effect done on the wallie ;)
    definite fav XD

  9. dianas Jun 27, 2007

    o.O uuuu o.O it looks really good..I remember the first version and still have it in my private folder on my laptop
    I liked it a lot then and I like it even more now..the colors are so vivid :D
    very good job Akira sensei :) more girls are adopting this "sensei" thing ..see Akira we all luve your art
    + fav without doubts

  10. x-lawss Jun 27, 2007

    WOW, this look great!
    Colors are good too, background are nice :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Clover Jun 27, 2007

    <.< the sumbmails often sucks, but at this one it sucks extremly. It is terrible too, when you have something red in the background.
    *open up big size*^^
    I like the small lights around the characters that looks like magic, or small fairies^^ *with enough phantasie, thought* The Background picture is overworked, but it looks like a scene from Haibane Renmei. *i Haven't read the whole description it is soooo long* Hmm.. somehow it looks strange on one point.
    The raylights that comes from the sword, are coming ot at a point where the sword is becoming visible, you should lower them a little i think. And maybe delete the small line from the head of the one with the white hair, couse of the light.
    The rest looks great to me.

  12. Melisandre Jun 27, 2007

    My God! I love it! It's amazing the details the wallie has and the lights, they are just great but I love the background, those columns are just gorgeous, great work! faving right the way :D

  13. onestepclosertonumb Jun 27, 2007

    Great change, Akira-san xD I prefer it to the previous one. What a pity it was deleted...
    +fav for sure xD

  14. yui20 Jun 27, 2007

    It looks really good ^^ ~
    I love the text, the color and the background in this wallpaper =3~
    And it is way better than the older one ^^ ~
    What bothering me is that circle thingy on the rock -.-" *look a lil bit weird for me* ~
    Overall good job =3

  15. vxcdeejay Jun 27, 2007

    graat wallpaper! Great Lights!
    i liked it!
    good Job!

  16. Angi Retired Moderator Jun 28, 2007

    well like more this version, the other one was too pinkish to my eyes >.<
    the clouds are better!
    and i guess the best part of this one is the text, looks nice transparent
    obviously, this one is best than the other one
    nice as always Akira-sama

  17. moonescape Jun 28, 2007

    Very beautiful! I can see how awesome and how the powerful light is jus tintense. (O_O) Raelly love the background because it's such a nice scenery and something rebirth from this ruins. The title really fits well with it. :3

    You definately impressed and have my fave!

  18. Nightrane Jun 28, 2007

    It's really beautiful. Haha, my first 'impression' was surprise that the colour of the new background is more orange/reddish. Really love the new version. The background now looks more vivid, like a sunset. Something that bothered me about the old version is how the light kinda covered the characters' faces, but it's fixed in the new one. :D love the softening of the stars sprinkle and the way their clothes seem to ripple. ^^
    +fav! :D

  19. yalubluchay Jun 28, 2007

    this is just adorable

  20. sailorchiron Jun 28, 2007

    Lovely, and congrats on it being in the elite gallery! I wonder what happened to Rikka...

  21. Idril Jun 28, 2007

    Kyaaa wonderful Kira! *-*~
    I like more this one than the old version... but the old version was soo good too that I dont undersand how they deleted it u.u~
    Anyway, gonna add to my favies! XD I just luv this one!

  22. yothsothgoth Jun 29, 2007

    Your work never ceases to amaze me. O_O
    I may not +fav+ them all, but I admire them for the beautiful pieces that they are.
    Thank you again for sharing another masterful work. :D
    ...+fav+ on this one... ;)

  23. starrliteangel Jun 30, 2007

    Thats beautiful! lol I have to admit, I did think the background looked familiar when I saw the wall, but I'm glad I read your description. It does look different than the other wall though, so whoever reported you obviously didnt look close enough. I love the sparkliness

  24. eternallegend Jun 30, 2007

    the effects look really nice and i like the nice colour scheme :D the overall appearance and the atmosphere is nicely portrayed and the title is really fitting :) nice wall ^^+fav

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