Sister Princess Wallpaper: Are You Ready?

Naoto Tenhiro, Sister Princess, Rin Rin (Sister Princess), Vector Art Wallpaper

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is for the Battle of the Bands at Vectory. "Are you ready?" is the first line of Ready Steady Go! by L'arc~en~Ciel (which is also the OP for Full Metal Alchemist). It's one of my favorite songs and Hyde's voice is soooooooooooo sexy. This line is just spoken before the music starts, and grrrr, it's nice.

Okay, this is actually from Sister Pricess, which I'm not a huge fan of, but the art is really cute. I've had this pic for a while because I love her head phones and goggles and laptop and it's just mega cute. The entire thing was vectored and it's taken about 2 weeks to get it finished. Only 2 brushes were used, the sparkles on the CD she's holding and the kanji of my name in my sig. I went with bright yellow outlines because Ready Steady Go! was my inspiration the whole time, and the cover of the album, Smile is yellow. You can see it in her hand. Originally she was holding a bunch of diskettes, but I turned them into CDs. Her other CD is Deep River from Utada Hikaru, another of my absolute favs.

The parchment pattern on her pants is from DA! and the origami paper on her jacket was scanned by me. I'm going to build a website with all of my scanned origami paper for wallpaper makers, and when it's done I'll adversite in the newsletter and put a link on my userpage. The pattern for the walls is just from Photoshop.

Part of what made this wall a challange was that I've been sick for like 2 weeks, and feel like total crap. I'm really sick of having fluid in my lungs! *cough cough* And my ears!

I'm getting more comfortable with vectoring, but I'm still in awe of the artists here that turn out vector after amazing vector with only days in between.

Comments and favs appreciated and loved.

***Edit*** I found a glaring mistake! It's fixed now. If you didn't notice it, great!

And now for a parade of baby banners:

celestial-luminesse clampfans colorfull-wallies feathers-of-eternity free--wallers gundam-wing-yaoi-fans hoteru-no-shiki Roses of Melancholy
kyandee-anime-no-jutsu paint-o-rama sakura--cb wings-lovers vector-wallers vectory yaoi-heaven

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  1. descarado Jun 26, 2007

    ooouuu, so cute!

  2. MallieChan Jun 26, 2007

    this looks so awesome :D i though that CD of Hikki was Deep river?
    oh well !
    this is a instant favorite the vector looks so clean :3 even though the yellow is blinding!

  3. luchia4ever Jun 26, 2007

    wooooooo .. so cool

    the wall is really nice ^^ thanks dear

  4. IzumiChan Jun 26, 2007

    Loved it. O.O
    Great patterns, and I loved the light colors~ :D
    A really great work! :)

  5. FallenAngelZoicyte Jun 27, 2007

    turned out really good Kohaku-chan! i love textures on the vector. the abstract bg is really well done and cute. definately fav'd it!

  6. TrigunPreacherGirl Jun 27, 2007

    Beautiful, as well as bright and inspiring (to draw and submit something here). Neat choice in colors, though some aspects of it make me feel a bit disoriented, but that's just me (weight distribution on her seat makes it seem like it should be tilting the other way). All in all, though, a very asthetic piece of artwork; great job! :)
    Take care,

  7. yui20 Jun 27, 2007

    Wow ~ This is really amazing =3 ~
    I love this style ^^ ~ Simple and kinda funky lol ... + cute XD

  8. annakee Jun 27, 2007

    the yellow outline work fine in some places and is odd on other, but anyway... is likeable at all.

  9. atrix Jun 27, 2007

    I love how colorful it is, the perspective seems a little off to me but thats just me. You did a great job I love the overall concept. :) Keep it up

  10. Sinever Jun 27, 2007

    I like its funky & flashy colors XD
    the vector is very nicely done :)
    well done

  11. aurelie Jun 27, 2007

    I love what you did with the original scan, what a change (and for the better) it's very lively, thanks!

  12. pelusaki Jun 28, 2007

    Love it *-*
    Thanks for sharing!

  13. yothsothgoth Jun 29, 2007

    She looks so comfortable and natural.
    I like it. :) Nice job. :D

  14. Morphee Jun 29, 2007

    i've always looooooved this scan! XD and you've made it even more awsome :D it's a calm scene but the yellow outlines make it very dynamic.

    love it....

  15. Niiyapt Jun 29, 2007

    Rinrin is so cute
    I love what you did with her t-shirt
    It's so cute

  16. pitbull Jun 30, 2007

    i love your work!

  17. xia83 Jul 19, 2007

    very likeable, but the yellow is a bit distracting as some have said. But definetly better than anything I could do.

  18. Okiyoshimoura Aug 09, 2007

    This is like, beyond KAWAII!

  19. artw-asmaa Jan 21, 2008

    really its wonderful pic .. thinks alot ^_^

  20. Nubes Nov 07, 2008

    this is a beautiful, kinda nostalgin pic... a like it a lot!

    congrats! and thankx for sharing... Hope I see more art like this around...

    take care! :D

  21. animelover901120 Apr 29, 2009

    it's beautiful...
    I like the pattern of the cloth...it's lovely

  22. VILLALS Mute Member Nov 03, 2009

    really its wonderful.. ^_^

  23. Camila-chan Mar 30, 2010

    wow is a laruku CD in this hand? kawaii !

  24. veibkreuz Mute Member Apr 05, 2010

    Awesome wallpaper. I really like it XD

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