War of Genesis III Wallpaper: Together We Will Live Forever

Hyung-Tae Kim, War of Genesis III, Joan Kartright, Christian de Medich Wallpaper

1680x1050 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I edited this wallpaper concerning a mistake that was made about the credit. The scan that is used is from the Oxide (the artbook of War of Genesis part III, illustrator Hyung Tae Kim). But, after the page 112 from the artbook it is stated that the following scans are created by other artists promoted in this book. The artist of this scan is Lee.sooin. and full credit goes to him and the company that published the artbook.

Mouritsas words
This is my third submission in Minitokyo.
This wallpaper is a product of a constructive collaboration with PastorOfMuppets. Working with him was quite intense yet creative, as he is full of ideas and demanding at the same time. He really wanted the main concept of the wallpaper to evolve.
Concerning the techniques used to make this piece:
I extracted the characters from the scan (POM had given me the scan way earlier).

I used tree sets of brushes to create the main background and I added manually some details on the three, rocks and roots. The grey sky to both sides is the result of a big grungy brush from the basic brushes of PS CS2. I painted the graveyard, the life orb and the blood on the female characters arm. The sparkles coming out of the life orb is also made by a set of brushes.

This piece is based on the film The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky.
The main idea of the film and the wallpaper as well is the meaning of love. It emphasizes on the importance of being with the one you truly love till the end of his/her life. Sometimes we underestimate the power of a hug, kiss and touch between us and our lovers. We exhaust ourselves on just thinking of what we should do so as to keep our love close to us and we lose focus on the basics: Human contact.
I found myself wondering what is really important after watching this film. Spending my life trying to find a cure to save my love from dying while missing memories (even a few) with him or holding his hand till the very end and yet feeling disappointed by me for not trying to keep him alive? I hope no one has to face this dilemma. Me neither.

This wallpaper is dedicated to the one I love and I want to thank him for being my true inspiration.

Your comments about the techniques used in this piece are always appreciated. If there is something that you do not like in the wallpaper concerning objects, characters etc, please take into consideration that is a months work and we did our very best to create something based on an extraordinary film that we both really liked.
This wallpaper has also a grey scale version (which was, at the very end of our collaboration, the final one, yet we changed our minds) and the only thing that has color its the blood on the female characters arm and her life orb.

PastorOfMuppets words
Few words about the movie and a small story behind it:
Well, Darren Aronofsky will be remembered as the director of Requiem For A Dream. That it his Magnum Opus. It came out of nowhere and surprised/touched anyone who had the chance to watch it. That does not make The Fountain a less good movie.
The Fountain is the best love story I have ever watched/seen/experienced. When I saw the ending credits I felt so empty. Love is so fragile thing. This movie makes you feel the characters by its character developing and its incredible Direction. Directive skill that only Darren Aronofsky has.
I talked with Mouritsa after she watched the movie on theatre and she told me that I MUST see that. Well I was planning to, but she motivated me and dragged me into this cause she liked Its music. Its music it is written by one of my most favourite composers, his name is Clint Mansell. He has composed so many Soundtracks that I adore. So the same night I downloaded (yeah the illegal part) the Films Score. Mouritsa was so right. Clint Mansell, Mogwai (incredible Post-rock band) and The Kronos Quartet made a miracle for hearing sense.
The wallpaper title comes from the last track of Films Score.
Music with so many feelings. And imagine that I had not seen the movie yet!
Later, I downloaded the movie, and one night I watched it. Well I had not seen a movie like this before. Its colours. Its scenario, its MUSIC, the whole thing is something that can not be described with simple words.
Thank you Darren for making this FILM. THANK YOU.
After the shock, I talked to Mouritsa about the movie. She was not surprised that I loved it that much. She was so sure about it. Like she knew me.
Long story short.
After some time Mariel told me that she is making a wall inspired from The Fountain and show me what she had made, I was so amazed that I told her that this is our chance to make a collab. I respect her much as an artist and as a person so it was not that hard to be part of this.
I took an almost done wall (though we had some strong arguments about some specific things. I tried so hard to convince her for some things, she tried too. And she did. It was her idea afterall. I was so passionate about this that almost forgot that.
Believe me I did not do much. Firstly I just added some things to make it look more The Fountainish. All of a sudden I tried something that first seemed stupid, cause with Mariel agreed to emphasize on her life orb. I added Colour! Yes colour! And it got transformed into something new. It was like a movie poster now. Like a scene directly taken from the movie itself!
I will quote a line from the movie. That totally represents me and the work I have done for this wallpaper. It's all done except the last chapter. I want you to help me. Finish it.
So I did not do much. It was a step before my standard of perfection. And now it is. Perfect for me. And I am not saying cause I participated in this. Anyone could have done this, I would be the same enthusiast as I am now.
So THANK YOU Mariel for letting me doing this with you! The experience was something new to me.

Together we will live forever

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  1. Myaje Jun 26, 2007

    Absolutely beautiful wall!

    But why did you (they?) remove it from AP?

    No matter, I'll just fave it here. Great job! ^_^

  2. TheTaliban007 Jul 02, 2007

    nice!keep up the good work

  3. lthnadml Jul 28, 2007

    you have submit it again? Did you make some edits on it?
    Anyway, as i have said to other one the background is awesome, nice effects and nice colors too.
    Thank you for the sharing! XD XD XD

  4. liap Aug 22, 2007



  5. darkangelcrisis Dec 14, 2007

    i love the texture and concept of this work. =) it has incredible emotion to it and really drags me in.

  6. thuyxinhdep Dec 03, 2009

    Really well done! This is one of the best wallie ever!

  7. ar4xys Feb 26, 2010

    Oh my gosh...this rocks...;o

    merged: 02-26-2010 ~ 09:06pm
    This is awesome...o_O LOVE IT

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