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still obsessing ^_^'

sigh - kurofai still seems to be winning the fangirls over T.T but at least there's one more pic for us hopeful kurotomo fans

took so long with kurogane's expression - when do we ever see a soft smile on his face? - i always see him angry or sad - either way he still always frowns OX

didnt want to put too much detail in the clothes - its more flat compared to the rest of the pic but still - i quite like playing around with the brushes in photoshop ^^'

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  1. SleepyxTunaxFish Jun 24, 2007

    You don't have any comments? *Ish shocked* This is a friggin awesome pic! I for one, am a KuroTomo shipper! Great work!

  2. xiaodick Jun 24, 2007

    nice pattern on the clothes..

  3. mintleaf Jun 24, 2007

    Amazing work! A must fave. Great work drawing, colouring and adding the clothes patterns! :D

  4. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 24, 2007

    A beautiful and original take on CLAMP's art. Stunning colouring, and confident line work are a win every time.

  5. yui20 Jun 24, 2007

    Aw ... >.< ~ I love this picture =D ~
    Really well done ^^ ~
    I wish I could draw like you :(

  6. Nilie Jun 24, 2007

    Oh I absolutely love this! XD It's beautiful! I envy your skills and talent so much!
    I have a KuroTomo fanart I just can't seem to finish on my own, because I have problems with Kurogane's expression too!
    It's hard enough to picture him without a >.< frown in my head, hence much more difficult to put him that way on paper and not make him look alien.

    I hope we'll be seeing more KuroTomo goodness from you! I must say I am very proud you chose to draw this for our fandom!

    BTW, I'm wondering a bit about the tattoo on Tomoyo's arm, it's beautiful, but I can only make out a moon crescent, I'm not sure about the wing-shaped thing next to it. What is it exactly? :)

    Thanks for contributing to KuroTomo fans!

    Loads of love and cookies!

  7. Wapy Jun 25, 2007

    Great! awesome colouring job, you did an excelent work!

  8. yuinakichi20 Jun 26, 2007

    Nice job.^^ The picture about kurogane and tomoyo. It's so romantic, you see!? Welll....You're a kuromoto's fan. ^^

  9. ReBeKiCHii Jun 26, 2007

    awesome fanart!
    and excellent job done! ahah kurogane's expression must be hard to draw
    they looks so cute together :D

  10. ArtificialRaindrop Jun 27, 2007

    KuroTomo! I'm not a yaoi fan at all, and besides, these two look so good together ^_^ I love the patterns on their outfits, and the lighting you made for the background is soft, but adds a soft but radiant feel to the piece. I also think the border around the image fits the style very well. Nice job! :D

  11. rubenz Jul 05, 2007

    Kyaa u make us, Kurotomo's fans happy, yeah I don't really like yaoi as well thats why I support Kurogane and Tomoyo, they are cute isn't? he he

    And ur drawing skill is wow, so cute :D


  12. Lariel Jul 25, 2007

    So beautiful... T_T I rarely see any Kurotomo's artwork anymore... make more, 'kay? For the fans! *throws confetti into air*

  13. Peezhoun Jul 28, 2007

    Kuro looks so cute with Tomo-chan!

  14. rori69naru Aug 19, 2007

    It's a real good art!
    Love KuroTomo forever!

  15. Nickole Oct 23, 2007

    wow! this is awesome!

    I'm a Kurotomo fan!
    I still dream of them together XD

    I love it!

  16. redangel6112 Nov 28, 2007

    nice... ^^ they look so sweet ^^

  17. eternally-asuka Mar 22, 2008

    so love your style and art! is soooo nice! soft and lovely! and i LOVE this couple! lol i against yaoi xD (sorry if i hurt someone here, hehe) hope to see more of your art of kurotomo! x3

  18. fufuberrysoda May 26, 2008

    The art isn't bad, but the coupling disgusts me. People who like Kurogane/Tomoyo are just het fans looking for any reason to FORCE het onto the series. Why do people that do this even read CLAMP manga? I don't understand it.

    Kurogane, especially after Fye lost his eye, became a vampire (effectively tying the two of them together forever) and CUT OFF HIS OWN ARM for Fye is obviously more interested in Fye than he ever will be Tomoyo. Tomoyo is like his little sister (and btw? Kurogane isn't a paedophile, to boot). People who ship this make me as sick, if not MORE sick than Fye/Chii shippers.

  19. tomoyo957 Oct 09, 2008

    kawaii forgiveness Yaoi fangirls but I love KuroTomo

  20. Daiya-san Dec 22, 2010

    Is so cute!
    thx for upload!

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