Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Listen to Your Heart

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne, Vector Art


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I wonder why has minitokyo rised up the credit? :o

Well anyways it's been quite some time since I last posted a vector. Another dedication and this time for saki-xan. It's a thank you because she made this vector for me. :D

The scan was originally by me and back then I wasn't really a pro when it comes to scanning so that's why the colours were weird. :sweat: Since I couldn't scan it I kept looking back for forth from the vector and my magazine.

Inspiration: For my friend saki-xan
Started: 6/19 - 6/21
Hours: 8hrs 30min
Layers: About 60
Most Difficult: extending the clothes, and right hand.
Easiest: Colouring in
Credit: Title from a song "Listen to your Heart" by DHT
Note: - Background is weird for the vector you can critize all about it. :sweat:
-I know the colours aren't that great, but I tried.
- The hands look weird, but that's how my magazine showed it as. :sweat:

Wow! Well there's not much to say since I'm keeping it very short. My next vector won't be posted so soon since I haven't started yet and there's four people like the ACLK Group. :3. :sweat: It's another dedicating vector btw. ;)

lol! This maybe my first time I actually typed the shortest description for my vector. XD

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  1. ASH-Hikari Jun 22, 2007

    Moon-chan! I was gonna vector that for a wallpaper! Lol, but not worries, it looks really nice! I like it, and I like the pink! Good job!

  2. Sinever Jun 22, 2007

    your vectors are pretty us usual :)
    the lines are perfect :D
    & I love it XD
    wait where is my groups button?! (big sis is going to kill you if you are not going to put it)

  3. agneslee Jun 22, 2007

    pretty and +my fav.thanks for sharing.

  4. yui20 Jun 22, 2007

    As always, your vectors are prefect =3 ~
    Just like Rubenz, ASH-chan and Entity-chan lol ^^

    Eh .. Listen to my heart .. is that BoA's song? XD

  5. hhbfrance Jun 22, 2007

    I like this pretty vector! Expect your next work! +FAV ^_^

  6. LeoTravis80 Jun 22, 2007

    Your vectors are always spot on indeed! Great job! 10/10!

  7. K-demon Jun 22, 2007

    She got;s a beautiful voice^_^

  8. saki-xan Jun 22, 2007

    Waaaa! And I wish dedicated a good vector as this one ;) it me was not waiting for it, I think that you have a great list of friend's that would be waiting for a dedicated vector, and you to give me one to my * _ *
    I will add big my userpage, as my "gift".

    Extension of clothes! _ it is really difficult ... ^ _ ^ '
    and I cannot say anything bad of his vector, if you wrote in his description that the bottom was rare, I do not agree, this is normal! :)
    now well ... it will leave him thank you and other letters in his guestbook ^ _ ^

    great many thank you very much! I am happy :) :) :) XD

  9. jojanettelacus1 Jun 23, 2007

    love it, +fav

  10. eternallegend Jun 24, 2007

    the vector is done really well and the colours are chosen nicely :D the microphone doesnt seem to suit very well ^_^' [hope i didnt offend you ^_^'] the extension is done nicely :) i like the concept and the music notes that are floating around XD nice vector ^^

  11. ShinLanceVulcano Jun 24, 2007

    Nice vector, I like it a lot

  12. Kairi-Hearts Jun 25, 2007

    oh sweet vector :D
    you did an awesome job on this too.
    Your vectors are always so pretty and well done^^
    I personally loved the scan and now the vector too!
    Thanks for sharing!
    *Mind if I add you to my watchlist? :)

  13. kaisui1tatsu Jun 25, 2007

    This is pretty good! However, it kinda looks like she is holding her own hand. I know that you didn't intend for it to look that way, and hey, hands can be really hard! If you just make the line underneath her ring finger more horizontal and the line inbetween the middle and index finger closer to her thumb it would be a lot better. Other than that, this is perfect. ^_^ Thanks for sharing it with us!

  14. ninja123 Jun 26, 2007

    Yeah! Sing your heart out! ^_^

  15. shiwei Jun 26, 2007

    nice vector, the music note is great.
    smooth and clean, the colors is good. ^^
    keep it up, +fav

  16. xXAthhaXLoyalistXx Jun 26, 2007

    Nice vector of Lacus!
    Any'1 know where to get that scan?

  17. Millysan Jun 26, 2007

    Beautiful scan XD
    Rakusu is so pretty when she singing >_<

  18. rue Jun 27, 2007

    Nice work.
    We don't usually see Lacus doing recordings for her albums.
    Definitely a fave.

  19. AsuraAsuran Jun 28, 2007

    AWWW, I love this one. I am not a great fan of Lacus but...you did this really well!
    The colors are good, this Vector is GREAT! I am so jealous...I can't vector...^_^

  20. merelie Jun 30, 2007

    that is a really great vector of lacus!
    i like the little touches like the music notes floating about in different colors
    sometimes, i kind of forget where lacus comes from
    she is a really good singer after all
    thanks for sharing :)

  21. Saulofein Oct 16, 2007

    Very great wall, a recording-studio is the perfect place for her ^^
    thx for this very nice wall :)

  22. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Oct 28, 2007

    This is such a cute image! She's so pretty and having fun and all! Kind of reminds me of this "Full Moon" image. It's great! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  23. patsj Mar 23, 2008

    So Cuteee


  24. Give Nov 04, 2008

    Its... ok i really don't like the musical notes coming out of the mic and headphones though

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