Little Busters Wallpaper: ~'Watashi No Kororo Ni'~

Key (Studio), Little Busters, Noumi Kudryavka Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Little Busters Series,Visual Novel Noumi Kudryavka Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Yup, me back with another new wallie =_= *ah,man, i have to stop vectoring/walling from now on*
About this wall: * i am so lazy to make a long description =_= *
* EDIT : This wall For vectory contest =3
* is completely vectored/ painted*i don't paint em XD* wall.
*It took me 2-3 days to complete the wall
* She is Nomi Kudoryafuka from little busters *I <3 her eye *_* *
* Actually, i want to extract kudo from this Pixie but since there's a hand refelection over there O_O
so i decided to vector it
* kudo's color hair is totally different from the actual one ^^" but the brown color is kind of suit her ^^"
* i also remove the box that she hold at the picture.. kind of annoying XD
* Is Inspired by the sola op song XD
* have to colored all with one color because the stock bg color is clashing with the vector that i used ^^"
* the original version is here =>Origin vector
* Added sparkle brush from EDD! Egaoand Textures from DA!

bla bla bla..
Hope you all like it.. Ja~~

feathers-of-eternity maac
gensoho-gosha-fd*hi* vector-wallers
kyandee-anime-no-jutsu day-dreamerz

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  1. Lariel Jun 17, 2007

    pretty! Love it!

  2. Mya102 Jun 17, 2007

    it's kudo-san ^_^ she's different from what i saw on the 4koma ^_^'
    So cute and love the color tone

  3. gaara-no-shukaku Jun 17, 2007

    Textless is simply better.

    Btw, is this for the contest?

  4. yui20 Jun 17, 2007

    This is very nice =D ~
    I really love the color u use there XD
    And the background really match with the character tho

  5. dirachan669 Jun 17, 2007

    wah~! i likie the colour~ blrue~! not pinku XD
    faves++ ^^

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 17, 2007

    Wow! Very nice!
    I'm loving the colors and the background is awesome *_* Also, the vectoring/painting is excellent! Really well done!

    *Oh, and you need to put a sig on this awesome wall!*

  7. Sinever Jun 17, 2007

    its beautifull rika-chan XD
    you have vectored & painted it very nicely :)
    good job & its a fav XD
    good luck with the contest ;)

  8. chikage-kekinha Jun 17, 2007

    the vector is awesome! well done! :D
    the backgroun is amazing... and lovely colour!
    good luck with the contest! XD

  9. selemental Banned Member Jun 17, 2007

    That wallie is BEA-U-TI-FUL! :nya: Wonderful works! I like the bg's in your wallies and you choose great characters to match them!


  10. pamkips Jun 17, 2007

    Oh :O
    Everything is pretty, as usual :D
    I seriously love the whole feel in the wall :}

  11. sailorchiron Jun 18, 2007

    Wow, I love the contrast between the original and the finished version! Very smoothe, lots of emotion, great job!

  12. namgyuri Jun 18, 2007

    very nice wallpaper I also love the background, it matches the colors too

  13. akaitsukiomiru Jun 18, 2007

    very nice
    good work

  14. rubenz Jun 18, 2007

    o.O my this is simply pretty ^^ How on earth you painted the bg o.O ^^

    Absolutely fav :d

  15. eternallegend Jun 19, 2007

    the vector is done nicely although there is a bit of spillage on left of the left ribbon and the far right strand when it curls up on the bottom and on the top where it starts to curl up as well as in the curve of her fourth strand ^_^' [hope i didnt offend you ^_^'] the background looks nice and i like the colour tone :D the concept is nice and i like the atmosphere of your wall :) nice wall ^^

  16. Chiaki-chan Banned Member Jun 20, 2007

    This work is featured at: kyandee-anime-no-jutsu

  17. redangel6112 Jun 21, 2007

    cool background... :)
    The scan is cute too...a school girl...

  18. Hayz Jun 21, 2007

    Lovely picture! I like the clothes the girl is wearing! :)

  19. FireBlaster Jun 21, 2007

    Nice wall
    The background is good and the scene is great
    other cool art of you

    Fly Higher as you can even if you have broken wings, keep flying!

  20. norine07 Jun 21, 2007

    love it sis~ nice wallie~ XD love the texture, love the brushes, love the design, the concept, the colours used! XD omg! blue! XD hahax..! nya~ and and the bg~ really beautiful! XD really well done sis~ XD yay and it's in the elite gallery and soon, the pop gallery! XD

  21. heavenANDearth Jun 21, 2007

    I simply love it! I like the colors and the vector you did is simply BEAUTIFUL!

    *adds to favs*

  22. mae-mae Jun 22, 2007

    very nice! the texture and colour is great!

  23. moonescape Jun 22, 2007

    I see why you choose bllue instead. Really interesting though. I thought of the scenery as a good Christmas Desktop.

    Vector was reallygood especially the outlines. :)

  24. kiokorenay703 Jun 23, 2007

    Great wallie :D I love this vector job..
    Also, i Love the bg :)

    Favs, this is very interesting ^^

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