The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Wallpaper: Graduate of 2007

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Well, I haven't submitted anything in a while, I know. I've been busy studying and doing last-minute schoolwork so I've been on a Photoshop hiatus (what, me, putting school before vectoring and walling? Amazing.) And this doesn't completely feel like a "recent" work since I actually did the Haruhi vector a while back. I was planning to make a wall like this and decided to start working early since I knew I'd be busy in June.
The vector of Haruhi was interesting. I know her grad gown is very simple; I made it up myself without anything to guide me and I'm not that good at such things. I also made her diploma :P. And I changed her hair ribbon colour to match her sash. I think her hair and eyes look nice though.
The wall I started about a month later (after changing the Haruhi vector fifty times). First I did the floor. Made it from scratch. Simple enough. Then the curtains. They started off as a stock photo, but I did quite a number on them, recolouring, painting, reshaping, etc. to make them match and not look too realistic. The table I also made from the top of my head. The legs look kind of off, but ignore that. The roses are actually taken from my friend's grad picture, lol. I had to edit out her hand and diploma though. The cap and books are stock, edited.
Then the text. I wanted something simple yet effective, and I think this works.
Since I'm a texture freak, I tried to add some texture, but it just didn't look as good.
Also, this wall doesn't look quite the way it did in the PSD file. After saving it as Jpeg it come out darker and a different colour...well you can see what I mean by looking at it here (bad quality screenshot, I know):
Oh, I also did the lighting of this wall myself (lighting is fun!). So a lot of this wall was from scratch.
So! I wanted this to be a simple grad wall, so graduates could have a wallpaper for the occasion. I imagine this scene to be Haruhi on stage getting her diploma (fast forward a few years of course, Haruhi won't be graduating for a while.) This is dedicated to everyone who is a 2007 grad, congratulations, we made it this far!
And I myself will be graduating in just over a week :) After that expect more work from me!
Yeesh, long description....well, technical stuff:
Haruhi Vector:
Time: 8 hrs
Layers: 33
Completion date: May 29th, 2007
Time: 3 hrs
Layers: 19
Completion date: June 15th, 2007
Time: 11 hrs
Layers: 52
Thanks for reading this far! Lol. And thanks for any comments faves, or full views~


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Browse The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. yui20 Jun 16, 2007

    Ahh ~~ Congratulation =D!
    The wall is simply beautiful ^^
    I really like the way you do in the background >.< ~

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 16, 2007

    Neat idea! The vector is well done, I can totally picture Haruhi doing that XD Love the colors as well. I feel that the flowers should also be vectored but other than that, nicely done!

  3. saki-xan Jun 16, 2007

    This is simply adorable, also it is not necessary to be very a perfectionist, because of it, this wallpaper and vector is good. I add to favorites for the good idea desu ~~~~~ XD

  4. Keough Jun 16, 2007

    Oh wow this is wonderful. A perfect theme!

  5. moonescape Jun 16, 2007

    Interesting how this takes place behind the curtains. XD Well the curtains went well and to think you painted them. You have paiting skills. :D

    I really like the colours green, but it just seems very different with her. :o

    Vectors was really good. Such straight outlines I mean. What might be the problem is that there should be shades on the wrinkles for her graduationg clothes plus the collar.

    Maybe Chole-chan is right about the flowers being vectored or painting can be another option. :

    Though everything else went well.

    I'm quite surprised your graduating. o_0 I'm going to be a sophmore next year. Congratulation then, does that mean your going to college? :x

  6. Sinever Jun 16, 2007

    beautifull work
    the vector is clean & perfect :)
    I like the bg especially the curtains XD
    the whole wallpaper is amazingly done except of the flowers
    anyway well done :)

  7. hellbell Banned Member Jun 16, 2007

    I like the curtains and the wall itself of course.. really nice work!

  8. norine07 Jun 16, 2007

    hahax..! congrats~~~ ^-^
    nicely vectored~ the lines are neat and tidy~
    the design and all nice~
    love the cutrtains and the concept of the wall~
    thanks for sharing~

  9. LilLaoRyo704 Jun 16, 2007

    awesome wall, i'm 07 too hehehehe, too bad they couldn't find anything that rhymes with 07 like the other years.

    the wall is vectored nicely and the designs look great, awesome job XD

  10. pamkips Jun 16, 2007

    Oh the memories of watching a graduation :D (<<went to one
    on Thurs.) Anywho, nicely done on the vectoring and such.

  11. eternallegend Jun 19, 2007

    i like the nice concept and the overall look of your wall :D the vector is done wonderfully and the colours are well chosen :) i like the design of the background with the nice curtains :D the lighting is done nicely and i like the atmosphere of your wall :D lovely wall ^^

  12. Hayz Jun 21, 2007

    Lovely colours used in wallpaper and the girl looks happy! :)

  13. vxcdeejay Jun 22, 2007

    greeeat wallpaper! i liked it! great scan!
    good job! ty

  14. rollingmreg Aug 04, 2007

    Two items of the television are a pleasure.

  15. Komaka Oct 18, 2007

    My,its so perfect.This one got the honour to be the first picture added to my fav list.Extremely great job!Make me want to graduate ASAP!

    merged: 10-18-2007 ~ 06:35pm
    My,its so perfect.This one got the honour to be the first picture added to my fav list.Extremely great job!Make me want to graduate ASAP!

  16. abul Oct 25, 2007

    oh beautiful =)
    the only weirdness is the flowers that are a photo XD

  17. MyaKayKhine Oct 31, 2007

    I love this one!thanks a lot for sharing us!

  18. kingboo Dec 03, 2007

    Wahaha beautful work

  19. daniticha Oct 12, 2009

    Graduate? LOL
    Original! Great job! Suzumiyaaa~

  20. YukiVampire Nov 30, 2009

    I love suzumiyaaa *_________*

  21. Furiz Jan 05, 2010

    green ? huh... i don't think that was great idea ;)

  22. pithata Sep 09, 2010

    hey hey donnt graduate so fast .please Stay with me . lol

  23. wjdah7017 Mute Member Jan 16, 2011

    Oh! It's nice ! Thanks for sharing it !

  24. dchoggia14 Sep 05, 2012

    Perhaps this is far late but congratukation Haruhi

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