Earthian Wallpaper: Tenshi to Hana

Yun Kouga, Earthian, Chihaya, Vector Art Wallpaper
Yun Kouga Mangaka Earthian Series,OVA Chihaya Character Vector Art Source

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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**Featured at vector-wallers and celestial-luminesse

(that's what the kanji says)


*falls to the floor passed out, mouse hand numb and twitching*

Oh my god this is the most complicated vector I've ever done. I'm going to post a link to the original pic so you can see it, it's small and grainy and blotchy... Crappy Chihaya Scan

I was working with the idea of a project I did in high school where we did sketchy line drawings in multiple colors of ink and then went back and did a light wash to fill in the colors. At the time I was annoyed that the colors bled, but the more I looked at it the more I liked it. So I vectored everything in the color it was (as opposed to the color of the outline of said object) and then washed with a quick brush stroke on low opacity with a watercolor brush. I DELIBERATELY didn't stay inside the lines so that it would look like the ink bled. I used mostly the same colors that Kouga-sensei used, but where flowers were shaded with grey I used blue and purple. I remember looking at ink colors in that long-ago art class and wondering what white ink was for and, obviously, it's for working on colored paper, so there are high lights brushed white very lightly. I used a regular old Photoshop pattern overlay for the paper texture, but made the layer very transparent over the white bg.

It was a little empty (although I did want to keep a lot of negative space to draw the eye to Chihaya) and I decided I wanted to add kanji and thought "hmm...what's in the picture I could get kanji for?" and was like "duh, an angel and flowers." I vectored over the kanji (and hirigana) so that it would all match. That was a small challenge. The kanji was from the same site so was the same size and quality but "to" was from a different site and was pixellated and skinny. Hence, vectoring.

I put the most care into painting Chihaya's eyes, since although sloppy ink is cool, blobby green eyes are not cool, so I was careful with that. In some places, Kouga-sensei made the flower stems the same color as the flower, and in others they're different colors so I stuck with that pattern. I think that some of the colored swatches are actually ribbons, there are lots of pics of Chihaya with ribbons in his hair. I wonder why Kagetsuya never wore ribbons in his hair? Hmm...

Okay, the details:
Time: approx 20 hours
Layers: 897 total
Soundtrack: "Ultimate Favs" JPop playlist in iTunes

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  1. IzumiChan Jun 15, 2007

    Ooh, this one really called out my attention~ O.O
    So pretty, I loved the way you vectored it~ strong outlines and soft filling~ so dream-like! XD
    Say, is this Chihaya a guy or a girl? Cause you never especified, I'm confused~ XD XD
    Either way, really great, good job! ^_~

  2. FallenAngelZoicyte Jun 15, 2007

    i love it, kohaku-chan!

    merged: 06-15-2007 ~ 11:34am
    the water coloring is beautiful too

  3. Sinever Jun 15, 2007

    its rare to see a work like this :)
    I mean the colors are soft & the lines are neat & clean :D
    it gives me a peaceful feeling XD
    well done its a fav :)
    & its a *Good* Highlight XD

  4. Lady-Lotus Jun 15, 2007

    OMG! this is just so ADORABLE! I really like the soft colors for this wall. the flowers adds such a great touch to this wall. It's simply beautiful. great work!

  5. yui20 Jun 15, 2007

    Wow ~ It's very nice =D ~ But How can you do that ^^
    I just wanna do like exactly same thing with you for the next vector ^^"
    But bah, I dunno how Y_Y ... It's really nice vector tho, very peaceful XD
    Good job =D

  6. fawna-chan Jun 16, 2007

    Whoah..I didn't even think that this was vector when I saw the thumbnail...I love the soft colors and it gives it a very nice feeling. :)

  7. moonescape Jun 16, 2007

    Interesting vector. Really love how it looks like a drawing. The outlines may be quite wobbly, but really the flowers are just beautiful and so are the the light colours. Seriously looks better than the original scan. I mean your give a painted look while the oter one looks's grainy ruining the smoothness in it. A definate fave. :D

  8. pamkips Jun 16, 2007

    Minus the wobbly vector lines in some areas,
    the vector is original and cool!

  9. kokuyu Jun 19, 2007

    you really kill me with your fantastic painting, and i can't find anything to criticize at ^_^' . the soft colours are the main attraction. plus, this is something not everywhere can do :D

  10. MysteryGreenTea May 31, 2009

    Wow, twenty hours was spent on this? XD You're so dedicated! It's so beautiful done too! :) Your time was well spent! ^.^

  11. pizzahutrebel Feb 09, 2011

    This is absolutely incredible! Chihaya looks lovely <3

    Hm, I imagine it probably has to do with the way Chihaya and Kage wear their hear differently. Kagetsuya tends to let his hair go free, while Chihaya goes more for pulling it up. Perhaps Chihaya uses ribbons in his hair to somewhat take the attention away from its dark hue? Not that people won't notice, but so that when they do, they have something to comment on other than the fact that it's black. I imagine Kagetsuya wouldn't care for others' attentions and so wouldn't want to draw any with ribbons.

    Of course, those are only my guesses within the context of the story. Kouga-sensei probably uses ribbons for Chihaya only because it makes him more feminine (not that he needs the help!) Ribbons for Kage would make him appear more girly too.

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