Air Gear Wallpaper: Pink is the new Blue [W]

Oh! Great, Air Gear, Ringo Noyamano, Vector Art Wallpaper
Oh! Great Mangaka Air Gear Series Ringo Noyamano Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Someone translated the TV version!

I got to be free all right. Yes I wanna be a star
I hop onto a machine called epoch
I got to be free all right. I decided to be a star.
This absurd game I've been playing all my life is what I live for.

^ Sounds better in Jap. :p

Full-view, please

Anywho, I guess this is my entry for Vectory's Battle of the Bands challenge. The song is actually the first ending of Eyeshield 21, which is a cool song, not exactly my favorite of all time, but I like it~

Completely vectored, textures from DA and I can't remember where I got the patterns from, but I think it was from devART :\ I'll check later on.
Time: 6 hours
Layers: 15
And I'm pooped, I'm going to bed!

Comments welcome!

More resolutions available at EDD!



Chosen by Saikusa and euna

This is a wallpaper that is so simple, yet full of vibrance and details.

You could take a quick glance at the thumbnail and think, "Oh, it's just a simple vector wall," but when viewed in full, you'd find something much more in this wall than you'd have imagined. Careful choice of patterns and textures overlayed over flawlessly vectored image are the highlights of this wall. Just like saikusa has pointed out, "You could use this wall and keep finding something new with it every day," so go ahead and appreciate this wonderful wallpaper :D

Proposed by Saikusa and highlighted by euna.

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jun 11, 2007

    Cute, cool and stylish <33
    Love the happiness in the wallie.

  2. acid-awakening Jun 11, 2007

    Another pink one.
    This reminds me of a dandruff ad, a dude was listen to hardout music and his dandruffs were all jumping out and someone asked "Are your dandruffs on full blast?" Lol but anyway, this is really cool XD

  3. rika23 Jun 11, 2007

    Yaddaa~ no pinku again! *get electric shock*
    wai~! good vectoring,
    nice put texture and burshie desu~!
    omg. everybody geting into the contest O_O
    boku must find something to vector now XD

  4. Sinever Jun 11, 2007

    lovely work Chloe-chan XD
    the vector is awesome & its very nicley done :)
    good job XD & best of luck in the contest :)

  5. DarthTofu Jun 11, 2007

    I like it. Very nicely done.
    Good luck with the contest.

    Someday I plan on watching Eyeshield because I've heard lots about the awesomeness.

  6. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Jun 11, 2007

    Very stylish! ^.^ Good luck!

  7. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jun 11, 2007

    funky design ^__^ nice use of textures and patterns :)

    nice vector, did you blur it a bit? (I'm not too fond of that actually, 'cause it makes it look kinda hazy)

  8. pamkips Jun 11, 2007

    Oh how I <3 this :D
    Pink, plus crazy patterns and textures, oh yes

  9. kiokorenay703 Jun 11, 2007

    haha wow man this is SOO uwsom! ^^ I love it Alot. Pink is my fav color, there for this... Rocks my world! Great work, and a new fav for me :)

  10. monicayurie Jun 11, 2007

    Sugoi, Chloe-chan!
    Pink definitly is THE color!
    I loved it! + fav!
    Bye... :)

  11. rubenz Jun 11, 2007

    ur works always great chloe san xD

  12. fawna-chan Jun 12, 2007

    That's so...CUTE! XD
    Sorry, I'm in a squealing mood right now and I am squealing about this incredibly nice wall. Looks great with the vector. :D

  13. yui20 Jun 12, 2007

    This is soooo cute !
    I am totally fall in love with the concept and patten u use in this wallpaper XD~~
    LOVE IT !

  14. gaara-no-shukaku Jun 12, 2007

    Yay for funky design! Love the bold lines. Nice choice of patterns, very pop-art-ish and really inspiring. I think the slight blurriness is cool cause it gives a delicate style to it. Nice simple-ismy-type wall, and good luck with the contest. (I haven't started anything yet +_+ )

  15. IzumiChan Jun 12, 2007

    This thing of "___ is the new ____ " sounds so Paris Hilton-like~ XD XD
    Loved her glasses! It's rare to see a pink-haired glasses girl... o.O
    Lovely patterns (the one in her hair is just tah best! :D ) and great vectoring! :D
    Just wished there were more musical notes on the right part... it's kind of empty... o.o
    Graet work! :)

  16. alterlier Jun 13, 2007

    I like the patterns and the fact that it's not a disturbing pink, looks very retro, clean and smooth, yeah..

  17. rachtsume Jun 14, 2007

    this is way pinkilicious, very funky stuff, luuuuv it!

  18. sailorchiron Jun 14, 2007

    I actually like the title...This is fab, great job. I love the colors and the blurriness of the lines.

  19. annakee Jun 14, 2007

    i like the little blurry fx. the colors are giving a warm feeling at see it. nice wallie ^_^

  20. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 14, 2007

    So cute! I could tell straight away that this wasn't just the colour cover scan, but I was really blown away by the quality when I downloaded it! I love the way you've given it a light blur that makes it look almost as if it's a Shitajiki scan! :D

    Wonderfully vibrant, and full of detail. You could use this wall and keep finding something new with it every day. Love it!

  21. norine07 Jun 14, 2007

    omg! XD really kawaii~~~ lovely texyure and all, lines are nice, neat and clean~
    the quality is really good~ and the scan really pretty~ XD thanks for sharing~

    p.s: i love the pink! XD

  22. evilchunli Jun 14, 2007

    thats really cute. i love the soft pink :)

  23. Fran Retired Moderator Jun 14, 2007

    Cool one ^^
    It looks so retro and the patterns are so stylish
    <3 :3

  24. MallieChan Jun 15, 2007

    No! Chloe-chan dont think the title is wierd its really cute
    and fits with ringo i think lol
    I love the patterns <3 its such a cute wall! make more air gear walls! please!
    you break out the excitment the anime has !

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