Jigoku Shoujo Wallpaper: Dear Ms. Little Red Eyes

Noizi Ito, Studio DEEN, Jigoku Shoujo, Ai Enma Wallpaper
Noizi Ito Mangaka Studio DEEN Studio Jigoku Shoujo Series Ai Enma Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

"Dear Ms.Little Red Eyes
Oh how I adore your wicked eyes
always in the dark you stare into mine
from a little distance you seem so faint
yet your presence makes you vain
long I hope to see you in the flesh
long I wished to touch your hair
long I wished to smell your flair
yet I knew you are never there

just around the corner
I can hear you beckon me
I can feel your eyes staring at me
whenever I turn, you are never there
I cough and in pain I struggle my prayers
and now...
on my death bed I pray in silence
hoping to hold your hand
and you appeared, so close and so cold
that distant look on your eyes that haunt my very soul
Oh Lord, I was touched, and I feel safe
knowing that you will guide my way
into the dark we journey now
through a place called Living Hell. "

- Journey of the Dying Man - written by Omni [circa 1998]

LOL, there was a time when I fancied writing poems, was regarded as one of those kids that had too little to do, this was something I pulled out from my old poem book, I can't believe I still kept it tho.

Jigoku shojo wallpaper has nothing to do with this poem of course, coincidence it was but yeah, it just so happen I found the bloody thing and made a wall up to compliment it.

Oh, I think this should be a better wallpaper than my suzuhira wall. Gosh... I am such a romantic when it comes to making these, speaking of which I am using this wall now. Took me 4 days, and the color scheme was changed 2 times before it was like this.

Textures are by you know who. and I do hope you enjoy this wallpaper.

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  1. animes-4eva-rox Jun 09, 2007

    whao scary eh the poem + wallpaper !
    real nice "dark/wicked" wallpaper
    good job!

  2. Digi-Charat-Princess Jun 09, 2007

    Please send that poem to me in a messege I would very much love to have it.

  3. noirnw Jun 09, 2007

    One of my favourite anime characters . . . love the dark bg. Good job! :D

  4. rika23 Jun 09, 2007

    Emma is really cute desu~ XD
    demo the bg is kind off scares me *shiver*
    Nice use of texture ;p

  5. fawna-chan Jun 10, 2007

    Lol, you always give your viewers so many choices for wallpapers. :D
    I love that image of Enma Ai. Very nice poem too.

  6. Ianervan Jun 10, 2007

    Eerie. Not to mention it comes with a grim poem. The texture and the shadows make her looks awesome. How about try inserting the poem faintly into the wallie or perhaps embedded on the wall behind?

  7. Niiyapt Jun 10, 2007

    Scary and Amazing the wallpaper and the poem
    You did a great job
    Thanks for doing it
    Keep working hard

  8. royaldarkness Jun 10, 2007

    Hauntingly eerie. Love the wall, and the poem.

  9. pamkips Jun 10, 2007

    Oh how I love those textures indeed

  10. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 11, 2007

    Very cool!
    The textures are fabulous and character placement is well done! Great job!

  11. flamemantis Jun 11, 2007

    i agree!

  12. irix Jun 11, 2007

    tis is good! great work friend! [in a little amount of time i can reveall my reloaded one!]

    ps. good poem!

  13. dirachan669 Jun 14, 2007

    ^^ sugoi~! favies++

  14. evilshoujo Jun 15, 2007

    This is so cool! The poem's awesome too!

  15. nosbleed Jun 15, 2007

    wow! nice! i like it!

  16. CrystalTears Jun 15, 2007

    very nice! the poem is perfect for Ai!

  17. selemental Banned Member Jun 15, 2007

    This wallie is very beautiful! Perfect job!
    I've always wanted to see Jigoku, but I have to wait. XD
    I think I need to boost up my courage. Horror and all. X3

    *adds to favs*

  18. vatican92 Jun 16, 2007

    Looks a bit too dark but really like it XD
    Very goth and dark looking

  19. enchantressinthedark Jun 17, 2007

    'Tis a beautiful poem and a nice wall ^^ Gah, ran outta words for your awesomeness. Just gonna fave it XD

  20. xiaodick Jun 18, 2007

    Oh~ nice.... a +fav

  21. chii0103 Jun 29, 2007

    sugoiii~ is she the girl.. from "the girl from hell" ? XD ^_^

    great wallie... love it..

  22. Albert89 Jul 04, 2007

    Nice! XD

  23. TheTaliban007 Jul 05, 2007


  24. Alexamore Jul 27, 2007

    wow!I like this dark color~

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