Touka Gettan Wallpaper: You Are the One

Carnelian, Touka Gettan, Touka Kamiazuma, Momoka Kawakabe Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Touka Gettan Series,Visual Novel Touka Kamiazuma Character Momoka Kawakabe Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Highlighted in vector-wallers & main feature in sakura--cb

You are the one I love
You are the one I need
You're the only one in my heart
Hey Babe come save me
- You Are the One by Whyte Shadow

Please full view to see the details of this. :o

Just love this song a lot. Has a really nice beat and the remix is way better thhan the original one. :D

This is like one of the most difficult wallpaper I've ever made so far. @_@ I mean if you full view it you'll noticed I vectored and patined at the same time. The details were just too much for me. I spend 8x more on Momoka than Touka. Trying to get all those details was such a pin, but I did it. I don't even know why I even try to do this. :( Well I guess how it turned out was worth it. I just wanted to see how if the scan was a nighttime version and look better than daylight. Another I think would be Carnelia's artwork rocks. I mean they're so beautiful and well drawn plus nice effects. I praise her works! :D

I think the only problem I really had was trying to blend the layers together to get the perfect shade. I think what might've been the most difficult out of all would be Momoka's scarf. I mean I spend maybe more than 7 hours on it. I know the colours don't look exactly alike from the original, but I tried.

The only parts not vectored or painted is the sparkles and the glow. So pretty much please don't get upset how Touka, Momoka, and the sakuras are too bright for a nighttime scene. I just love exaggerating these things like my Elements wallpaper. >:D

Inspiration: For my Userpage
Started: 5/18 - 6/9
Hours: 30hrs on Momoka, 8hrs of Touka, and 8hrs on the rest
Most Difficult: Anything that had to do with Momoka X_X
Easiest: Background
Credit: Scan by Scampi
Lyrics from "You Are the One" by Whyte Shadow
Note: - Still don't really know why I did this.
- I kept falling asleep while I was working on it.
- Really love the remix on the song better. :D
- Carnelia's art is awesome. XD
- The wallpaper size is exactly like Omnidevil's recent wallpaper
- I know it's very uncreative, but Icouldn't help, but try. D: I didn't add any clouds because it was too hard for me to paint them. DX

Wh00t! 4 More days before out of school! :) I'm happy at the same time, but sad because I'm going to miss my friends a lot. I won't be able to see them at all until school does start.

This will be my last wallpaper up until I come back from China around August 27. I wish I knew the exact date of coming and leaving if only my Dad wouldn't but tickets in the last minute. X_X I'll miss everyone and especially my friends at Washington High School. I'm going to be a sophomore next year! :D I can bet ya that summer is just going to zoom by very fast and before you'll know it school starts up. D:

Just to mention on July will be exactly meaning 2 years since I started making wallpapers and on August will be 1 year since I started vectoring (Thanks to MapleRose! :) )

[Edit] - I have a 1600x1200 wallpaper. You'll have to PM me for it or maybe it AP will accept the wallpaper hopefully you can upload it there. :x

[Edit 2] - This wallpaper is an entry in the contest "Battle of the Bands" hosted in vectory. Good luck to you all who entered! ;)

Thank to all who critized my wallpaper though I actually know what were my flaws of this wallpaper, but since my PSD of the sakura petals were accidentally overwritten I can't give any bigger resoluation besides the widescreen and non-widescreen. ^-^; I can't even make a "nighttime" version for this wallpaper or even use the sakura petals for other purposes. T_T So sorry to you all! ^_^'

I'll try to post the textless wallpaper at home since the kb is too big for imageshack to accept it. :sweat: Darn architecture! -_-;

[Edit 3] - MY last edited so here ya go for all those who wanted a textless version so badly click here.

[Edit 4] - Wow! Being highlighted is really shocking. (O_O)I can bet this will be my last one too. OX Now I don't regret the time and patience I took on this. :) Thank you all and I'll think of you when I'm at China. ;) **hugs** This is definately my last last edit. ^_^' 6/12/07

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Chosen by Saikusa and Chloe

One look at this and you'll think it's a high-quality scan!
But it's not- it's a beautiful vector from the talented moonescape. For someone who kept falling asleep while working on this, it turned out brilliant. Neat line art and fantastic colors make it a "must download", and a simple background keeps the focus on the main characters. Excellent job, moonescape!

Proposed by Saikusa and highlighted by Chloe.

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Browse Touka Gettan Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. kanon14 Jun 09, 2007

    Really nice!

  2. Sinever Jun 09, 2007

    stunning XD
    its well done :) everything is vectored very neatly XD
    I love everything of it especially its colors XD
    good job little sis
    & congrats its an * Excellent Highlight *

  3. gaara-no-shukaku Jun 09, 2007

    As a vector plus painting trace itself, this is outstanding. I think this is way better and cleaner than your previous Carnelian vector. (which means you have improved alot).
    Very well done, the colours, the glows, it's so heavenly beautiful.
    The text is kinda disturbing the flow though. And there aren't much originality here besides the soft painting.
    Anyway, is this for the contest?

  4. rika23 Jun 09, 2007

    Very god desu~!
    Boku wa suki!
    Yeah, you really improve on this :D
    Nice nice ;p
    Bou wa will put this on the group feature~ if i not that lazy lol~
    +favie desu~

  5. kykyopj Jun 09, 2007

    Thgis must be your best work till today! It's simply beautifull. The shades, the delicacy of the petales, the flow of that scarf and the unic combination of those colores. Goese streight to favorites!

  6. Kyelor Jun 09, 2007

    The lighting effects are really nice! The design is nice and clean.

  7. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 09, 2007

    I'm so impressed by the clean precision work and wonderful colours that shine out of my monitor. This looks like it could be a professional drawing.

  8. chikage-kekinha Jun 09, 2007

    Really beautiful!
    so clean ^^
    this wallie is really well done!
    wonderful.... the colours are really great XD

  9. pamkips Jun 09, 2007

    Ooh my god it hurts to look at this, that's how awesome it
    is, it just hurts

  10. ASH-Hikari Jun 10, 2007

    Wow Moon-chan, beautiful picture, beautiful vector, beautiful painting, beautiful colours, beautiful work, beautiful wallpaper...
    Must I go on? ^_^

  11. saki-xan Jun 10, 2007

    You want to kill me of the impression o_O

    I it it love and do not hesitate to add to favorites XD

  12. yui20 Jun 10, 2007

    omg =D ~~ It's a amazing vector >.< ~
    Moonescape .. I am so jealous of you T-T ~ U doing way better than me >.<

    Ahh XD, I guess I will meet you somewhere in China lol, coz I will go HK in august too XD
    Becareful in China tho, there has so many thieves around >_>

  13. rala Jun 10, 2007

    Very lovely^^ They are so cute, with really great colors^^.... So wonderful...keep it up^^

  14. gaara-no-shukaku Jun 10, 2007

    Sorry for spamming, but you won't notice this message on your gb.

    Wallpapers are also accepted for the contest. Not just vector. =)

  15. Niiyapt Jun 10, 2007

    So beautiful
    It's really lovely

  16. rubenz Jun 11, 2007

    Pretty, you know actually I worked this scam for the contest but I changed it and ur result is pretty :D Im just glad you choose to wallie it xD

  17. DarthTofu Jun 11, 2007

    Wow. It's so clean and pristine! (no. 1 reason I don't like anime art much lolz. I used to wonder why I came here in the first place)
    But even with my loathing of cleanliness, I must admit you did a wonderful job on this!
    Usually when it's so clean and neat it doesn't look very human to me. It's too perfect.

    no fav because I still hate clean, but I must acknowledge your fine work!

  18. Scampi Jun 13, 2007

    Wow! This vector wallpaper is superb! I have no idea that someone is willing to take a challenge and do a vector of Carnelian's work. The lines are clean and smooth, Thanks a bunch! *adds to favs*

  19. Blueheart Jun 13, 2007

    this vector is awesome.
    Everything looks so cool!

  20. CarbonR Jun 13, 2007

    gj man, if only you could tell me your secret on getting the skin outlines like that i would love you.... in a manly way cough +fav

  21. fairy-wings Jun 13, 2007

    I'm so glad this is getting the attention it deserves here! Didn't get enough attention on animepaper!

  22. selemental Banned Member Jun 13, 2007

    Wow! This is really nice and so are your other works! Great job! X3

    *favs it*

  23. ASH-Hikari Jun 13, 2007

    OMG Moon-chan it got highlighted! That's great! Congratulations! You really deserve it ^_^

  24. Rella Jun 14, 2007

    Ooh, this is very romantic and sweet! The vectoring is also done very nicely. Good work! =D

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