Claymore Wallpaper: Galatea

Norihiro Yagi, Madhouse, Claymore, Galatea Wallpaper
Norihiro Yagi Mangaka Madhouse Studio Claymore Series Galatea Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Galatea from Claymore - the Manga/anime
Vectorized and colored with Photoshop 7.0.
This took me almost 15 hours to finish.

update: fix the sword hilt that sticks out of nowhere
update2: tweaked the colors and the face a bit
You can find the old version here

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  1. dianas Jun 08, 2007

    I just adore Claymore..the silver eyed witches are awesome fighters..
    why did Teresa had to dye ~_~ the manga is a little diferent than the anime..the claymores don`t know what are the ferocious eaters..but in the anime they know about the existence of awaken beings
    anyway just a little spoiler to share with you guys
    from what I know Galatea is number 3 in the Claymore organisation she can sence youma powers from a very long distance...

  2. pomps Jun 08, 2007

    Wondering why Claymore doesn't have its own Category in Minitokyo, it's a famous serie. Btw, thanks for your fav guys.

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 08, 2007

    The background can use some work, but the vector is fabulous.

    Oh, and if you would like to request a category, check out this thread: The New 'Category Request' Thread (though be sure to read Saikusa's instructions carefully ;))

  4. dianas Jun 09, 2007

    Quote by Chloe-chanOh, and if you would like to request a category, check out this thread: The New 'Category Request' Thread (though be sure to read Saikusa's instructions carefully ;))

    there is no point in trying to make a request I already made one and it was not accepted because we don`t have enough gallery items for a new category...

    Quote by saikusaStudio: There is no category on MT for Madhouse Studios.

    we don`t even have a category for the sutdio

  5. SevenSkies Jun 18, 2007

    Truly Galatea.

    I salute fellow Claymore. May we all meet again. ^^f"

    Powerful Work.

  6. FreedomGundamX10A Jun 28, 2007

    wow, good work everyone, i very like claymore, XDXD, wanna more picture and wallpapaers from it

  7. accessBR Jun 30, 2007

    Amazing *O* really!

    Do some Ophelia, please :)

  8. pmaster4 Jul 02, 2007

    Teresa...i was shocked when she died
    Kool pic

  9. pomps Jul 03, 2007

    She's Galatea man, it's in the title :D.

  10. SOUL-BLADE Jul 06, 2007

    Nice wallpaper! I recently got into Claymore too! but the latest ep I've seen is 12. Is Galatea one of the current top 5, i cant remember, is she still to come? or have i missed something?

  11. stonefree888 Jul 10, 2007

    i love her so much...

  12. Eleni Jul 29, 2007

    only her lip looks weird to me. Like the left side is missing o.o; Apart from that it's awesome >o<

  13. Svartakatten Aug 20, 2007

    One of my favorite characters :) nice work btw

  14. Zoekin Aug 25, 2007

    Nice work! Really looks fantastic. I've just finished episode 12 of Claymore. She looks like a very interesting character. Thanks for posting this.

  15. cuteninja Sep 03, 2007

    yup lips looks a little wiered .galatea is a cool character i like her attitude

  16. BlackSponge Dec 14, 2007

    All hail Galatea!
    Great wall dood.

  17. 13lackAngel Apr 23, 2008

    Yay more Galatea. Nice Wall!

  18. yeahbahh Sep 08, 2008

    ive just read d latest manga its wat too cool ... yeah

  19. 112800996andychan Oct 01, 2008

    The best ever... :D

  20. Mortend Mar 21, 2010

    Great Picture! Galatea is my Favorite Claymore

  21. chrislovell Jun 16, 2010

    Wow this is a gorgeous image, one of my favourites!

  22. JejisAyame Jul 18, 2010

    galatea is my favorit *----*
    thanks for do this wallpaper

  23. elpelapoto Jan 06, 2011

    I love that series, thanks for sharing

  24. marmel111180 Feb 14, 2011

    this one is great too thanks...........

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