Record of Lodoss War Wallpaper: A moment of peace

Ryo Mizuno, Madhouse, Record of Lodoss War, Deedlit, Parn Wallpaper
Ryo Mizuno Mangaka Madhouse Studio Record of Lodoss War Series Deedlit Character Parn Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I 've always wanted to make something that would look like a real painting, but always I 've been failing. This time I feel it got out right. ^^;

This wallpaper 's been finished in steps. It took almost a month of partial work.

Creating it...
First step: The scan, derived by the "GEN artbook" of Jun Suemi (found in digik.net), needed a thorough cleaning and some parts had to be modified as to fit the proportions of a wallpaper.
Second step: The photo, which I found in deviantART by MORFEAS (when I saw this photo I fell in love with it and so I contacted the photographer asking for his permission to use it on a wallpaper as the basis of a bg, hopefully he gladly accepted), had to go through several edits to look like a painted landscape.
Third step: Here comes the landscape creating... Although the main background is based upon MORFEAS' photo there are lots of differences as well. First of all the temple (?) appearing at the back of the original photo was pretty incovenient and unfitted with what I had in mind, so I 've changed it with the "temple of Olympian Zeus" (stock photo of the temple found in DPGR). Afterwards I had to change the origin of light cause in the original was opposing the shadings of the scan, so I painted a little setting sun using the basic brush. And eventually the trees... This was a tough one. To be honest the idea came to me while creating the wallpaper. Before I added them there were a big gap needing to be filled. The general idea was of an autumn landscape so it felt right to have some "dead" or "almost dead" nature elements. The branches of the trees were made with brushes and the usage of the dodge, burn and smudge tools. The roots of the right tree, on the other hand, derive from a stock photo (found in sxc.hu).
Last step: Some textures added and two or three layers of color as well, to create the warmness of a sunset.

Looking through the picture:
The view of peaceful waters in the sunset always create to me a calming feeling and a sensation of refreshment. Also I admire the way the earthy colors warm and soothe the soul. Finally this is what it was named by, "a moment of peace". Cause in the tense lives we are all have nowadays "a moment of peace" is really appreciated and welcome from the depths of our hearts.

PS: Please full view...
PPS: Please comment on it and if you like it do favour it...

Thank you in advance :)

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Browse Record of Lodoss War Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. annakee Jun 08, 2007

    i like the whole thing. only two observations. the pillars would be in a gray tone or with a blurry fx... for the distance.
    mmm the left side of those bones are in the air.. seems very strange in that way
    the rest is awesome. even with those little details deserve be faved.

  2. lthnadml Jun 08, 2007

    I like you new work! Very nice idea! I like the colors and the scenary, looks very nice ... annakee has a point, that bones looks like they are in the air! ^_^'
    Keep up the good work LyraScience! ;)

  3. TheTaliban007 Jul 05, 2007

    the second mona lisa

  4. PrairieDogGuy2006 Jul 05, 2007

    Jeez ! Just to go thru all that work including getting permission from the photographer. Mind you I never seen the original photo. This is very beautiful, so I hope the photographer appreciates what you have done to compliment his or her photograph.
    This to me could honestly pass for a photograph. The folks on the left remind me of soldiers who have spent their energy, their hate, their fury. For what, perhaps they are comtemplating their actions or inactions on what they done.
    Seeing the structure in the distance, a relic of another time. The clouds have a feeling of ominious things to come. The sun, hiding behind the clouds makes me think of things yet to come. The colours, red, brown (autumn colours) excellent choice of colour.
    What I like best is the feel of depth. Some photographs I have seen (including mine !) look flat or boring. When I see this, this pix has depth and gives me a feeling that I am actually at the site as well.
    I salute you in your effort when you submitted this pix. Unfortuantely about 90 % of the people would look at this pix and probably say "eehhh, nice pix and move on w/o really taking the time to think about and perhaps appreciate the hard work.
    Thanxs for the share my friend, U deserve an "11" out of an "10" ;-) !

  5. darkangelcrisis Jul 24, 2007

    =) a stunning piece of work utilizing soft colors and continuing the beauty of the scan. wish i could do more than just fav.

  6. espec22 Jan 23, 2009

    ke gran trabajo

  7. holykin Mute Member Apr 12, 2009

    ThAnK so Nice !

  8. kmpm Dec 23, 2010

    i like the whole thing.Thanxs for the share

  9. DragonBlood Sep 09, 2011

    Beautiful work! You did an excelent job...I would love to have this on my wall...it's that good! Thank you for sharing!

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