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Hello Minitokyo, it's been a while.

Started this right after "To find your flower", so it's actually the only thing I drew in almost 3 years (drawing a little every now and then, and starting from scratch countless times).

Original with 0.5 mechanical pencil on a 65x50cm grainy paper so I had to scan it in 6 times and have fun in PS. Quality is crap but I may post a closeup later.

A lot of inspiration over the years, but no ref used. I could write a book about this but I would rather hear what you feel about the pic on its own, feel free to ask/critic/etc...

Dedicated to all those who said I would never finish it, and to those around here who still remember me :) .

PS: feel free to use as wallpaper, but do not post anywhere else. Thank you!

EDIT: Thanks a lot for the highlight, it seems original art gets a lot more attention here than it used to :) .
I posted some details shots and personal thoughts on the picture on my userpage for those interested.


Chosen by Chloe and fireflywishes

GaiJiN makes a powerful comeback with this stunning piece of art. The shading and attention to detail is of a very high caliber, which sets it apart from the rest of the gallery. One of the few pieces in the doujinshi gallery that can be labelled as "flawless". Keep up the outstanding work!

Proposed by Chloe and highlighted by fireflywishes.

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  1. gaara-no-shukaku Jun 06, 2007

    Wow. Am speechless.

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 06, 2007

    *_* Are you a robot?
    Just wow. Beautiful detail and the shading/lighting is just... wow.

  3. animanga Jun 06, 2007

    Wowzers! Utterly perfect, you ought to draw more often. ;) I swear I cannot find a single thing wrog with it, just too many good things! WELL DONE!

  4. midsummer Jun 06, 2007

    omg... the details O__O

  5. acid-awakening Jun 06, 2007

    3 years... sweet as, the background along with the character, Superb
    Wish I could do something like this (gasps)
    Nowadays, it's hard for me to settle down and draw... Never get enough comfort.
    Okay, so about how long did you spend on this each day, approximately?

  6. yoshimitsu Jun 06, 2007

    if this thing doesnt get highlighted, then im definitely sure the gallery directors are biased...

    it deserves nothing less than the highest form of recognition
    well done!

  7. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jun 06, 2007

    What can I say? Perfection.

    Your lines are nice and clean and your detail work (especially the tree on the right) is amazing. Definitely worthy of a fav from me! :D

  8. rika23 Jun 06, 2007

    omg! O_O You realy good in drawing O_O evrything is well-drawn
    Boku wa suki your doujin very muchie!
    Ow.. i wished that i could draw like this lol!
    Keep that up and wish to see your next artwork desu~! XD

  9. Blueheart Jun 06, 2007

    It's so wonderful!
    I'm open-mouthed right now.

  10. MuZ0NaZ Jun 06, 2007

    About time you finished it darnit, what's it been? 1.5 years? Oh wait..whole three...

  11. xiaodick Jun 06, 2007

    oh my god.. what great details.. awesome...

  12. skye Jun 06, 2007

    O_O oh wow! its really beautiful! every single little detail and shading. How everything just stands out! ^_^ - love it!

  13. Saa-chan Jun 06, 2007

    omg, this is fabulous~! the amount of detail is stunning <3
    i must say you have lots of talent and endless patience ^^
    fav fav~

  14. Captain-Harlock Jun 06, 2007

    I don't usually fav art but this surely deserves much more...

  15. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jun 06, 2007

    holy crap O.O this is so flawless! I love the shading, it's so professional (did you use a stomp or tissues to smudge)? and the details.... how long did this take you?

    you should draw more often ^___^

  16. kitamurazv Jun 06, 2007


    Really something outstanding here in MT, I guess. Fine artlines, great lighting and shading, and tremendous details. Yay! Perfection! :D


    (I wonder if this actually worth two highlights rather than one ;) . Great work!)

  17. superdesdemona Jun 06, 2007


  18. jlagnayo Jun 06, 2007

    Breath-taking! I could even find a word to describe it! Just, Wow! Keep it up dude!

  19. tAtEkAnE Jun 06, 2007

    that's just freaking fantastic gaijin! tis always good to see stuff from you!

  20. WWLAOS Jun 06, 2007

    Holy...wow! That is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. The detail is incredible, the lines are clean and natural, the lighting is beautiful...I....wow. The building to the right has the perfect "ruins" look and the tree is darn spiffy. The outfit looks fantastic, the stairway is realistic, the stone paving on the ground and the weeds shooting through are really impressive, and the hair, along with the sword-hair, is absolutely gorgeous. Simply stunning.

    Thank you so very much for putting all that work into this and then uploading it for us to enjoy. I am truly glad I was able to see this.

  21. yothsothgoth Jun 06, 2007

    Inhuman perfection. O_O Wow!
    OMG! Beautifully realistic and with all the details, its wonderful!
    Outstanding job, really. I can't even fathom how those 3 years were trying to finish it, but it was worth all the while. Thank you for sharing this! You are amazing!

  22. Kiako Jun 06, 2007

    wow it looks great, all the details and the shades, you're very talented^^
    keep up the good work.

  23. unicorn2006 Retired Moderator Jun 06, 2007

    This is simply amazing. I'm speechless- I think it's safe to say that you've redefined the meaning of excellence in our MT doujinshi gallery.

    Quote: EDIT: Thanks a lot for the highlight, it seems original art gets a lot more attention here than it used to :) .

    I agree :)

  24. Revan Retired Moderator Jun 06, 2007

    Doujin had never impressed me the way your piece has. I mean it even looks better than professional works you see around.

    It's a hell of a pleassure when you see someone putting in so much effort into something that it translates into a piece of admirable work.

    You sir have raised the bar far too high.

    A fav? you bet ya!

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