NANA Wallpaper: *Sing*

Ai Yazawa, NANA, Nana Osaki Wallpaper
Ai Yazawa Mangaka NANA Series Nana Osaki Character

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feature at:celestial-luminesse sakura--cb

I have three thing to say :
1.Baby, you've been going so crazy
Lately, nothing seems to be going right
Solo, why do you have to get so low
You're so...
You've been waiting in the sun too long

But if you sing, sing, sing, sing, sing, sing
For the love you bring won't mean a thing
Unless you sing, sing, sing, sing
"sing" by Travis

well this is my entry for the vectory contest -BATTLE OF THE BANDS- :)
I hope it follows the theme & its not meaningless (Carboon & Kashi please let me know that) ^_^'

2.Chloe-chan please give me your opinion on it so I can write it down on my group "Vector-Wallers" :)

3. I saw this scan & I said to myself that " this is mine.....I will vector it" I decided to set a record for myself XD & guess what ...........I have vectored it in 2 DAYS XD.....I usually take 2 to 3 weeka to finish a vector wall ( man I cant believe this )
about the wall I used 53 layers & I did few changes as usual ^_^' I put a red lipstick on her mouth to make her look more gorgeous :) as for the BG I delibratly made the bg simple to let the vector shine :)
hope you love it mina ;)

Edit: I blurred the mouth....hope its looking better :)

celestial-luminesse vector-wallers feathers-of-eternity
kyandee-anime-no-jutsu sakura--cb free--wallers
vectory dgrayman-black-fighters gensoho-gosha-fd*Dark*

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  1. Tsunoh Jun 04, 2007

    ahaaa, I think this is the first entry to be finished, Sinever-san. You're fast 0_0
    As for the wall itself, the mouth seems a little off. (I expected it maybe a little more pinkish for the tongue and all) but in total it's very well done.

    Love the hair XD

  2. annakee Jun 04, 2007

    ...oh, and better and better ^_^

  3. sailorchiron Jun 04, 2007

    How do you just keep cranking out these amazing vectors?! Vectoring takes me forever!

  4. Silvana11 Jun 04, 2007

    simply beautiful. I love you added red lipstick :)
    It just looks very nice ^^

  5. CarbonR Jun 04, 2007

    wow, the contest has only been open a day, the timing must have been perfect for you lol and yes it does fit the theme. gj sin +fav

  6. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jun 04, 2007

    Lovely soft and radiant golden colours. The scarlet red lips sing out of the monitor, but need to be sofened around the edges. They're still a little too sharp, and don't look like they belong in the image. So keep the bright scarlet colour, but just smooh off the edges so they look real :)

  7. Chloe Retired Moderator Jun 04, 2007

    Yeah, the lips stand out a bit, but other than that, the hair, softness and colors are really beautiful.
    Cool choice for the contest, I still have to find my scan to vector, lol!

  8. inREVERIEforever Jun 04, 2007

    Very nice, the vector is beautiful. Yes, I agree that the lips stand out.
    But it's really great work! :)

  9. Arya3087 Jun 04, 2007

    wow! u really made a wonderful vector! (u really have to teach me how to do that nice and smooth shading XD )
    the only thing that stands put a bit are the lips...the look as they don't fit in the image because the edges are a little too sharp compared to the rest of the wallie. u need to soften them a bit. :)
    but nonetheless u did a wonderful job! (not to mention u did it in only 2 days which is fast for such a good vector.)
    keep it up! :)

  10. yui20 Jun 04, 2007

    Omg ~ Sinever =D ~
    Another awesome job made by you ^^
    Your vectoring style are changing since the wallie, Fly High ^^
    Most of your latest work has no outline =D ~
    But wht I feel this is look really fresh and new style from you =D ~
    I have nthing to say with the wallie, coz it's really gorgeous O.o
    And it just look ... really nice XD

  11. Angi Retired Moderator Jun 04, 2007

    love the softness
    the colors are awesome!
    you have done a nice work
    I can feel the music!
    nicely done S-chan!

  12. pamkips Jun 04, 2007

    wow, wow, wow, I LOVE this,
    seriously Sinever, your a-ma-azing <3

  13. rubenz Jun 05, 2007

    Sinevar san its wonderfull and suit the theme IMO :d xD I sill need to find the scan for the contest he hd :D

  14. moonescape Jun 05, 2007

    Wow! I see why you just had to vector it. :D I mean the smoothness was really nice. To think you didn't use outlines too which makes it more easier. >:D really loved the depth and it looks better than the scan. I can tell the difference. :)

    I'm surprised it only took you 2 or 3 days. That's a record! XD

    Pretty simple background, but I can image having fun singing and bathing in the sunlight. :)

  15. Azumi11 Jun 05, 2007

    Sinever...you're so good..Well done..
    there's nothing to much to say...heehehehe

  16. jaderabbit Jun 05, 2007

    So sexy!, i think the lipstick she is wearing really sets the mood :)

  17. Sabbathiel Jun 05, 2007

    as I am big fan of NANA THIS wallaper totaly roxxx!
    She is so beautiful! You did great job, it's pity that it is so bright wallie, but I love it anyway!

  18. eternallegend Jun 05, 2007

    wow the vector is done really well and the colours look lovely :) the background looks nice and i like how the focus is on the vector :D the way your wall is portrayed is interesting and i like the concept of your wall :) lovely wall ^^

  19. hanifkun45 Jun 05, 2007

    Awesome Vector! Keep it up!

  20. rika23 Jun 05, 2007

    Wow desu~! O_O
    OMG! You are gettin better on vectoring desu~!
    wah~! Sugoi! XD <3 the softness there :D
    Whee~ i better find something for the contest.. i guess.. lol
    Anyway, FAvie from me :D

  21. x-lawss Jun 05, 2007

    Beautiful, this is beautiful!
    Keep this up XD
    Take care then :)

  22. Monica-chan Jun 06, 2007

    PERFECT! That's what describe your wallpapers!
    One again, you bring us a wonderful wallpaper! AI Yazawa's work is spectacular! And with your skills, there was no way the result couldn't be great!
    Congratulations! I was missing your wallpapers!
    I'm always anxious to see your next piece of art!
    +++ fav! Of course! :D
    Kisses... :)

  23. Rella Jun 07, 2007

    Oh, wow, this is done very nicely! The scan really is good but your vectoring is even better! Great job!

  24. anoli Jun 08, 2007


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