Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Lovely in Gorgeous

CLAMP, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Sakura Kinomoto, Vector Art
CLAMP Mangaka Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Sakura Kinomoto Character Vector Art Source


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Deicated to my loving father who passed away in June 2005

Well this was something.I just finished and im damn proud of it><i almost quit on this cause of the stupid birds wing and i was haveing so much touble on the edges i jus stopped but i had already done her chest and left arm and cause of that i didn't quit and thankfully i didn't delete the file^^*phew*well the scan can be found here sinc apperantly the peoplez deleted the scan i found here on MT and i dont want to use the other scan cause i didn't use that one so i had to upload on imaeshack.


Sry not the full size cause i had to resize*stupid imageshack*

if anyone knows who submitted this plz tell me so i can credit

Well this took around three weeks and two weeks to do the outline
Fun: No hardly any fun it was jus time consuming
Layers: to much for me
Duratation: 3 weeks
Title:got it from Paradise Kiss OP.(cause i love it so much)

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Thanks for reading^^

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  1. moonescape Jun 02, 2007

    Very nice, but I think the outliens look quite odd. Some of the outlines don't touch each other and I see some white spots.

    Awww... I feel bad about your father and Fater's Day is coming too. :/ I hope you're alright.

  2. soujiokita Jun 02, 2007

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about your father. I hope your father would enjoy this vector you made.
    The vector looks pretty nice, there are some holes in a few places. Great work anyway! :)

  3. Ebelin Jun 02, 2007

    oh! Fantastic vector. You have done a great job with this image. Congratulations.
    To my favorites :)

  4. shiwei Jun 03, 2007

    nice vector of sakura, the hair is nicely done, like it. ^^
    the line is good. keep it up, +fav

  5. rika23 Jun 03, 2007

    Wah~! finally.
    I tried to visit your vector but it won't let me in >_<
    but now yeah~! got it >D
    oww.. i felt so sorry about your father.
    i hope you can get through this .
    anyway, i have t agree with moon-chan.
    There some jaged line too, and some leakage color.
    But still, it is a nice vector ^^

  6. yui20 Jun 03, 2007

    It's really sad that you father has passed away :(
    May god bless you. Your father will always stay with you ...
    So dun be too sad ^^
    I simply just love the color on this vector =D ~
    I finally can see you vector .. I just dunno why I cant access last time =| weird ..
    The vector is nicely done, totally love it, but the lines are lil bit thick ^^"
    I know that CLAMP's work is really hard to vector, but most of their art you cant just simply follow their lines to vector. Perhaps you have to make it neater by yourself, since they are drawing it by hands =D

  7. auel1124 Jun 03, 2007

    sorry about your father... but think about this... souls tend to stay with their beloved ones after they passed away, so he is with you now... (that`s what I think)
    nice vector! but I can see some jagged points and it looks a bit pixelated... but anyway is a great job! keep it up!

  8. Arya3087 Jun 03, 2007

    I'm really sorry about your father! :(

    the vector is nice! but it looks kinda...empty...I don't know why...
    anyway vectoring CLAMP is kinda hard so u did a really good job here! ;)
    though I think u should have made the outlines of the hair black too. it looks odd when all the other outlines are black ;)

    anyway, keep it up!

    btw, here's the scan feathers by Saa-chan (it may not be exactly the one u used, but it's the same image :) )

  9. rubenz Jun 03, 2007

    Im so sorry for ur father, im sure he will proud of you ^^ and its a nice vector and yeah a little bit empty but really nice ^^ "D

  10. akari-chan Jun 09, 2007

    it's very nice, moonlight! i like how you did the wings and all the coloring! and lastly, i feel very sorry for you about your dad. i hope if he sees this, he will be very proud to have a very talented daughter like you.

  11. drastikhate Jun 09, 2007

    I see you got the title from Lonely in Gorgeous and yes, this was worth your time making. Its so perfect. I really like the brush and gradients used. Your dad must be so proud to have a great artist. Ganbattene!
    Wish I knew what to get for my dad=p

  12. ngeeva Aug 07, 2008


  13. Shimazaki Jan 14, 2009

    great ector its really amazing, im sure it was a lot of work in getting it like that in vector art

  14. MariPudim May 29, 2010

    It looks amazing. Your dad would be proud of it, I'm sure.

    Thank you for sharing it!~ :3

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