Miggy Wallpaper: Daydreaming - waiting for you to return...

Miggy, Vector Art Wallpaper
Miggy Mangaka Vector Art Source

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Maybe some of you remember that once I threatened to do more Miggy wallpapers. Well I keep my promise.

Actually this wall had been finished a really long time ago, too bad I had to make two versions and in the end couldn't decide which one to submit. I also felt uneasy with both versions (like I could do better) so I decided not to submit them...
Well now I've been looking at them again, did all I could to improve, and decided to put them up. I still can't decide which version I like better so I'll add the other one via Imageshack. I hope you enjoy the wallies because Miggy is just magic.

Scan taken from Minitokyo patterns are from Hybrid Genesis.

Second version:

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  1. hanifkun45 May 30, 2007

    wo..nice.. she look more sleeping than day dreaming =.=" the cloud looks god +FV

  2. DREAM May 30, 2007

    if only you worked on a 1600x1200 canvas.
    it's beautiful Lady Erdbeermilch.

  3. Sinever May 30, 2007

    this is a beautifull work XD
    I like its simplicity XD

  4. MapleRose Retired Moderator May 30, 2007

    ooh pretty! I love the subtle shadings and textures, and the colours are eye-friendly ^^

    I like both versions, esp the window frames and the designs on the other version ^^

  5. Angi Retired Moderator May 30, 2007

    Nice colors! very soft and clean
    lovely wall

  6. Fran Retired Moderator May 30, 2007

    It's lovely <3
    The colors, textures...everything...it's so calm and beautiful ^^
    Keep it up the great job!

  7. Maji May 30, 2007

    I agree with Hanfikun, she looks more like sleeping than daydreaming.. ^^;
    Loving the simplicity of this.. nice detalis, too. Great! (although I like the second version better! xD)

  8. gaara-no-shukaku May 31, 2007

    Quote by youbecause Miggy is just magic.

    and I want to wall her works one day. >_<

    This IS beautiful. The simple choice of colours and composition. Subtle textures, and the clouds are very... cool.

  9. Regenbogen May 31, 2007

    Beautiful... I'm also enjoying the view out of the window... *lol* I love the clouds and the idea of a landscape that you have added. It turned out really well. I think to use soft colors in this wallpaper was a good choice, the original was a little too dark.

  10. simmi2410 May 31, 2007

    Nice wall!

  11. MissyG Jun 01, 2007

    It's so beautiful... I love the colours. Nothing in this wallpaper hurts the eyes also. xD

  12. lunagata Jun 01, 2007

    Very nice, I love the birds and
    the little mountains ^_^
    very nicely done :P
    ++adds to favs++

  13. ReBeKiCHii Jun 02, 2007

    lovely style~
    the birds and background is simple which fits in well

  14. skyxxx Jun 04, 2007

    a very nice wall >.<

    love it! the text really goes with the wall... I saw this scan before>< the wall doesn't spoil it^.^

    like the birds

    + fav

  15. enchantment Jun 04, 2007

    wow, the vectoring is really nicely done and it looks really neat and clean :D the soft colours are really nice and the overall composition of the wall looks lovely :D lovely wall~^^

  16. eternallegend Jun 04, 2007

    i like the cute birds and the soft look of your wall :D the colours are nicely chosen and the curtains look nice :) the background looks nice and the vector is done really well :D great wall ^^

  17. fawna-chan Jun 05, 2007

    Whoa, this is definitly nice. :)
    I love the soft colors that used and the image you used is really beautiful...
    *sigh* *begins to daydream*

  18. yui20 Jun 05, 2007

    Really nice and clean wallie =D ~
    It gives me a feeling of nature and pure XD

  19. ventures Jun 06, 2007

    Dear erdbeermilch , your wallpaper is a work of art and I envy you~ ur vector of the original scan is fantastic . I have no critique whatsoever :P. the end. favs

  20. melymay Jun 06, 2007

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Great job :) Keep it up! +fave

  21. WWLAOS Jun 06, 2007

    There's only one word for this: classy. This wallpaper simply oozes class. I absolutely adore it. The simple, classy colors give a very laid-back, and yet lady-like feel to the wallpaper. The inside of the room is simple and comforting, the woman looks elegant, and the stylized view of the outside is simply stunning. Those clouds are indescribably cool. I like the birds, too, they enhance the already pervading feel of the wallpaper. If I didn't know better, I'd say this was painted by some famous artist back in the late 19th or early 20th century. It is simply superb. I can not praise this enough. Elegant, classy...gorgeous.

  22. rika23 Jun 06, 2007

    wai~! kirei desu~!
    nice scenery, peaceful~ =3
    most of all, i love the scan that you vector! makes me to sleep XD oh.
    better day-dreaming XD

  23. mentis Jun 09, 2007

    A very beautiful wall ^_^. I do believe that this version is better than the linked one. I like the additional details here and the shadows that you added. Overall very nice textures and the softness of the whole piece is very appealing.

    I think that if there is anything I would suggest to change about it, then it would be the text. I think that you do not need the text in this piece, as it takes away from the composition. If you leave the text out, I believe it would be a cleaner and stronger work.

  24. smallworld Sep 03, 2007

    Love the light colours there!
    The background is beautiful
    Liked the designs!
    Great job! :]

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