Future Studio Wallpaper: "Awakening"

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featured at:vectorygensoho-gosha-fd
Please full view....its much better
Finally Im back....WOW its been a while since I submited something :)
this vectord wallpaper is dedicated to my friend Saikusa-san XD(hope you love it)
I found this scan & I fell in love with it :) & its submited by saikusa-san :D
the vectoring was........................................(...) no words can describe it )
it took my days & I wanted it to look good T_T... -_-... :D anyway I extended her hair for both sides to fit with the wallpapres size.....it was really a trouble.I used 100+ layers.
as for the bg well I tried different kinds of bgs & all of them was terrible T_T until I found another scan which is also submited by Saikusa-san XD so I decided to make a bg similar to it :)
so here it is & I really hope you enjoy it mina XD
Oh & I would like to invite vector wallers to my groupvector-wallers


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  1. Arya3087 May 26, 2007

    wow! wonderful!
    I don't even want to imagine what vectoring the hair was like... XD
    though I don't really like the bg ^_^' it's like those trees don't really fit....
    it's an amazing vector anyway!
    it's a fav! :)

  2. rika23 May 26, 2007

    WOW! O_O
    I <3 The vector o_O
    It's must be hard ne? *cough*
    but somehow, i don't really like the bg..
    but the glowing flower is impressing me Fav desu~!

  3. Saikusa Retired Moderator May 26, 2007

    Wow...! :o


    That vector is AMAZING! And you've extended the borders from the original scan seemlessly. I'm just blown away by the smooth andbright nature of it... on top of that I can't help but love those electric blues in the background. It's like your created your own Aurora Borealis!

  4. Akarix May 26, 2007

    Waaa neato o_______o
    I thought it was 3d when i 1st full view it.. xD aahaahaaz.. until i read the description..
    really.. it ishhh sooo amazing! just looking at this.. made me feel refreshed somehow.. xD like there is a light feeling coming out from the wallie xD maybe it ish due to the glowy flowers~~
    the trees in the background dun match much.. but still it doesn't bother since the vector ish shoo super nice ><~ to the favs!

  5. gaara-no-shukaku May 26, 2007

    You vectored the scan perfectly. The soft shading is just worked nicely with the scan. I like how the flowers glow independently.
    But I think the background's colours are kinda contrast with the scan, which make it stands out awkwardly. And that's just my opinion... :D

  6. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator May 26, 2007

    Simply stunning! It leaves me breathless! Well, almost, since I have to say that time you spent on it was fully worth it! :) Amazing!
    Not only the vector, but the background is beautiful too! The whole wallpaper has such an ethereal feeling to it that I can almost think I'm living in a fairy tale ^_^"
    You have a favorite from me, you deserve it for this amazing work of art! :)

  7. MissyG May 26, 2007

    Oh gawd >.< I love it, AWESOME work! The vectoring looks great and I love the colours~ and her eyes, they're so gorgeous. Good choice/work with the background!

  8. Angi Retired Moderator May 26, 2007

    Quote by gaara-no-shukaku
    But I think the background's colours are kinda contrast with the scan

    same as Gaara-no-shukaku
    but your wall is aweosme!
    nice vectoring as always

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator May 26, 2007

    The vector itself is insane. The colors look fab and it's just really neatly done!
    The background is weird compared to the vector though. I would suggest using softer colors, to match the vector. Other than that, nicely done!

  10. chikage-kekinha May 26, 2007

    really great!
    your wallie is really beautiful!
    nice vector, really well done :D

  11. moonescape May 26, 2007

    Whoa! :o The expression on her face plus the bright colours are just intense. :x

    I see why you chosed to vector this. Chole-chan took the words right out of my mouth. XD The vector is detailed especailly with the hair. :D

    The background might've been a strange combo with the vector. :x Maybe some soft colours will do the trick. ;)

  12. yui20 May 27, 2007

    nice vector ~~ O.o now I know why u said it's very difficult to vector haha ^^
    I guess it was her hair made u dizzy ~~ ^^ And u did it very well XD !
    Good job =D

  13. inREVERIEforever May 27, 2007

    It's amaziinggg. But I don't really like the background... BUT who CARES. The vector just makes up for everything. Beautiful work. <3

  14. Rhonda21 May 27, 2007

    Wow. I LOVE the vector SO MUCH! It is really beautiful! Love the hair and the eyes and all. And I like the blue tones in the back. Very lovely! Awesome Work!

  15. annakee May 27, 2007

    koala imouto, i say the same that chloe-chan... the background is the only thing that dont let be to this work highlighted...

  16. CarbonR May 27, 2007

    Man i gotta hand it to you, taking anime and making it look real like that blows my mind really +fav

  17. Melisandre May 27, 2007

    Oh my God! Amazing sweet heart, you're doing very well, congratulations!

  18. alterlier May 27, 2007

    the vector looks so 3D kind of way, that's pretty unique.

  19. rubenz May 28, 2007

    OMG its fantastic sinevar san xD xD The vector, the bg, everything is great :D

  20. eternallegend May 28, 2007

    the extension is done wonerfully :D everything is vectored amazingly :) the colours look lovely and the hair is really well done especially with all that detail :D the background does seem a bit striking compared to her [hope i didnt offend you ^_^'] lovely wall ^^

  21. royaldarkness May 28, 2007

    Awesome vector! Very unusual looking wallie :D

  22. enchantment May 28, 2007

    wow, the vector looks great :D i love how you extended her hair and its really nicely done :) the background seems a bit too bold [hope i havent offended you ^_^' ] however the vector makes up for it :) nice wall~^^

  23. Hanazaki May 28, 2007

    You're really are 'vector-holic' Sinever-chan. Can I call her 'Iris'? She reminds me of the song with the same titled sing by a Malaysian singer. She's so mesmerize.

  24. Azumi11 May 28, 2007

    This vector is really-really good Sinever...I envy you..hehehe
    I salute you...Ganbatte!

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