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Phew, finally finished.

Three reasons I did this:
1. I got a duel-screen setup at work, and wanted a duel-screen wallpaper (those are so rare...)
2. Paint-o-rama's Urban Paradise Contest
3. I wanted to play around with Open Canvas :D

Anyway, in case you don't know, this is the skyline of Toronto Canada ^__^ . I vectored the basic outline of the city from a photo found via Google, extended the city 'cause the photo wasn't wide enough, then exported into Open Canvas 4.06 and painted the whole thing from scratch with the watercolour tool (<3), using a couple of reference pictures.

Doing the buildings one by one was tedious x_x ... so was doing the lights, but that was kinda fun at the same time... now my arm hurts... you can see at the edges is where I kinda gave up on perspective ^_^' ... and I don't like the reflections either DX

Yes I know that not everyone has a duel-display, so I made some normal-sized ones.
More resolutions here

Tutorial: How to paint city lights

PSP8, Open Canvas 4.06, mouse (I want tablet!), lots of hours, sore wrist/arm.

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator May 26, 2007

    Love the colors and the painting is well done! I love the reflection on the water!

  2. annakee May 26, 2007

    *for the sore neko gives you a massage with his cat pads*

    the buldings, the reflection and the sky are great. the only, only detail that i found disturbing (not too much really) was the red lights.
    that is only a small detail, your wallie is awesome. the hard work is notorious!

  3. Sinever May 26, 2007

    thats a wonderful work
    the view is gorgeous
    well done

  4. gaara-no-shukaku May 26, 2007

    You worked with such a huge canvas.. (refers to the biggest version on your webs) I'm still in procrastination btw. >_<
    Anyway, this IS good.

  5. vatican92 May 26, 2007

    Interesting artwork
    Looks like it was painted...... looks very good

  6. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator May 26, 2007

    This looks really great!

  7. alterlier May 26, 2007

    wonderful colors for a night sky and great way to work with water reflections, even if you dont like them, I also have a problem with one of the red lights it seems to be out of contrast, love however everything else, the other lights and how this makes me want to have a night view like that.

  8. DarthTofu May 26, 2007

    haha, open canvas is so fun...
    Awesome blending of colors. ^_^ The reflections are great.

    my favorite skyline is still the nyc one, but I"m biased. lol.
    The painting itself is great, although the building's look static and boring. (they're better than my buildings though, since I didn't have patience for it, so I can't talk)

  9. Piccolobear May 27, 2007

    Oh wow. How long did this take you?
    I really like this - esp. the way you did the building's lights with the squiggly lines - I'm not sure what it is but something about that is just so...cute. It somehow makes a simple night-time cityscape into something fun and almost warm. To me, anyway. ^_^
    Now I'm just sad that I don't have dual-screen so that I can use this version in all it's glory T_T
    Great work!

  10. inREVERIEforever May 27, 2007

    Awesome painting style you have! It's very beautiful.
    As what alterlier had said, there are parts where the red is a bit too bright.
    But overall, it's gorgeous. The sky is my favorite part. <33

  11. Odeena May 28, 2007


    ...Wow. Seriously, WOW.



  12. moonescape May 30, 2007

    Well done! The simple colors and painting went well. I mean doing a perfect circle is super hard even for me when it comes to painting. Once again the reflection of the city was pretty. The city color dark was a great idea. Painting urban houses in the day would be a pain.

    I think a very little white area all the way at the top right of the corner. You'll notice it. :)

    I kind of regret that I didn't submit for the contest. :( I'll try to next time!

  13. yui20 Jun 03, 2007

    It's a very nice view =D ~
    I totally love it +fav

  14. Anjhurin Jun 07, 2007

    Really nice painting, and congrats for the sky and water (though apparently they weren't the hardest part for you, i think they show a real display of coloring skills !). Ahah, i express my condolences for your lost arm, it must have been a hell of a job to do those lights (what a waste of energy though).

    Thumbs up :D

    merged: 06-07-2007 ~ 08:06pm
    PS when i wrote 'what a waste of energy'... it's not supposed to be you wasting your energy painting, but the lights being on all the time... sorry if i created any misunderstanding ^_^'

  15. KawaiiCardcaptorSakura Aug 30, 2007

    Amazing! I love wallies like this! :D
    Night sky in the city looks so beautiful!

    Fav from me! ;)

  16. UchihaTaijiya Dec 10, 2007

    *_* So pretty
    thanks for sharing

  17. xAnime4Lifex Mar 02, 2008

    Oh wow, this is amazing! Such pretty colors of a beautiful nightscape. I'm glad I stumbled upon this great painting. :)

  18. aghost Mar 08, 2008


  19. shalmalitrc Dec 10, 2009

    this is sooooooooooo lovely!just love it!

  20. Faelnirv Feb 19, 2011

    wow. i really like this. what skyline is this?

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