Crossovers: Relax ~ The Freedom of Summer

xxxHOLiC, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Yuuko Ichihara, Himawari Kunogi, Sakura Kinomoto
xxxHOLiC Series,OVA Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Yuuko Ichihara Character Himawari Kunogi Character Sakura Kinomoto Character


Artist Comment

"Relax ~ The Freedom of Summer": Entry for sakura--cb's "Freedom" walling contest.

Yay, my first ever CLAMP vector, and a hard one at that. Everyone makes so many awesome vectors with CLAMP scans, I decided I had to try it too! And when I saw this scan and saw it hadn't been vectored yet, I knew this was the one!

This vector was actually a lot of firsts for me.
-My first time using a CLAMP scan: CLAMP are such awesome artists and their scans are so interesting and fun to vector!
-My first time using the stroke-path method: Yes, I used stroke path. When I was deciding how to vector the scan I figured that it would be much easier and turn out a lot better if I used stroke path. Plus vectoring all those little flowers with shape layers would have driven me crazy and taken a lot more time. So if my outlines aren't as good as usual, forgive me, this was new to me. However it was a learning experience too. But don't worry, shape layer fans such as myself will be happy to know that I still plan on using shape layers for my vectors. (And for you stroke path fans, I'm sure I'll do another vector like this some day!)
-My first time using blurs and such: I found the best way to make my vector match the scan was to blur some parts of it to give it that softly-shaded look. I don't usually do this.

As you can see I added some patterns and textures to it, because I am completely obsessed with such things. I tried to not add too many though for those who don't like it. The clouds in the background I made myself with some self-made brushes. I thought it would look better than if I attempted to vector the clouds in the scan.

Anyways I chose to enter this in the Freedom contest, because summer is upon us, and that means freedom from certain things *cough-school-cough*, which means more time to relax and do fun things, as depicted in this vector ^_^.

Outline- 16 hrs
Colouring-11 hrs
Total- 27 hrs

(I told myself not to write a long description, too late for that :P) I plan on submitting a slightly different version of this at AP as a wallpaper. It will be wallpaper size (both normal and widescreen) and have a little more texture.

Anyways I hope you like this vector! Unlike my other vectors this one is for viewing purposes only! Comments and faves are greatly appreciated! *Hugs*

P.S. Is the girl with the red and white dress Tomoyo? Because it looks like Tomoyo, but I think there's another girl in Tsubasa that looks like that...(I'm not that far in the Tsubasa storyline yet).


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  1. entity1660 May 19, 2007

    OMG, the Stroke Path! XD Just kidding, Ashy-chan. =3 For Stroke, it looks very good. Although it would've a lot better if you had tried to use fill path. Shape layers is hard...Try using the pen tool without the shape layers and it'll be easier for next time. =3

  2. Saikusa Retired Moderator May 19, 2007

    Wow! Ultra detailed CLAMP vectoring! Nice & bright and so spot-on that I thought I was going to be deleting a minimal-effort wallpaper ;)

    The colours are nice and clear, but the shading is a bit shiney. The flowers look like they're made of plastic because they shine a little too much. Great work, and a perfect reproduction! Keep it up!

  3. yui20 May 20, 2007

    It's really nice and beautiful XD
    But Tomoyo's face shadow look abit weird for me ^_^'
    Overall, it is really nice and clean vector. I <3 it !

    And, thanks for the participation on our group's contest =D I am really appreciate tht.

  4. moonescape May 20, 2007

    Darn! i wonder why I still don't know Stroke Path. I have it on my photoshop, but I don't know how to use it. DX I don't even know Fill Path too and how to use it! **so inexperience**

    Well this is very nice! I can't believe you outlined all of that. So detailed i must agree with saikusa about that.

    The only problem is I think you should make the shadows more depth instead of smudging. See I mean like try to give it a CG shape like those anime series are instead of painting (because painting is more difficult). @_@

    There's one green outline on the palm trees where it overlaps with the others too much. Try erasing that a little. :D You'll noticed it at the top left of the corner.

    Hope this helps. :x

  5. Mya102 May 20, 2007

    no, she's not tomoyo, she's himawari kunogi :)
    Wow.. so much detail here ^_^ you vectored all of it :O kudos for you ^_^

  6. chrisguwapo2k May 20, 2007

    Wow XXX Holic vector! I like it.!

  7. norine07 May 20, 2007

    wow realy beautiful love the design and the colours, i never seen the pic before~ really well done~ detailed, neat and tidy~

  8. rubenz May 23, 2007

    o.O so detailed, its so beautifill, the feeling is so warm ^^

  9. hellbell Banned Member Jun 16, 2007

    I love it! It is amazing. I would become mad doing this vector. really great work!

  10. artw-asmaa Jul 20, 2007

    think you >>> its realy cute ^^

  11. SatsukiShikamaki Banned Member Aug 20, 2007

    kawai sakura XD she is soo cute XD

    thanks for sharing XD

  12. abul Oct 03, 2007

    omg! this is amazing! OX
    awesomeness! XD

  13. limaho Aug 20, 2008

    Great vector ... hmm it's just beautiful

  14. shurei-KO7890 Sep 27, 2008

    so cute!
    as expected from you!
    good job!
    i love it!

    merged: 09-28-2008 ~ 04:33am
    no--------------not tomoyo...probably from clamps:the legend of huang ...(something..)

  15. Hineru Jan 08, 2009

    sakurachan is still very cute

  16. megadoodle Jul 07, 2010

    lol! SOO CUTE! I love Both of the Animes in this Pic!

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