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Acrylic on canvas. 30 in. x 30 in. 2007.

This painting was created for a local group exhibition entitled "The Vice Squad." Each artist randomly drew a vice from a bowl and was to create a work based on that vice. My vice ended up being "infidelity," hence the title.

The inspiration came from Rurouni Kenshin, and the character of Tomoe in particular. For the uninitiated, she is the widow of a nobleman who was killed by Kenshin. She then searches for Kenshin with the intention of revenge. Yet after staying staying with him under false pretense, Tomoe begins to fall in love with Kenshin. She wrestles with these emotions, the guilt of betraying her dead husband's memory on one hand, and the love she has found in knowing the true heart of Kenshin on the other hand.

In the end I hope that I managed to create an image which can have many different meanings, and will allow for as much variety in its interpretation as the people who will view it.

Update: I am quite honored that this made it into the elite gallery. I actually don't remember if any other paintings of mine have made it, so this might be the first. Arigato gozaimasu ..m(_ _)m..

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  1. kuroimisa Retired Moderator May 18, 2007

    Very powerful focal point :D
    I somehow wish that this was more green and blue in tone overall, though- the colours seem a bit too red/ warm for the feeling of heartbreak... but then if it was more bluer it'd be seriously eerie and not look like vice >.<

  2. kaisui1tatsu May 18, 2007

    It is pretty good! I kinda wish that there was more skin tones, but that is how anime is! lol
    I really like how you did the hair, it does have a feathery look. I also really like the black lines that you added over softer lines, like the tear, and the hair. You can see how controlled the paint is.
    The only thing that I think could use a bit more work is the eye, but everything else is great!

  3. chubbykitty May 19, 2007

    Beautiful! Before I read your description, I thought "this looks like Tomoe!" (happens to be my fav movie) Like Kuroimisa said, the focal point is very powerful. The eye and hair are really nicely done. The tear is touching too; Reminds me of the whole movie again ToT Great work!

  4. dianas May 19, 2007

    woaa Tomoe chan..a powerfull feeling is writen all over her face..this sadness and that tear makes her so beautiful
    her elegant and kind profile makes me jealous >_<

  5. simo May 19, 2007

    don't know but just looking at it makes me cry, very beautiful, deserves it's place in the elite! the palette of emotions are very well "showed" in the picture. u captured the emotions very well. Great work!

  6. euna Retired Moderator May 20, 2007

    Ah that's cool. Very powerful focus and atmosphere set up =D It's great to see something different. You've done a good job with the painting. Perhaps some areas look a tad 'smudged out' but it's still very nice. Well done :D

  7. Regenbogen May 20, 2007

    Hello mentis,

    don't worry I still get notifications of your new submissions. I only got a bit slow in looking at new submissions since I am trying to focus on university now. But sooner or later I'll always take a look at the notifications!

    The composition of your artwork is really strong... and I also agree that it is something different from the usual MT gallery entries. I enjoy the focus on the eye and the tears streaming down of it.

    Looking forward to your future entries! XD

  8. FallenAngelZoicyte May 21, 2007

    beautifully done. the eye speaks volumes on pain and internal conflict. i love the colors chosen, the yellowish skin and the blue of the eye. the tears are a good representation of the dpicted's emotions. i think Infidelity was well illustrated in this piece.

    thanks for sharing it on MT.

  9. AkashaNosferatu May 22, 2007

    Hi mentis, I haven't visited MT in months, but I saw your message and thought I should comment :)....I think this is a great piece from you. Her overall expression really shows her sadness and the heaviness in her heart.

  10. kokuyu May 22, 2007

    as i have never watch this anime before, i mistaken this person's a guy! XD u_u

    like kuroimisa said, this is clearly direct to the point. :) there's no mixed up stuffs that would blur the theme of this art. :D

    the main focus is the eye, so i wonder what would her eye tell me? *scratch head*

  11. sandumirabela May 22, 2007

    Well lately I lack imagination!I like her expression you really rendered well the feeling oh you of sadness ,the shadows fell very well,I don't know what to say anymore...the whole picture is impressive.

  12. DREAM May 23, 2007

    it's beautiful mentis-san. this is my favourite original work of yours. :)
    + fav

  13. calisqo May 31, 2007

    It has such intense emotion from it.
    At a glance, I couldn't really guess whether the character was a male or a female.
    To me it has that ambiguous sense of both masculine and feminine qualities to it. Not until I read through the description that it became clear to me as to the reason why the character has such qualities. It feels to me the masculine part of the character speaks of revenge while the feminine part speaks of being loyal to the deceased husband. I personally think this idea is rather interesting, I am not sure if this was intended.
    The character intense expression really shows this tragic dilemma in my opinion, I wonder if there

  14. pamkips Jun 02, 2007

    wow, I just love the simplicity and wonderful work
    and emotion :D wonderfully done

  15. Anjhurin Jun 07, 2007

    Really moving art, nice shading and coloring. A few points though : i don't know if outlining the tear was useful (or maybe using a less thick line), also her mouth is a bit small (yet very sensual).
    I think that she gives off a sad yet sexy aura ^_^'... somehow conflicting (but that would fit well with the description !).

    Thumbs up and fav :D

  16. kayurachan Retired Moderator Jun 18, 2007

    Ooo, Tomoe-san! ...no, wait. XD It pretty comes out wher you got the inspiration from ;)
    This looks great in full-view, I'd like to see the real painting... Nice focus on her tear, that's actually dividing the canvas in two. Interesting.
    A nice one for the elite gallery - yay! Keep up the good work!

  17. chisaikame Jul 21, 2007

    awesome! omedetou for the elite mark! :D i have never tried acrylic before, and it looks like your very used to it, mentis san! XD i agree with the previous posts that this painting has a lot of troubled emotion to it. :D it must be a pain to scan this since the paint would stick on the scan lenses? i hope not!.. once again, congratulations and ganbatte! XD

  18. Odeena Jul 25, 2007

    *waves* Hiya ~ long time no talk, sorry about that :(

    I browsed through your gallery earlier, and I think that this is the work I like the most. I love everything about it - the colors, the perspective, and last but not least the strong emotion it conveys. Definitely going to be a favorite ;)

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