Original Wallpaper: End of a Soul's Dream

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Fell in love with the stock and decided to vector it. But I had no idea for an awesome (or at least good) background. Spent most of the wasted time with useless ideas (and adding details on the legs which I have removed them), and luckily, this one is cool.
Textures from DA! cuz I can't find better and suitable textures than these.
Better in widescreen.

Also my appreciation to the abandoned stroke path.

Can you interpret this weird concept?

p.s. it's cooler if the leg is odd! Now shut!

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  1. Sinever May 17, 2007

    I love the concept of your wall
    its simple but yet gorgeous
    the colors are wonderful
    great job gaara

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator May 17, 2007

    Yay for legs! And DA textures!
    Is she sitting on a pole? Like that Chobits scan of Chii sitting on the telephone pole? Anywho, love the colors and the simplicity is awesome-ness. Nicely done!

  3. MapleRose Retired Moderator May 17, 2007

    yay for pastel colours!

    neat vector (wow your lines are so thin). Though I think one bit on her leg looks weird (like,the upper left side of her right leg), that triangular bit there doens't look like it should be her leg, more like shadows (like part of the green shadow you have there). And make that shadow a bit darker to give it slightly more depth.

    Also, I like the design and the swirls, but it looks a bit boring in terms of composition, with the focal point so centered and symmetrical. It's be more dynamic if you rotate it a bit to make it come down diagonal, then you can put it a bit off-center without losing the balance.

    Now that you're finished your vector-wall, paint something? *hint hint*

  4. SakuraShirayuki May 17, 2007

    wow that one's great! like maple-san said her leg *cough* but it doesn't really matter XD
    i love the effect the bloodline thingy gives^^ really ^^ fav

  5. Narikoneko May 17, 2007

    I wuv the colors~! I like the concept, and the effects and textures and blah blah, and yea, Mr. Stroke Path needs lots of appreciation XD
    Indeed the leg is... eeh... weird, but it depends on how you look at it, if it had more shadows I would understand where the knee is and where the rest of the leg... anyways I'm having some problems with my english right now xD

    And no, I have big biiiig problems with interpretations xD like people have with interpreting my own concepts =D
    Btw how do you use textures? I always had problems with using them =D a hint, maybe?
    And a fav, tho with my desktop a 1600x1200 version would be better =D *crops* XD

  6. moonescape May 17, 2007

    Yeah! I wouldn't have any idea for a background of it. :x Though textures always good. :D

    Interesting choice of vector. The colours are nice and vectoring was definately a yes. >:D

    Can't full view it now since the computer in school is messed up. DX

  7. eipea May 17, 2007

    .. ummmm, that red spiraling string down the pole with drips of red liquid that stem from between her legs. i can only interpret it as her being on her period or she is with child and there is something terribly wrong.

    but thinking completely out of the box, it could be a male who's trans-gender transformation was just completed. so all those admirations for the legs could be for a guy's legs.

  8. Fran Retired Moderator May 17, 2007

    Very inspiring =')
    I love the pastel colors you used, they make a nice color blend ^^
    The vectoring is flawless
    Awesome job, keep it up :)

  9. fawna-chan May 18, 2007

    Coool, I thought that this was alterlier's work but hey, this turned out great. :)
    I like the tiny details and the focus of the legs. Heh, cute with the "soul" too. ;) Nice though, good work.

  10. alterlier May 19, 2007

    I like to see walls with different kinds of cropping ways, specially the ones that are only showing legs or are upside down so this is certainly something I feel attracted to, love the dollie that looks like the ghost of a water drop and enjoy the gentle colors that make my desktop look like cream.

  11. starrliteangel May 21, 2007

    wow my comment is going to sound bland after alterlier's but still i think you'll get what i mean XD The concept is awesome, and I especially like the part with the strokes. really sweet idea! I wish there was something more in the bg, but thats probably just me.

  12. Regenbogen May 25, 2007

    Hello again!

    I really like this wall... the colors, the concept, the whole idea. ^^ "end of a soul's dream"... lol It's funny too if you start thinking about the meaning... the lines leading up under her skirt? Hmm oh I am just seeing that now... the red line reminds me a little of blood? Yeah well this wallpaper is open for lots of interpretations! *lol*

  13. pamkips Jun 02, 2007

    I love the whole concept and the colors
    and the vectorings awesome <3

  14. Anjhurin Jun 05, 2007

    I looks more like a temple pillar to me (like those greek ones)... And then i just can't picture such a colorful girl sitting on top of one of the pillar in the Parthenon (that's the Athena temple in Athene ^_^').... *tsk tsk, tourists these days !*.
    Anyway, good job, simple yet effective (though maybe a little too simple !).

  15. peniko Aug 05, 2007

    oh whats that?! o_______o
    i love her skirt xD
    nice concept btw xD

  16. Devildude Oct 30, 2007

    enticing piece of work yet again.
    and I love the legs, no nonsense on that.

  17. Hanahanoiday Apr 04, 2008

    Oooh this is beauty,i love so her legs and i love more wallpapers with the part of body!And this is totally perfect!+fav

  18. Seunny Nov 07, 2010

    Waw that's so beautiful :D

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