Monoberry Wallpaper: Requiem | The Return To The Beautiful

Monoberry Wallpaper
Monoberry Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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Prologue:There are times when you think that you dont "have it".I mean you feel totally lost . That how I was at least . That I didnt have it. I didnt have something to contribute to Art. That I used to do again and again the same thing . But this time was different. This time I had real motivation into making this wall . Like the good old times .
StoryBehindThePicture:I found this tiny , yet beautiful scan .
I always liked the painting style and since I know that I really suck at painting and drawing and sketching ( I feel kinda "rusted" you see ) I never tried something like this all of this time that I use Photoshop for creating wallpapers.
This time I took this scan
And repainted it!I repainted about 90% of it. I left some spots as they were to keep the painting look that I always wanted.
The result was like this with the recontruction part only.
The totally repainted version is one that you can download.
You might think that was an easy job . I dont. I never tried it before . Maybe I wont retry doing something like this in the future.It took me many hours of work (about 10-12 or so) to achieve what I really wanted . Especially making look her right eye like this was incredibly hard for me to do.
TheTools:My Wacom Tablet,Patience,a brush set of trees and Photoshop.
TheStoryBehindTheConcept:Its about finding your own self.
I ll let you this time make your own scenario . Its too easy when you explain everything to the others . And I ve added many small details here and there just to make you think what I meant with making this .As for the disturbing theme hope you can pass this one . If you think its too violent be sure that if you open the news you ll see more violence than every movie/painting/art generally.
Resources:Scan was found over http://www.digik.net
and thats it. No textures this time. No stock images as well .
"Black In Death"
"Midnights Hymn"
"And I Am Suffering"
"Lacrimosa (I Am Blind With Weeping)"
"Rest Eternal"

the track list of unreleased - yet- Virgin Black's album. I heard it countless times while making this. All titles have something to do with this Wallpaper.

Any possible support would be appreciated .
Take care everyone.

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  1. lthnadml May 11, 2007

    hehe kala pou vazeis kai kanena wall ths prokophs ... kairo exw na dw kalo darck wall! And what can i say ... awesome! ^_^'
    Thanks a lot pastor! XD XD XD

  2. LyraScience May 12, 2007

    I 've already told you that I like this wallie a lot! Congrats!
    Monoberry ftw!

  3. hgrcausing Jan 27, 2011

    Thanks a lot pastor! XD XD XD

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