Haibane Renmei Wallpaper: Innocent Heart

Yoshitoshi Abe, Radix, Haibane Renmei Wallpaper
Yoshitoshi Abe Mangaka Radix Studio Haibane Renmei Series

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is my second submission here in Minitokyo.
I lost one of my students during April so while I was making the wall I was thinking of Christine.
Concerning the technical part I must say that I used a Haibane Renmei scan and a photo of a door I had in my pc for quite a long time ( I can not give any credit to the person that took the photo cause I do not know his/her name). I must also say that the bg, is painted from scratch. I used the photo of the door as a start to continue the rest of the background. The only part of the bg that is not painted but photo manipulated is the ivy on the walls and the small lamps. As for the female character, i must say that used it as a base to draw something completely different from the original (different hair, skin, eyes, no halo, add a pair of wings). I must also say that the idea of the dress (wedding dress) and the pigeon is based upon an artwork of BlueBlack (artist: Natalie Shau). I saw one of her works and I tried to draw something like that for the scan. This work took me about 43 hours to finish (within the period of a month) and the layers came up to 156. I used my mouse and my Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet and pen.

There is no scenario, just real life events. Among us there are handicapped children. Kids with special needs. Have you ever caught yourselves to stare at them for a moment and then look on the other side just to avoid eye contact? I know I did and that is why I became a kindergarten teacher and involve with Inclusive Education, to eliminate my fears, my feelings towards people that I thought they are different from me but in the end they are just like me. They have needs and I too have needs (both needs are special in a way).
This wallpaper is dedicated to my dear student Christine who was seven years old, had a down syndrome and even though her heart was weak she was strong enough to embrace life till the very last minute.
When you see the female character it is like you see Christine.
Everything else in the wallpaper is symbolic: Cemetery (last place)/Red door (Heart) Statue on the wall (Wondering childs soul)/Dark ivy, old lamps, spider web (time, past years)/Blood on the stairs (Pain and loss)/ red stars (Christine loved the painting little red stars).
My thanks to my friends from AP: anolibb and Shikonxx for their comments and support. Their advice was precious during the making of the wallpaper.
Last but not least I must give my special thanks to the person who introduced me to this community. I ought him the most as he believed in my potentials and supported me (again) in each step I made during the painting procedure. If it had not been for him, I would never finish this work. Thank you, you know who you are.

I used the following scan and photo:
http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/7338/haibanerenmei2yz2.th.jpg http://img168.imageshack.us/img168/7932/73796015831336gj8.th.jpg.

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  1. lthnadml May 11, 2007

    awesome! wow! very nice submition ! *speechless* *_* The details on the background and to the dress are very very beautiful! Thank you for your beautiful wall! XD XD XD

  2. moonlightNeko May 11, 2007

    im sorry for the lost =( i hope you are feeling ok. This picture is really wonderful and the meaning behind it makes it even more wonderful. It is truly touching.

  3. annakee May 12, 2007

    i think when a child teach us how have hopes on our lives inevitably that child's soul will be at the side of the Creator. idont have doubts about that ^__^
    technically very good... but sincerely, symbolically speaking, this have an ultra value... is simply touching. as i really preffer the artwork.

  4. Angi Retired Moderator May 12, 2007

    nice wall, simply nice!
    Its great when you make a wall for someone
    it feels so good, and when you make it with soo much feeling like this one
    the result is awesome
    I know how you feel when you work with kids
    and its awesome how they are with you, you feel very good
    children are really earth angels
    lovely wall
    nice work!

  5. LyraScience May 12, 2007

    This is an exceptional piece of art!
    For me it is a tribute to life, though it seems too macabre. It combines perfectly both "life and death", and it exhales also a longing feeling.
    I like it and admire it so much!
    Thank you for sharing and I hope to see more works of yours in the near future!
    It is definitely a fav for me and it is going to ornate my desktop.

  6. kitamurazv May 15, 2007

    Wow, the BG's great. And the emotion is also well captured. Was the BG from photograph? If so, then you did well to make it blends with the scan ^^ .

    (my campus blocked imageshack, so I can't check your materials. can only guess it then. -_- )

    BTW, what about the lighting in BG? On the FG, the shadow falls on the face's righter part, but in the BG it's quite to the left. Is there other lightsource aside the sun here? o_0

  7. renaye Jun 21, 2007

    ur wallpaper has really embedded those significants u have just explained.

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