The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Wallpaper: SOS Brigade goes to Wonderland

Noizi Ito, Kyoto Animation, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Haruhi Suzumiya, Mikuru Asahina Wallpaper

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Weee it's ready...
I knew that if I wished with all my heart they would make a scan with Haruhi as Queen of Hearts.... with the "heads will roll" thing and all. =3
So, when I saw it at animepaper, I hurried here to download it. (since I have more credits than paper)
Scan here. As you can see, I tried to make that checkered background thing.
Since I've already rescued Mikuru and Yuki from Haruhi in the western scan, why not save Haruhi from Mikuru and Yuki. XD
Then I vectored the chibis from this scan, and changed their clothes.
Mikuru is Alice, because she was wearing the maid dress and it's easy to edit.
Kyon is the Hatter because he likes tea.
Koizumi is Cheshire Cat because he's always smiling.
Yuki is the White Rabbit because Yuki is snow, and snow is white... and the white rabbit is white.

Everything else was made from scratch, though it's not much. Hope you like it.
And many thanks to the people at the sandbox and AP's session zero =D

Other resolutions are crops from this, but they're avaiable at AP too.

edit: removed motion blur from chibis

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Browse The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. fluke May 10, 2007

    I've been eagerly awaiting your finished version of the wallpaper! xD I love it! Did you vector Haruhi as well as the Chibi's? It certainly looks like you did, I'd love for you to share that as well. Overall a very cute wallpaper you did a very good job on it, I especially liked watching you progress on it xD

  2. bumgore May 11, 2007

    Hehehe.. looks very very cute especially kyon nehehehehe..

  3. Mieshi May 11, 2007

    Really nice wallpaper of Haruhi and company.

  4. crystalpapillon May 11, 2007

    haruhi is so cute and happy~
    vell job ,I like kyon's clothes very much~

  5. LordStyphon May 11, 2007

    Nice over here, too. Have the first wallpaper comment and favorite I've given out here in a long time.

    Edit: the first favorite in a long time if I weren't getting error messages when I try to add it.

  6. moonescape May 12, 2007

    So glad you finished it. It was very creative how you vectored the characters and especially put the clothes idea for the chibis. :) Definately beautiful and not much to say about it. ^_^'

  7. enchantment May 12, 2007

    nice vectoring and the chibis are really cute :) the wall is nicely composed and the concept is nice :D nice wall~^^

  8. eternallegend May 12, 2007

    i like the way you did the background :D the chibis are cute and i like the outfits you vectored for them XD the vectoring is done well and i like the way everything has been portrayed :) the cards add a nice toudh :D lovely wall ^^

  9. gakoo May 12, 2007

    very interesting wallpaper. + fav ^^

  10. joemighty16 May 12, 2007

    Ha! Thats so cool!

    Koizumi is so typical! Great one!

  11. norine07 May 12, 2007

    omgosh~ really cute~ love the colours and concept of the wallie~ ^-^

  12. drastikhate May 12, 2007

    This wally's so funny and expressive that I just had to put it on my desktop to remind myself of crazy things while I do work

  13. Indiana May 13, 2007

    Great wallpaper!

  14. jaymac May 13, 2007

    Wow! This is just unreal! I can actually hear Haruhi right now screaming at the top of her lungs: "OFF WITH THE HEAD!" Nice job, keep it up!

  15. fireflywishes Retired Moderator May 14, 2007

    Absolutely love your version... better than the original scan! Great job pairing up the SOS members with their Alice in Wonderland counterparts! I also agree that the chibis are LOVE. There wouldn't be a normal size resolution floating around here anywhere? ^_^' Well, overall, a great wallie Astrologica! Keep it up! :D

  16. x-lawss May 14, 2007

    YES! This look great :D
    Haruhi the Queen of Hearts! XD
    This wallpaper look interesting too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. sakiix3 May 14, 2007

    loll.. this is sooo cute... and like each one matches up with their costume!

  18. FluffyNeko May 15, 2007

    Great wall!Love Suzumiya!

  19. DSL367 May 15, 2007

    The girl is sooo kawaii! Wish I could hug her X-P ~!

    Thanx 4 sharing! :)

  20. thaneth May 15, 2007

    love it, thanks for making haruhi wallpapers!

  21. pooolj May 15, 2007

    very cute wallpaper

  22. nxia May 16, 2007

    wow! looks COOL! XD
    you really blended them well =D
    GreaT JoB! keep it up and thanks 4 sharing ^__^~

  23. saki-xan May 16, 2007

    That good vector! I love it!:D I do not manage to understand the vectoring of Haruhi's eyes! Xd is valued for my that you also there I throw the chibi's, they are very sweet! I adore them!. Beyond a good vectoring, this one a good scan, that good selection!, congratulations! + fav

  24. 1997 Mute Member May 16, 2007

    OMG! i love this Anime even though it makes no sense.......Any ways you cool!

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