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featured at sakura--cb

when i saw this image i thought to myself that i had to wall it XD

i decided to form a background that seemed simple in a way :D

the grass looked a bit strange when it was kind of covering her outfit that i decided not to include it in the final result XD

initially it wasnt going to be yellow but then i though why not XD

she has a lot of hair so it took quite a while to extract everything OX

the original scan image can be found here from Death-Summoner and as you can see there is some text covering the bottom of her outfit so i cloned, vectored and re-painted it :)

after the reconstruction and putting everything together i filtered, blended, added textures and some sparkles to give it that magical look XD

this wall took about seven hours to complete and has about 40 layers XD

thank you for viewing ^^

edit: whoops, forgot to mention before ^_^' this wallie is dedicated to all my friends [especially enchantment, rika-chan, sinever, sa-chan (aka norine07), izumi-chan and frostsabre :D]

this wall is for the freedom contest at sakura--cb







hoteru-no-shiki ~*~Star Revolution~*~


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  1. sash May 04, 2007

    i <3 it .. o.o and absolutely gonna fav it o.o i gotta say looks extremely nice ... thanks for sharin`

  2. Angi Retired Moderator May 04, 2007

    Very pretty
    and nice to see u used yellow this time
    she already got pink tones on her cloth
    and yellow fits perfectly with this
    nice work!

  3. Anason May 04, 2007

    yet again a other nice wallie! XD XD XD Love it! lol lol :D

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator May 05, 2007

    Very nice color scheme you used,
    it's smooth and very calming...I gotta say
    the bg is kinda similar to most
    sunset themes but the scan sticks
    out most in this one, it's a Nice job <3

  5. yui20 May 05, 2007

    Oh my oh my ~ It's really look great !
    eternallegend-chan, u did a great job XD ~
    Love it ~ I really do :D

  6. kwoklim1234 Restricted Member May 05, 2007

    nice job :)
    Thx for sharing....

  7. Elyvania May 05, 2007

    Gasp! Awww this is so beautiful eternallegend, you're so talented ^_^ lol I'm becoming a stalker of your works kekeke so you will have to bear with my corny comments hehe.

    As I say many times (and never get tired of saying it) you worked the image to perfection, it's a real delight to see the hair well extracted and to see the light blending smoothly with the clothes and skin; the sky looks like a natural painted sunset the only makes the girl more pretty that she was before... and you managed to made another perfect work that I have the pleasure to have add to my favorites ohhh we do have an understanding here, you create nice things I have the pleasure of using them in my desktop ^____^ ohh I'm so happy to be able to see your enchanting works.

    Keep working for this art stalker =) hehe.

    Have a nice weekend.


  8. Sinever May 05, 2007

    its beautifull no its not its more than beautifull XD
    it gorgeous XD
    I love the scan & its colors too :)
    thanks eternal-chan XD thanks alot *running to put it on the UP*

  9. Silvana11 May 05, 2007

    OMG eternal-chan! 0.0
    I love the scan <3 She looks so elegant :)
    Great job with the light and the clone, vectore and re-painting thing! XD
    Thank you for making this great wall! :D

  10. IcyBlade May 05, 2007

    a powerful wallpapers and it's created through some high level process..It's nice..4/5 Stars i give ^^.

  11. Melisandre May 05, 2007

    Really nice, I love the bg and the colours and teh scan is really cue, nice work :)

  12. x-lawss May 05, 2007

    eternal! It have been a long time since i last saw your wallpaper :D
    Again, this look great XD
    Keep it up, and take care too :)

  13. sakuya-sama May 05, 2007

    it's really beautifull eternallegend-chan, loved very much your work ^_^

  14. LadyNebulaStar May 05, 2007

    Gorgeous wallpaper. I love everything. (The background, colors, lighting, ect) You did a great job. ^_^ Please keep up the excellent work.

  15. enchantment May 05, 2007

    i like the background and the sparkles add a nice touch :D the colours are nice and the wall is composed nicely :) overall nice wall~^^+fav

  16. Rhonda21 May 05, 2007

    This is very pretty! Lovely colors and cute scan! Nice Work!

  17. kiokorenay703 May 06, 2007

    thats really cute :) Great work! :D

  18. mecphistor May 06, 2007

    hiya eternal ^^ i had very long long time no visit to minitokyo XD so sry for not reply u XD. And, u create another great wallie again Welldone! Harmony bckground, small little flash light and a very clear image @.@ U really have dat talent V^_^V Haha i will always support ur art work !Yeah Eternal rules! So now ++fav for u ^^ Have a nice day

  19. rika23 May 06, 2007

    Wai~! Wai~!
    Boku wa suki this wallie des~
    Very pretty desu~!
    Very peaceful scheme make me wanna sleep *purr~*
    >D Fav desu~!

  20. hamburger89 May 06, 2007

    hehe...her post looks like Yuna from FFX

  21. kanon14 May 06, 2007

    wow..this is very nice! Kambatte!

  22. darkar May 06, 2007

    The character is really beautiful! And the whole picture has been done well~

    Thanks for sharing `

  23. royaldarkness May 07, 2007

    Ooh this wall is so lovely :D Love the pretty colours, and the awesome bg!

  24. raziel101 May 07, 2007

    man! I salute your patience and dedication!

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