Rozen Maiden Wallpaper: The Wicked Lies We Tell

Peach-Pit, Studio Nomad, Rozen Maiden, Shinku, Suigintou Wallpaper
Peach-Pit Mangaka Studio Nomad Studio Rozen Maiden Series Shinku Character Suigintou Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

First of all, this is not part of my project, even though this is Rozen Maiden, so it cannot be used by anyone unless for desktop use.

Next, I'd like to dedicate this wallpaper to Kitten. A while ago she requested a scan of Rozen Maiden to be vectored, and I never got around to it. To make her request up, I've decided to vector this intricate piece from the series. Heh, it was hard as hell, almost taking me about four days to do along with the two dolls and the motif. I almost left it out, but thank goodness I didn't. =3

I can alter resolution size for anyone, so don't hesitate to ask.

Source Image (also available in MT): Click Here

Please comment.

EDIT: I'm such a dimwit! Thanks to Revan's reference to the motif similarly used in another scan, I forgot to add in the roses! I knew those blank circles were meant for something...Also I raised the opacity of the texture so it should be more obvious now.

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Browse Rozen Maiden Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. yui20 May 03, 2007

    Eh ~ I am the first one? XD
    Although I nvr watched this anime be4 +.+ the vector is really good O.o ~ Everything was so detailed ... I guess the bg is kinda frustrating... :)
    Good vector ! ^^

  2. gaara-no-shukaku May 03, 2007

    Is it just me, or is that scan has nouveau goodness?

    Hah, I haven't commented on your stuffs quite awhile. And fullviewing this never regret me either.
    Very clean vectoring, and love the coloured outlines. Their eyes are pretty too, love the slight blurriness. (really, I'm not lying)

    Background, for me, looks simple. The texture could be better, without the obvious tiled effect. Probably picking a higher resolution/seamingless textures would be cooler.

    Anyway, it's nice to see a wall from you. =)

  3. Angi Retired Moderator May 03, 2007

    is very nouveau-ish! the colors and bg
    I like your vector, is very neat, and colors are soft and everything looks nice
    nice wall and vector
    really deserve it ^.^'

  4. PinkPrincessLacus May 03, 2007

    OMG this is so Pretty! Its so neat and clean, such great vector skill as usual, and its so colorful. I love the layout. Great Job on it, Big Fan here! :D Fav from me ;).

    ~* Lacus *~

  5. SakuraShirayuki May 03, 2007

    hm..... okay! that's a nice one really i'm thinking of a noticed!
    yep it deserves one yep yep ^^

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator May 03, 2007

    Awww omg it's so beautiful <3

    I can see how much work it took,
    it's so very detailed and the vector is
    clean and smooth :3

    Gorgeous job, I love it very much
    and accept it :3

    Thankies Entity, it's radiant <33

  7. Sinever May 03, 2007

    thats really a good vector
    Its very neat
    excellent job

  8. Revan Retired Moderator May 03, 2007

    This is total vector awesomeness. Really love the pattern at the back and reminds me of that scan we have somewhere around of the bunny dude Laplace no Ma by zweihaenderlim, there.

    It had been a while since I saw such a nice wall for Rozen Maiden... and... not dark? what's going on with me?

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator May 03, 2007

    Very nice! The vectoring is really awesome (as usual ;)) and the nouveau-ish background works really well! Great job!

  10. Saikusa Retired Moderator May 03, 2007

    This is so beatiful! Absolutely beautiful... I'm speechless!

  11. Melisandre May 03, 2007

    Lovely, and amazing work full of sensibility, + fav and congratulations for the great work

  12. Piccolobear May 03, 2007

    Really simplistic in concept , and yet so detailed - I like that combination. ^_^
    Nice work!

  13. bromithia Retired Moderator May 03, 2007

    I love this series! Your vector is really clean and well done, good job! Though, Shinku's mouth could use some work, it looks sort of strange right now.

  14. melymay May 03, 2007

    *whistles* Wow. Great job on the vector. I agree with brom though, her mouth looks a bit wierd. But overall, it's flawless XD Keep it up! +fave

  15. Scampi May 03, 2007

    This actually took you 4 days!?! I would spend a week on this :P
    Thanks for the vector wallpaper!

  16. Myaje May 04, 2007

    Wow! Amazing vector! I love it!

    + fave!

  17. auel1124 May 04, 2007

    really nice! even when I dont watch rozen maiden this wall caught my attention in the frontapage ^^

  18. enchantment May 04, 2007

    wow, this wall looks amazing :D i love how you vectored everything and the softish looking colours [on the characters the colours seem soft XD ] are really nice and the bolder colours in the background design add a nice touch :D the design looks really lovely and i love how everything seems to flow really nicely :) lovely wall~^^+fav

  19. eternallegend May 04, 2007

    i like the soft look of your wall and everything looks amazing XD the vector is done wonderfully and i like the simple look :D the designs are done really well and i like the way everything seems to suit nicely :) wonderful wall ^^+fav

  20. rika23 May 04, 2007

    Sugoi ne entity-chan! Lovely vector that you made very soft des~*it's remind me of that vectorer.. what it's username *ponder**
    Demo sa, the background is nice and simple des~ but it's kinda tiled up ^^" .. demo demo! feature on sakura--cb des~! ^^

  21. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator May 04, 2007

    Fabulous! *.*

  22. schwindelmagier May 04, 2007

    Wow, the vector is amazing. So detailed, very well-coloured...it's just..Wow *my breath stopped, I am speechless xD*
    The background is simple but thus, it fullfills the function of putting the vector more into the viewer's sight.
    and keep up the great work *worships*

  23. Kiako May 04, 2007

    that's a very good wallpaper, you did a good job on vectoring the image it looks great.
    keep it up

  24. rubenz May 05, 2007

    its pretty entity san xD xD

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