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Wikpedia definition: A muffin is a bread- or cake-like baked good. Muffins resemble cupcakes: they have cylindrical bases, rounded conical tops, and are usually sweet, although savory varieties (such as cornbread muffins) also exist. They generally fit in the palm of an adult hand, and are intended to be consumed by an individual in a single sitting.

Yeah, this wallie looks like my Like Wow!, since that both the idea for the BG and the original creator of the ''scans'' is the same. (And I'm still trying to find what's the artist name. O___O )
But I just had to make this, I love both muffins and this design~ >.<

Instead of using a photo of a notebook's cover as base for the vector, ( XD ) this time I used a blinkie graphic taken from DollieCrave. O.O
Not an usual place to pick ''scans'', but oh well. ^_^'

Textures were taken from here , and different muffin flavours were made changing the original base muffin. It is the bigger one, by the way. :D

My favorite is the chocolate chantilly one, but the strawberry is cuter, and I prefer eating the vanilla with chips one. O.O XD XD

That's it!~ ^_^

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  1. ganstamonica Apr 28, 2007

    Super kayoote!
    *mouth waters* XD

  2. pamkips Apr 28, 2007

    lol, how cute :3

  3. Yuzupt Apr 28, 2007

    Kawaii Uzimi-chan
    love it
    my fav

  4. saki-xan Apr 28, 2007

    wow! is cute, jejeje, very cute, + fav :D

  5. aqiaqua Apr 29, 2007

    Yum, adoreable. I <3 muffins :). *sets as desktop* Awesomely delicious work ;).

  6. eternallegend Apr 29, 2007

    i like the muffin idea and you changed the muffin 'flavors' really well from the original base muffin XD i like the cute idea and the overall simple design is lovely :D i like the colour choices and how they all blend well together :) the vector is done really well and i like the random hearts that you have floating all over the place :D nice wall ^^

  7. enchantment Apr 29, 2007

    aww, really cute muffins XD i love the design and the textures add a really nice touch to your wall :D love the design in the background as well :D nice wall~^^

  8. entity1660 Apr 29, 2007

    I love the texture. These are muffins I surely wouldn't want to eat, kawaii desu~!

  9. chikage-kekinha Apr 29, 2007

    hahax XD
    kawaii! :D
    I love it ^^

  10. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Apr 29, 2007

    Such cute muffins! I want to eat them! XD

  11. midsummer Apr 29, 2007

    gahh... its super cute~!

  12. nejika Apr 30, 2007

    [DL] nyahaha...nice and cute vector! :D
    Oh, so sweet...yummy, i like all those muffins esp the vanilla chips one ^_<
    but, i don't think i'll eat them with their eyes and their mouths...lol just kidding >.<

  13. feder Apr 30, 2007

    LOVELY omgf XD totally cuteeeee

  14. Angi Retired Moderator Apr 30, 2007

    Muffins Muffins! hungry hungry!
    arent those muffins the cuttest and sweetest thing ever!
    is just wonderful!
    I love the vanilla/chips one!
    i just want to take a bite! but how can I eat them looking at so cutie faces >.<
    lovely and delicious wall Izu!
    Super fav!

  15. Lum-sann Apr 30, 2007

    OMG *faints*
    Ky...Kya...Kyaumi O_o please give me you hand i can't stand up... XD OMG! so so cute! looks really tasty and omg if i saw on of those muffins on my front well i wouldn't eat them because they look so so cute! XD
    But that chocolate muffin won't escape! nyahaha! XD *munch* really you made a great work here! you are so cute! that's why you make cute things! ^_^ *btw my sis liked the wallpaper too a lot* ^_^
    The vector is really well done especially the muffins! the title... kyahaha! XD so cute! ^^ putting the texture was a good ideia! ^^ the shadows are really good too! ^^ oh i've never eat a muffin btw ^_^' which programme do you use to make vectors? ^^
    Well this is a fav a big FAV! :D Keep it up Kyuami! ^^

  16. starrliteangel May 01, 2007

    >.> Oh no.........now im hungry XD

  17. fireflywishes Retired Moderator May 02, 2007

    This is so cute IzumiChan! *sets as desktop and adds to favs*

    I love the bold colors and who can't love anime-faced muffins? Keep up the great (cute) work! XD

  18. juniperberry May 02, 2007

    Aw, that is so dah-ling~! <3 <3

    I want a muffin now.

  19. sakuya-sama May 03, 2007

    loved the wallie

    nice work

  20. yui20 May 03, 2007

    lol ~ they are really cute XD They are sooooo kawaii >.<
    I wouldnt like to eat them lol ~ I like to bring them with me to sleep XD
    Love it ! +fav !

  21. pitbull May 06, 2007

    omg thats is soooo cute!i love that wallpaper!nice work!

  22. norine07 May 12, 2007

    omg this is cute beyond cute~ can i have a muffin pls~ XD hahax..! hungry as well~ oh gosh hahax..! XD really cute, love the colours and the muffins~ XD +faves

  23. Fran Retired Moderator May 13, 2007

    LOL @ the face of the muffins....
    Nyaaaa they're so damn cute 0_0
    You make me hungry >_>
    Anyway, damn cute one

  24. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator May 16, 2007

    It's so cute! This is a lovely idea for a wallpaper, I can't say anything else but "cute!" while looking at it!
    Great job, and the vector is impeccable (hope I spelled it right XD) You have a favorite from me! :)

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