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*racks up nerves to submit this* nyu~

I'm not much of an artist, and I cant color if my life depended on it, but I tried ^^;

I'd like to introduce one of my personal characters, Auria. If you cant tell shes Yu-Gi-Oh!-ified. Auria is going to be the web hostess for my Yu-Gi-Oh! shrine, Duel Café. This is the first image of her I have done, I dont draw/CG often, but I'm trying to swing myself into doing so. When I get more finished I'll add her to the site as the official hostess.

The reason I'm posting this here is because I want opinions ^^; Is she.. er.. weird O.o Or possibly can I get any coloring tips? I dont have PSP, only Photoshop~

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  1. akari-tenshi Jul 23, 2004

    actually i dont enjoy doujishi that much...but what u mad really good.keep it up sun-chan :)

  2. MyrrhLynn Jul 23, 2004

    Oh wow! I haven't seen it since before you highlighted the hair. It looks great! :) The cards look very realistic now too!

  3. h2dz Jul 23, 2004

    very unique :)

  4. KurriKlown Jul 23, 2004

    Nice drawing and pose!
    Non-colouring tips: Her arm bends rather oddly at her shoulder, like she has an extra joint there. That would make her a bit weird XD
    Colouring tips: Decide where the light is coming from, now you have inconsistent shadows and highlights.

  5. roshinku Jul 23, 2004

    i'm speachless x_x... well not completely XD! the only thing i can say about it, is that it's damn pretty and i can't do any better myself ^^''. btw if you want to get better, you should watch other drawings and stuff =3?

  6. bucket-shot Jul 23, 2004

    *agrees with KurriKlown* :)
    *shrugs* Speaking for myself, I'm not good at shadows so imo it helps to practice by pausing a vid/dvd and sketching the character with shadows. If you can find a frame with a similar pose featured, all the better. XD Copy, copy, copy... I swear by it.
    Um... highlights-- I read this somewhere: don't stick to the outlines when shading/highlighting. It makes the areas of solid colour look flat. For example, I suppose, there would be folds in the middle of her (pseudo)coat tails where there are no black lines; put them in-- like you've done with her bangs. :) Btw-- the colouring on them, in her eyes and on the cards is fab. :D
    The following is just my personal opinion on drawing style. XD;; Feel free to ignore it.
    The bottom of her hair comes across as kinda stiff. I'd suggest making the lines of the 'splits' go higher up, because her hair is quite long. Either that or maybe even cut them out completely (easier option :);;), making her hair taper off or cut straight across like Tea's.
    Oh. o_o Long comment. :nya: Sorry. If nothing made sense, please message me and I'll try my hand at coherence. XD Good job for submitting, too. *nods; salutes bravery* I've only racked up the nerve to submit one doujin thing (well, two if you count the marik wall >.>;;) but thankfully (XD?) nobody's commented on it to date. Hehe~

  7. katz291 Jul 23, 2004

    You draw beetter then me! I can't wait for your Yu-Gi-Oh shrine! She looks awesome! =^-^= But then again everything you do is awesome!

  8. shirahana Jul 23, 2004

    Wow! That's really good! ^_^ I don't know how to CG at all! So it's really impressive how you designed her all by yourself! :D

  9. mooling89 Jul 23, 2004

    wow that is extremely long hair. @_@

    great stuff though. ^^;

  10. stardusted Jul 23, 2004

    Ne, really nice CG :3 Love the lines - so clean XD And the cell-styled shading is really well done. My only bit would be that some of the angles looks really... severe.

  11. Cloudnine Jul 24, 2004

    awesome lineart desu + the color and shading is really well done ^^~

  12. Noctum Jul 30, 2004

    Quote by suntigerI'm not much of an artist, and I cant color if my life depended on it

    Does that mean that somebody else coloured this for you? XD

  13. duaRK Aug 16, 2004

    ooOoh, she IS pretty. you're pretty good at cg art.. way better than me. i knew it!! she looked like a Yu-gi-oh character. :D

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