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Chika Umino, J.C. Staff, Honey and Clover, Hagumi Hanamoto, Shinobu Morita Wallpaper
Chika Umino Mangaka J.C. Staff Studio Honey and Clover Series Hagumi Hanamoto Character Shinobu Morita Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Attention! Achtung! Nari~chan writes long descriptions. [if you don't have the time start reading from ~*~*~]

Oh well, this was one of my entries for the w?w contest...
It refreshes me, summer is close - spring is here, the only tiny thing that ruins my happiness is school. I have a lots of tests coming up the next 2-3 weeks and I HAVE to get good scores so that I could keep my internet connection safe XD and so that mom could give me more money to buy all those gothic-lolita clothes I saw a day ago... too bad I didn't have money for all so I bought only a few T_T. I still feel kewl~ ^_^

Haha actually I'm not into this wall at all. Please people don't be disappointed. I'm working on another Amy Sol wall, or maybe I'll let it chill there and finish the Audrey Kawasaki one... oh. What to do what to do? Whateva'. And I started a wall after a screenshot, and I have a vector I have to finish for LUMINA and I started another Ogi wall... the first one [another one in the w?w contest] - I don't think I'll submit it.

Now some more ranting:

Honey & Clover was such a nice anime! It's one of my all-time favs; character development, OST, everything left me speachless. I liked season II more mainly because the action was more dense than in season I, maybe that's cuz it has 12 ep? Haha anyways season I also is great. I was browsing through H&C gallery here on MT and I saw there weren't too many walls so I decided to make a h&c one... well, and also cuz it was a semi-request. XD

The original scan was way darker, I wanted to obtain a faint-color wall, like in a dream. It was very bright at first, but then ppl complained so I made it darker~ It had outlines at first, they were dark green, but I accidentally hid the outlines set and found out that it looks quite good like that too. It's more paint-ish. With the outlines it was somehow more precise but heck.

I wanted to do the unperfect-vector, y'know, like pre-studied mistakes, I left the white spots on purpose, they weren't there in the scan. [as far as I remember... maybe they actually were and now I'm making a fool of myself in front of the masses.]

Some parts were a hell to color... like the hair. And the pants, Takemoto and Mayama wear white-ish pants, while Morita is in jeans, tho there is only a small part of his pants there... I didn't know how to color it. LOL I had so much trouble finding the shades on the other 2 pair of pants XD so when it came to color Morita I was like "zOMG don't tell me Morita has his pants on! NOO!". After I screamed that shamelessly, I wondered for about 5 minutes why were my friends laughing. x__X. Yup my friends were there XD 'helping' me loose concentration.

I didn't know how to make the flowers... but then I remembered one of flyindreams' wall, with those cute sootballs~! XD See flyin' what you made me do? XD [lol no no don't read that] And no, the flowers don't look like those cute sootballs, but I was inspired by them XD.

Oh and I know the balloons suck. Period


Well enough ranting, now let's go on with the description~ [LOL]

Time: I actually don't remember, 4-5 days. But I was quite free so I worked for about 5-6 h every day. So it was finished in max 30h.
Layers: 211 - I can't believe it has so much layers~! Good things I arranged them in sets~ which were about 25. [I think...]
Source of inspiration: Of course Honey&Clover. Ppl, if u didn't watch it go watch it now! NOW I say! *mwahaha*
Music I listened to: Oh well I listened to lots of peaceful music... like Maximum the Hormone ~ What's Up People and Zetsubou Billy [the only 2 songs I'm interested to listen from this band XD] - they're the 2nd OP/ED of Death Note. And they ain't Death Note-ish at all. >_> What more what more... well lots of music XD for now I remember Xandria, Exilia and hmm Arch Enemy. Oh and when my ear was tired enough I listened to "Manatsu no Yoru no Yume" by Suga Shikao. *kyaa* much love for him for the awesome song. Please give love to him! Oh and trivia: Mayama was created after his appearance. So again~ give luv to him~!

The title is inspired from Takemoto's last words from season II: "As time passes, the day will come when everything will fade to memories. But... Those miraculous days, when you and I... along with everyone else, searched together for just that one thing... will continue revolving forever... somewhere deep in my heart as my bittersweet memory." <-- THIS made me cry like a baby.

I donno what to write anymore [random voice: "Finally!"]
Oh well, that's all. Pweese comment and of course, fav at will.

Big thanks go to starrliteangel. And thanks for the awesome userpage. Thaaanks!


*Newtime Magic*
hoteru-no-shiki ~ celestial-luminesse ~ nugeneration ~ simple-ism ~ the-dior ~ timeless--rain

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  1. Piccolobear Apr 23, 2007

    You don't like this one? That's too bad because I really like it. I didn't guess you as the waller either...
    The colours are soft and bold at the same time, I found it a very charming wall. Thanks for sharing. ^_^

  2. pamkips Apr 23, 2007

    I <3 this, like piccolobear said, it's bold and soft, and I love it

  3. inREVERIEforever Apr 23, 2007

    Haha, i knew this one was yours. I always love your wallies, and when I saw this one, I loved it and that's why I knew it was yours. :3 I like what you put at the bottom of your wall. XD
    AWESOME colors and just awesome everything about this wall. Great job!

  4. starrliteangel Apr 23, 2007

    wow i think you just beat me in the long description category. XD

  5. k1ru Apr 24, 2007

    naisuuu narikoneko xD like the vector the most, the bubble things there are also great xD haha the description is sooo long xD

  6. aqiaqua Apr 24, 2007

    Nice, I like the awesome bright colours :). And the mad vectoring :) +fave

  7. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Apr 24, 2007

    I don't like the art of Honey & Clover but I love you wallpaper! :D It's so colorful and joyful!

  8. aneres Apr 24, 2007

    Tha pastel colours are really soothing XD The vector is awesome! >o<

  9. simo Apr 24, 2007

    it looks really good, I don't know but when i see it makes me think on a family, on their day out with the kids at the zoo or in the park. A perfect family day out!
    Like it a lot!

  10. ayumi-90 Nov 03, 2008

    It's beautyful! I love it! :D

  11. johan324 Nov 01, 2009

    cute! I really love your colors!

  12. daniparra Aug 03, 2010

    I love this manga soo much. awesome wallpaper! <3

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