White Clarity Wallpaper: My light

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1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Hi there!
This is my fifth wallpaper..
For a long time to submit it :sweat:

WHY? My light
ah... i don't know very well.
Maybe because ...she's very lonely
..standing in front of the tree alone.
nobody ....no one and she only have the light to be herside. OX

|| About this wallpaper ||
PSD size :: 35 mb
Layers :: 30+
Day start :: 14 April
Day finish :: 20 April
Program :: Photoshop CS


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  1. Gallopia Apr 20, 2007

    Lovely XD
    It reli suits the anime girl ;)
    Sweet! :D

  2. Sinever Apr 20, 2007

    its really looking nice
    I like the bg & you have used a good scan for it
    well done

  3. Firemace Apr 20, 2007

    It's contemplating...really.

    I like your Angle and "Flare" effect.

    Nice work. =)

  4. Offkorn Apr 20, 2007

    The way the Light is eating away the darkness is really cool. Great job.

  5. yui20 Apr 20, 2007

    As Sinever said, u choose a good scan ^^
    The bg is very match with the chara :)
    Well done XD

  6. MiesMuffel Apr 20, 2007

    It's very beautiful... Maybe I would have made the tree a bit less standing out, or taking space on the screen, but I really like the atmosphere. Kind of sad, kind of peaceful, I don't know the exact words.
    But it's a favorite to me.

  7. esiotrot Apr 20, 2007

    beautiful wallpaper! Thanks for sharing!

  8. LifeAndColor Apr 20, 2007

    Its amazing. I love the setting and the colors are great.

  9. o0Beginner0o Apr 20, 2007

    haha, cool, from the preview i thought that she was standing by the sea, but it was actually grass, like the way you used the light and the tree must of been hard to do haha

    well adding this to my favourites XD

  10. Chocosuke Apr 21, 2007

    wow... very pretty.. it gives me the feeling of sadness yet very peaceful.. maybe because the light is trying to eat away the sad part of the wall..
    XD very pretty! +fav!

  11. rika23 Apr 22, 2007

    Ah *noded* i also thought that she standing on the sea ^^"
    Lovely work that you made there! Sugii na~!
    I <3 it desu~!
    Keep it up desu~!

  12. NightmareYami Apr 23, 2007

    Wow you are Amazing 0_o" . I like your work a lot. Yess...~~ It's a favourites to me Kairi-Chan

  13. Akira-san Apr 23, 2007

    Awesome wallpaper, but the resolution is small, you should done it on 1280x960 or greater =/
    Anyway, loved the wallpaper... looks so real *-*

  14. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Apr 23, 2007

    I like it, because it's different from the other White Clarity wallpapers, which are all star-filled and sparkly >_< It gets tiring to look at them after a while.
    The perspective is well-chosen too.
    I'm guessing the moment of the day is sunrise, no? *scratches head* Look lovely anyway! ^_^ The simpler the better!
    Thumbs up and keep up the good work!

  15. Somnabu Apr 24, 2007

    The freshness of the wall exhilarates me as if the figure inside is a virtual part in our earth. The whole pic is covered with fresh feelings.
    i really enjoy it

  16. eternallegend Apr 25, 2007

    the background looks lovely and i like the overall composition :D i like the sunset like theme and the perspective of your wall :) the concept is nice and the title is really interesting XD nice wall ^^

  17. enchantment Apr 25, 2007

    wow, i love the sunset theme and the background in general is really lovely :) the wall is nicely composed and the sky looks lovely :) nice wall~^^

  18. agneslee Apr 25, 2007

    I think the character is not sharp enough.and the bg is really pretty.Thanks for sharing.

  19. TheWizzard Apr 26, 2007

    HM, the light source is wrong .... see the sun position, and the light on the tree ;) ... something is off, isn't it?

  20. jenny713 Apr 26, 2007

    a very nice pic...but i think it would've been better with the ocean instead of land

  21. bella-ella Apr 27, 2007

    Oooh so dramatic. I like the composition of this one: the su on her skin looks really good and I like the way you put it on an angle, it just works for this wallie. Good job! I'm gonna have to watch you!

  22. sadbird Apr 27, 2007

    woooooooooow so pretty! i loved the background a whole lot!

  23. Tidteeiiez Jul 12, 2008

    I have seen this before. It's a great picture and you wall it. How nice!

  24. Kaname-Samas-Angel Sep 13, 2009

    Oo wow!

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