Himiko-Den Wallpaper: After the Battle

Group TAC, Himiko-Den, Shino (Himiko-Den) Wallpaper
Group TAC Studio Himiko-Den Series,Game Shino (Himiko-Den) Character

1280x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It looks much better in FULLVIEW!

It's been awhile ^_^ I'm very sorry to everyone that I haven't responded to for my wall The Kimono Room. Since I haven't been on MT for a while I was overflowing with notifications and it was waaaaaaaay too much to wade through, so I apologize if you haven't heard from me. I've been very busy with school and rather depressed lately, so I haven't been very active -_-

Well, enough of that. Yay! This wall is my first widescreen wallpaper ^_^

Time: 7 Days... funny, that brings up a creepy feeling for some reason... ^_^'
Layers: 35
Music of Inspiration: "Passion ~After the Battle~" by Utada Hikaru

This is a Vector/Wallpaper!
There is practically nothing anywhere for the series Himiko-Den (The Legend of Himiko), so I really had no scans to work with (all we have here are Concept sketches, and sadly those aren't very pretty or impressive for that matter). So since this show has one of the most gorgeous opening sequences that I've seen I decided to take a screenshot and vector it to create a scan to work with :D The images I chose were from a shot that pans over to the side so I had to take This Picture and align it with This One. And thus I began teaching myself how to vector for the first time with the pen tool .... Also, as I noted up top ^ the title was inspired by the song "Passion ~ After the Battle", so I tried to keep it in line with the mood of the wall.

Alternate version w/ Texture

I hope you like it!

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  1. LifeAndColor Apr 19, 2007

    Very smooth picture. You can see desperation in it.

  2. Melisandre Apr 19, 2007

    Beautiful work, I like the bg and the vector is gorgeous, congratulations :)

  3. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Apr 19, 2007

    This is such a beautiful piece that you've created! You did a great job! I really like this series! :) Thanks for sharing it! ;)

  4. Madwon Apr 19, 2007

    Nice JOB !
    I really really like it.

    I just wish you could redo her mouth/lips in some other fashion. Something about that just throws it off.
    But very nice.
    If you do decided to do something like that...please pm me :)

  5. inREVERIEforever Apr 20, 2007

    Wah so beautiful!
    I absolutely love the vector.
    The background is quite beautiful. Very lovely.
    I don't really like what you did with the font. The darkish motion blur doesn't look too well. I'd think it'd be better if it had a lighter look to it.
    But I love everything else besides that. Great work!

  6. rika23 Apr 20, 2007

    Sugoi! <3 the vector esp the lip XD (shiny desu~!)
    i like the font ^_^
    etto, the background color is seems more dull than the vector ^^"
    maybe you can put more color back there ^^"
    Demo, Nice work on this desu~!

  7. Sinever Apr 20, 2007

    simply beautifull
    I love it
    well done

  8. auel1124 Apr 23, 2007

    yay! there are only a few widescreen wallpapers, and my computer is widescreen, so every time I use a wall, it looks rather bad
    and yes, it looks better in full view... I wonder why everything looks horrible in the thumbails xD
    keep up the great work!

  9. katyanna Apr 23, 2007

    Very pretty. I love her expression and the background. The colors flow together very naturally. Good work and thanks for sharing. ^_^

  10. eternallegend Apr 25, 2007

    i like the colour scheme and the misty look XD the vector is done nicely and i like the background with the planets and shooting star :D nice wall ^^

  11. enchantment Apr 25, 2007

    the vector looks really nice and the background with the planets and the shooting stars look really lovely :D i love the mood and feelings from the wall :) nice wall~^^

  12. Jember880314 Sep 20, 2007

    OK I like Himikoden so I will like & fond about all concerned about Himikoden too
    Top arts with nice effect & background
    Beauty anime girl with superb nice coloring !

    Ok, superb art !

  13. laluuci Feb 08, 2009

    very beautiful picture

  14. abdullahfahim Nov 12, 2009

    Awsum pic luuuuuv it! thnx and gud luk in ur next wals!

  15. xnax Apr 30, 2010

    nice job with this one, love the scene

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