Wolf's Rain Wallpaper: Nocturne

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nocturne (n.) A painting of a night scene.

no tablet used btw.

yes, this is a painting, and its a night scene XD. I dont know, the title "nocturne" just popped up in my head because I used to play piano until a couple months ago and I remember one of the composers had some nocturnes. (beethoven? cant remember. help me out here, nari)
you would think I would get a little smarter after I did my kenshin wall and half the people couldnt even see what was in the wall because it was so dark. I have a feeling that this is going to have the same problem. Oh joy.

well ive been working on this for a couple months now, but its been an on and off thing. I originally started on this for the paint-o-rama let there be light contest. I was just thinking about letting it rot away in my computer but I felt that it would be a waste since I spent so much time on it. so since this wall took so long to make, I want to avoid a huge summary and I'll see if I can get a really short list of stuff I did

-took me a week to vector and paint this (im slow)
-painted sky, ocean, mountains, water, fog..blah blah
-added texture from DA!
-brush below title made by elfe-noire43

yea, cheza cant fly i think. But there was a scene where she got into the water after they got out of that scary forest or cave or what ever it was (i watched WR a while ago) to bathe in moonlight, and I liked the pose in the scan so I just combined the scenes. I really love wolves so I wish I couldve added a wolf in there.

Id say cheza is about the only female character in an anime that has a relationship with a bishie i like that i approve of. (if that made sense) I actually like cheza a lot XD

wellz enjoy. untextured version available upon request (ye, if many ppl want to see it i might just add a link. im a bit lazy right now tho)

biggest BIGGEST thanks go to...
-cheche (yeh, cheche has an MT account too but I think shes more active on her AP one)
...for critiquing my wall and putting up with my idiotness
if i forgot someone, let me know and I'll add you to the list! I promise i didnt forget on purpose...Im just really out of it.


i just cant seem to avoid huge wallpaper summaries X-P

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  1. inREVERIEforever Apr 17, 2007

    YAY you finally submitted it in!
    It's really beautiful. You did an outstanding job painting and vectoring this wall.
    Awesome work! :D

  2. PinkPrincessLacus Apr 17, 2007

    YAY you finally got to finish it, after all the hard work you put into it, and fighting photoshop with it lol, it was time well spent anribell, ITS AMAZING! Such detail and softness. I love the whole layout and design of it. Its a master piece, I LOVE IT! yay the Cheza countdown is complete, mission accomplished Starr yay ^_^.

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 18, 2007

    The lighting looks fantastic and though I would prefer some color in the background, the gray-ness works well with the girl's colors. Just one thing: on the left hand (our left, her right) there seems to be some (extraction?) problem. Other than that, nicely done!

  4. fawna-chan Apr 18, 2007

    What a beautiful scene...:)
    The pitch darkness looks good with the contrast of the bright light that Cheza's reaching up to. Nice work painting. :D

  5. monicayurie Apr 18, 2007

    Another amazing wallpaper from you!
    Congratulations once again!
    Bye... :)

  6. xianghua Apr 18, 2007

    Wow beautiful anri-san! I remembered you showed me this wall ,asking if i can see the clouds XD
    I was wondering when you'd put it up! It looks great! The rays of light are well done!
    I just love the darkness in this wallie!
    Nice work! Can't wait for more! *favs*

  7. annakee Apr 18, 2007

    great work with the reflex of the moon... at last you did it ^_^
    beautiful, really!

  8. alterlier Apr 18, 2007

    I love the dark colors in this one and the soft painty look it has, at the same time i dig the bg perspective and the perfect detail that those flowers are reprensenting...maybe I dont quite like the red in her eyes but as a minor detail....the wallpaper is looking very good.

  9. MapleRose Retired Moderator Apr 18, 2007

    wow, I like the atmosphere, esp the painted look of the background ^__^ and the subtle reflection is a nice touch ;) and I like the textures ^^

    the lighting is nice, though I think she probably should have more shadows on her (ie dramatic shadows) since the light is so dramatic. those flowers look nice too, though a bit sharp (esp the front one) compared to the bg (like the softer mountains).

    ahh I wish you had finished this for PoR's contest...

    merged: 04-18-2007 ~ 01:39pm
    btw her red eyes are creepy >___<

  10. Sinever Apr 18, 2007

    beautifull wallie starr-chan
    its well made & I really love it

  11. enchantment Apr 18, 2007

    wow, i love how you did the backgounrd :D and the light rays look really nice :) i love how you painted the background :D yay, go the piano XD lol XD i love the title of your wall :D nice wall~^^

  12. shiwei Apr 18, 2007

    nice wallpaper, the background scenery is beautiful.
    the colours and effects is great. keep it up, +fav

  13. Sabbathiel Apr 18, 2007

    beautifull wallpaper, I like dark themed wallies. :)
    brilliant choice of background

  14. Maji Apr 18, 2007

    Clean work, beautiful scan and a perfect fitting atmosphere. What more do a wall need? :)
    Very beautfiul wallpaper! I like it very much. Although I'll never get on with the colour of her eyes, that's the only thing for which I hate the designers of the anime xD

  15. pamkips Apr 18, 2007

    waaaayy awesome starr,
    way too pweety and dark
    way to go on the emo tones :D

  16. moonescape Apr 19, 2007

    Just beautiful! This is something worth full viewing. I mean the concept and the painting was just fantastic. The effects and atmosphere in this wallpaper makes it such a dramatic scene in here.

    What I mainly liked how was you painted the fog, water reflecting the clouds, and the ray of light. It was nice how you added some flowers floating on the water.

    It's alright the vector of this was very good. It's so clean! Definately gotta fave this one. Makes me miss painting my wallpaper. T_T

  17. gaara-no-shukaku Apr 19, 2007

    I totally love the atmosphere in here, especially when seeing lots of clouds. Nice work with the lighting, mountains and also the water. I think the flowers are okay enough.

    But, the girl should have more dramatic shadow, especially on her lower body. And her eyes are creepy though.

    Anyway, great job overall. :D

  18. eternallegend Apr 19, 2007

    i like the way you did the lighting and the overall atmosphere XD the painting is done really well and i like the clouds and the whole dramatic look :D the water looks lovely and the mountains are done really well :) great wall ^^

  19. DarthTofu Apr 19, 2007

    Chopin wrote Nocturnes. ;)
    At least, he wrote the most famous ones...
    *classical music freak*

    It's so pretty, but I think the girl should be shaded more dramatically, cuz it looks like her whole body is being lit up, even though it's just from above. It's very dramatic.

    like everyone else said. xD Woah, and are her eyeballs red? Freaky.

  20. URanimEnigma Apr 19, 2007

    I saw the work in progress. I listened to the complaints. But, now I see the final result. Miraculously, you finished with awesome results. I still don't get how you could paint those details so well. HAHA! And you even kept the moon. Cool. It looks good. Sorry, I'm all finished with worthy critiquing. So, all I have are simple compliments. All your hard work produced not only a good wallpaper, but a work of art you should be proud of. Keep it up.

  21. Narikoneko Apr 20, 2007

    *Nari to the rescue* ~ well weren't we actually talking about the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven back then? [when? lol then then a long time ago]. But as for the Nocturnes, the only ones I heard about are the ones Chopin wrote.


    OMG OMG Anri you submitted it! *dies* This is so awesome, you know that very well, I really don't understand why you said it's ugly and blah blah - look at all the love you received! XD How did you manage to finish the moon? It looks kick-ass ^_^ And again, OMG you can paint without a tableeeet~! How? Just tell me hoow?
    Anyways, this is a very good wall, and it looks very good on my desk ;) . Finally, after all the hard work, you managed to pull out beautifully. I'm proud of you T_T. Oh and a favvie from meh, kyaahh I luv this... T_T

  22. Devilet Apr 21, 2007

    UGH, why didn't I see this sooner?! Now I'm probably going to repeat what others have said, damn everything! j/k, lol.

    You know your walls always have a different feel than other scenics, they're done with care I can tell. Not just slapped on with crappy brushes, but done from scratch to great detail. The lightning is just awesome! I think it really ties everything together, great monotone kind of look to it, and it fits the character. Gladly add this to my favs, now my next fav will have to live up to this, that might be a challenge, haha. Good work *nod*

  23. melymay Apr 22, 2007

    Wow... I'm speechless. This is a really impressive wall. I love the scene. The water was nicely done. Keep it up! +fave

  24. chisaikame Apr 22, 2007

    this is love! awesome! it has a lonely atmosphere and yet, still able to emanate a glimpse of hope and sombre beauty! great work! :D

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