D Gray-Man Wallpaper: Fly High

Katsura Hoshino, TMS Entertainment, D Gray-Man, Lenalee Lee Wallpaper
Katsura Hoshino Mangaka TMS Entertainment Studio D Gray-Man Series Lenalee Lee Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

well Im back with a new wallie :)
this time I wanted to make a fantasy theme wallie so this is it XD
well first of all I took a screenshot of Lenalee & then enlarged the image & after that vectored it...well after enlarging the image it was difficult to vector it because the details kinda mixed up....& also I have done some changes in her face.
after that I painted the bg & the used some textures & brushes :D
it took about a week & I used 92 layersn :)
well its a simple wallie but I really hope you like it mina :D
see ya ;)

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  1. BlueAngel17 Apr 11, 2007

    I think this needs more light.. or maybe it's just because of my monitor.. but the lighting seems not in place.. her shoes glows a reflection but it seems that the light is being cast on the left side of the wallpaper. anyway, i like the simplicity of the wall. I just wish it would be a little more brighter.. because it's supposed to be heavenly.. but hey, a quite dark heaven doesn't seem so bad at all. :)

  2. schwindelmagier Apr 11, 2007

    Haha, wanna know what? I wanted to vector this screenshot of Linali too ^__^. Well, now, I do not need so. The wallie is wonderful. The sky looks brilliant and so does the vector. Clean and nice vector of a wonderful and pretty Linali.
    keep up your great work.

  3. temarigenius Apr 11, 2007

    Nice! I really liked this picture of her~ I've always wanted to draw it!
    And yea~ she looks like she's flying! The bg and the vector is both good~ I just love this wallpaper~

  4. x-lawss Apr 11, 2007

    Sinever, this look great :)
    Not a job just done, but a job well done!

  5. silverdragon Apr 11, 2007

    I like it a lot! I think the sky looks really well with the vector :) I also like what you did with her face, she looks more womanly XD
    good job!

  6. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2007

    You are really great at vectoring! Beautiful! I love it! But a bishounen would be better! ;) XD

  7. Angi Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2007

    pretty blue colors
    its kinda simple bg but it looks nice,
    pretty good vector, youre really good vectoring
    nice work!

  8. ArtificialRaindrop Apr 11, 2007

    So Gorgeous ^_^ I really thought the vector you made was actually, a high quality scan till I read your description :D I especially love the fluffy clouds contrasted with the semi-scratchy texture in the background. Very nicely done ^_^ I think I might use this one one my desktop (I love blue! :D)

  9. Maji Apr 11, 2007

    I personally don't like vectors with no outline that much, but this one looks awsome! oO Also its well blended with the background, which looks great, too. *favs* and maybe a new desktop :]

  10. starrliteangel Apr 11, 2007

    I love it! veryy nice XD The colors are beautiful, and like...3 people above me, Ive also wanted to vector this image XD Im glad you did it first though, because I dont have time and yours looks much better than mine would have been. I think you should add some more tones to the bg rather than just the blue. It also looks a bit oversaturated, and IMO, you might want to place the texture over both rinali and the bg so they blend in better. But even with the texture on the bg, it still looks great! I think this is one of those few walls where it can get away without having both the chara and the bg textured.

  11. pamkips Apr 11, 2007

    I totaly agree with starr


  12. yalubluchay Apr 11, 2007

    looks great, love it :)

  13. OrpheusTheBard Apr 12, 2007

    Wonderful! Very well done vector, and the color and brightness of the background is just on the right spot. ^^

  14. rubenz Apr 12, 2007

    From screenshot? o.o the vector is beautiful ^^ And I love the bg also :D

  15. yui20 Apr 12, 2007

    Impressive ! ^^ U said u are working on the vector, and tht's the one !
    Nice Renalee ^^, I really love this wallie :P
    The color is very pretty, and look very soft ^^ ~~
    I know the SS is pretty messy >.< ~ And U can make it sooooo nice, I just love her face, look so mature here :P

  16. o0Beginner0o Apr 12, 2007

    hehe, this is great, i never seem to accept your skill at vectoring haha XD, i really like this 1, either because blue is my favourite colour or your full of skillfullness*don't think thats a word....*

    its probably just me but her right hand really confuses me >_>,well adding this to my favourites and adding your "don't lay another touch" while i'm at it......once again good vectoring in that 1 haha XD

  17. panche Apr 12, 2007

    desde que vi ese ending queria esa imagen de leenari graciaaaaaaas

  18. eternallegend Apr 12, 2007

    wow :D the vectoring is amazingly done especially since you used a screenshot of her XD it is really well done and the colours you chose are nice :) the feathers add a nice touch and i like the texture-ish look of the background :D the atmosphere is wonderful and i like how your wall seems nice and peaceful and heavenly in a way XD lovely wall ^^

  19. enchantment Apr 12, 2007

    wow, nicely vectored :) i love the background :D the sky looks lovely and the feathers are a really nice touch to your wall :) love the texturey background :) lovely wall~^^

  20. inREVERIEforever Apr 12, 2007

    I love the vector! I love this image of her! It's nice to see that someone has vectored it. :) But I do agree with Starr. The sky can use some more tones and colors other than blue. Yup, but the background is nice indeed.

    Yes it's a BEAUTIFUL wallpaper. :D

  21. jaderabbit Apr 12, 2007

    Sweet, finally some good d-grey man wallpapers ^_^

  22. Saikusa Retired Moderator Apr 12, 2007

    Very beautiful! The background is so soft and inviting. Lovely subtle & gentle textures to give it that little something extra... and a pretty girl to top it all off :) Great work! :D

  23. rika23 Apr 12, 2007

    Lovely background desu~!
    And vector ! like em' so much desu~!
    suiseiseki will put it on the fav bucket desu~! and feature on sakura--cb des~! ^^
    *later put that up gts now XD*

  24. mystvearn Apr 12, 2007

    quite a nice wallpaper, a different take on the character colors which is nice too

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