Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Two Fragments of a Dream [Vector]

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne, Meer Campbell, Vector Art


Artist Comment

First of all, hope everyone enjoys their holiday! Yay for long weekends! Now...

I was surprised that this vector turned out to be my most challenging one yet. I won't go into every little detail though, just the hardest stuff. Let's see...
-Lacus's dress. It looked pretty straightforward, until I realised that there was transparent material covering her dress. I was going to just ignore it but then I put it in anyways.
-The fingers. Never been good at fingers...
-The designs on their dresses. Took a few hours by itself. (And I felt like I had vectored a bunch of blue bananas afterwards O.o)
-The shoes had almost ten layers each pair, and took over an hour.
-One of the hardest parts was getting the right skin colour for Lacus and Meer! Especially Meer! I swear in the original scan her skin is pure purple! I tried using colours from all sorts of scans and screenshots and then I played with all sorts of colour adjustments that I didn't even know existed. Finally I came up with something reasonable, which also took over an hour.
-Did you ever realise how different Lacus and Meer are? Different skin colour, different hair colour, different hair style, different eye colour, different eye style, different mouth, different everything.
-Oh and also, this was my first time working with coloured outllines! But it turned out alright.

(I'm becoming really horrible with descriptions, so I'm just saying whatever comes to mind right now :P)

Outline- 11 hrs 40 mins
Colouring- 11 hrs 40 mins
Total- 23 hrs 20 mins
(The outlining and colouring took exactly the same amount of time! Wierd.)

Outline- 7
Colour- 68
Total- 75

Well I hope you like this vector! Please tell me what you think, and thanks in advance for any comments or faves!


P.S. Advice: Don't vector for hours right before bed! You might end up awake all night thinking of anchor points and shape layers... O.o

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  1. saki-xan Apr 09, 2007

    Wow! It is very cool ... his effort is obvious for achieving a good vector, the san I complete this one, he(she) looks like to me to have given itself all a great fan of Lacus/Meer.

  2. barara Apr 09, 2007

    Wow... Another vector, Hikari-san? :) This is really good, as the other... Good work, I like the colors that you used... Thanks for sharing with us! It's lovely! :D

  3. entity1660 Apr 09, 2007

    You're just as fast as me! It's amazing! =3

  4. Maynye14 Apr 09, 2007

    aaauuuu~~~~ good! Meer/Lacus! thanks for sharing! ;D

  5. Rosegirl18 Apr 09, 2007

    It's lovely! I love it!

  6. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Apr 09, 2007

    This is so cool! You've made this look very beautiful! The fingers look great, you did a terrific job! And I really like the dresses too. Thanks for sharing this! :)

  7. saphira0589 Apr 09, 2007

    This is a really beautiful vector! I like the colours. Great job. ^_^

  8. moonescape Apr 09, 2007

    Note that I saw this one coming. >:D I'm glad you vectored it because I was lazy of trying it at all. The outlines are overall smooth and clean too. I'm glad you added details on the eyes (Must've been because of the scan was so big). Like how you tried different colors for the outlines this time. :D

    Nooo... I don't think you should've ignored the transparency. I mean vectoring the transparency places are awesome and make your vector cooler. >:D

    Yah, I've noticed that Lacus and Meer are so alike, but I bet that people thought Lacus got tanned so that's why they never thought she was an impresonator. XD

    Maybe next time try to outline everywhere with different colour except for black. Though exclude the eyes of course. :) Defaintely faving this one! ;)

  9. pana Apr 09, 2007

    nice vectoring there
    well done

  10. norine07 Apr 10, 2007

    omg omg omg omg! ash-chan i love it! XD very neat and well done~ XD nicely done~ ^-^

  11. pamkips Apr 10, 2007

    it's quite preety and it's clean :D

  12. xianghua Apr 11, 2007

    Oh my Wow! JUdging from your description you must've put a very long time on this! It looks very very good!
    I was waiting for someone to vector this image!
    Great work! Hope to see more!

  13. animekikyoustormelissa Apr 14, 2007


    this is a wonderful picture its so pretty!

  14. spiritsword Apr 14, 2007

    Lacus and Meer are indeed different if you look carefully, but they do look alike at first glance. Meer have an air of childishness and restlessness about her whereas Lacus exudes an aura of serenity.

  15. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Apr 14, 2007

    They looks gorgeous......... XD
    Great job! +fav.
    Arigatou GozaimaSu! :D

  16. fredsmart Apr 14, 2007

    Very Good I Like them

  17. eternallegend Apr 16, 2007

    the vector is really well done :D i like the transparent look on the dress and the designs are done really well :) its nice and clean XD lovely work ^^

  18. yuieidawa May 20, 2007

    I'm not a fan of these two, but I like their looks here. Awesome.

  19. hhbfrance Jun 16, 2007

    wonderful vectoring, +fav^^

  20. Pachanz Aug 12, 2007

    Nice vector . It's sweet and beautiful. I like it.

  21. abul Oct 06, 2007

    lol XD
    y isnt it in faves XD

  22. Saulofein Oct 10, 2007

    Nice job done on this vector :)

  23. mika921 Feb 09, 2008

    great job! I really love how it looks!

  24. BLOODGRIM Mar 31, 2008



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