Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: For HotaruZala and thingperson

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Yes, this vector I dedicated to HotaruZala and thingperson. The reason why was thingperson gave me a little greeting card for my birthday and I really treasure it. >.< I know I don't talk to HotaruZala a lot, but I thought she and thingperson deserve it. Since they're best friends I hope they could share this vector together. ^_^' I hope they like it! :)

At first I thought this vector was easy, but I was wrong. The outlines may have been easy, but the colouring and shades were difficult. I kept stressing them out and including their eyes. I messed up the shape of their eyes and the smile I'm just not good when it comes to te mouth. I never was an artist espeically when it comes to drawing. :sweat:

I regret that this vector could've been better and especially the color. The scan was like frickin dark especially for Athrun. I had to guess and put my eyes close to the laptop to see if the colors looked correct.

Insirpation: Dedication to HotaruZala and thingperson
Scan: Scan of Athrun & Cagalli was by me.
Started: 4/3/07 - 4/5/07
Hours: 17h and 20min (Athrun = 7h and Cagalli = 10h 30min)
Shapes: 300+
Hardest Part: Eyes, mouth, and guessing the colors
Easiest Part: outlines
Credits: The person who I bought the sticker on ebay was lilithchan
Note: - Fell in love with the picture so I definately had to buy it when I so it on ebay. ^_^'
- I'll never know why when I scanned it the picture turned out dark. :sweat:
- This vector could've been posted yesterday or earlier, but most of the time I procrasinated while I was vectoring. ^_^'
- Only HotaruZala and thingperson (Of course me too.) may use this vector for whatever they want (since it's a gift) without credit. For everyone else who wants to use it they must credit. :p

[Edit] - I didn't post a progresss vector because it's a gift so gifts are suppose to be surprises and a secret. :P

Next vector will be another dedication, but it's going to take time because it's a difficult one so you won't see me submit anything very soon. DX

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  1. barara Apr 06, 2007

    kawaiiiii! I love it *-* AsuCaga 4ever! X-P

  2. entity1660 Apr 06, 2007

    Oh, my, it's so cuuuuute, moon-san! <33 A tad big, though. But I guess I used to do that too. I like how the color came out, it's always good to use the eyedropper tool and then lower the color in the color range. That's what I do or you could always level the scan to make it lighter.

  3. saki-xan Apr 06, 2007

    Ajajaj, kawai ~~~~ athrun and cagalli chibi! Together! Other one astonishes of his vector!:D is a very good work I begin! Congratulations!

    merged: 04-06-2007 ~ 11:54am
    Ajajaj, kawai ~~~~ athrun and cagalli chibi! Together! Other one astonishes of his vector!:D is a very good work I begin! Congratulations!

  4. ASH-Hikari Apr 06, 2007

    This is so adorable! OMG beyond kawaii! And I think you did a great job! You put a lot of effort and tried your best and to me that's always what counts the most! Plus either way it turned out awesome! (The scan really is kinda dark.) Anyways congrats on this, it's well-done and so cute ^_^

  5. AsuCaga87 Apr 06, 2007

    haha.. Saw your scan of the 2 stickers. I bought the Athrun one sometime ago! They're for sticking on your handphone, ipod, etc, aren't they. I put it on my laptop cover. I've been trying to find the Cagalli one so that I can stick them together side by side. :D But it's not easy, seeing how Gundam Seed (Destiny) is not a particularly new anime. Great vector, by the way. They look so cute together!

  6. Sinever Apr 06, 2007

    I love it

  7. toumarie Apr 06, 2007


  8. HotaruZala Apr 07, 2007

    *squeels with happiness and hugs* I can't thank you enough for this..this is the absolute sweetest thing ever!^^ I love those stickers too and would you believe I saw a wall scroll of Athrun in a kimono and I nearly fainted so if u see that around e-bay at anytime let me know. *giggles* Thank you so much for this adorable vector! I'll get to work on a friendship card for us once my papers for class are all done...until then..if u have any oneshot requests for your fave gundam seed characters be it AsuCaga or Kira and Lacus and I'll totally write a one shot for ya.^^

  9. norine07 Apr 07, 2007

    omg omg! kawaii desu~ chibi cagalli and athrun! XD so cute! XD hahax..! very neat! XD

  10. GloriaChan Apr 07, 2007

    So cute >_<

  11. destinychild Apr 09, 2007

    Kya so kawaiii desu, and I lobe the bg xD

  12. thingperson Apr 10, 2007

    Oh my gosh moonescape this vector is so pretty i love it so much im amazed by you really your the sweetest thing ever thank you so much i love how cagalli and athrun look i love this scan and the vector is so pretty im amazed really and your the sweetest thing dedicating it to me and your so welcome for the birthday card i consider us best friends to and i really appreciate this your the sweetest thing for doing this *hugs so much* i love this so much thank you so much your the bestest..*hugs*.


  13. JCzala Apr 15, 2007

    This vector is so adorable. Despite the dark colors, I like the lines and depthness. The background really fits the characters. Good work. Adding this to faves.

  14. ealpha-scorpio Apr 25, 2007

    O Gosh! This is sooooooooooooooooo....cute! Cagalli is a sweatheart here! Unlike her personality she look like good little girls. But Athrun looks a bit naughty. Yup! Chibi Athrun looks palyful here and I want to know why?! :D Lols* Great Job!

  15. adela2505 Aug 31, 2007

    I love it! :)
    Asucaga 4ever!

  16. chimot Feb 11, 2010


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