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Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, .hack//G.U., Atoli, Haseo, Azure Kite
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Mangaka .hack//G.U. Series,Game Atoli Character Haseo Character Azure Kite Character


Artist Comment

WO! .Hack//GU vol 2 is coming out soon! :D

I started on this one about a year ago..yea..I neglected it until I heard about vol 2, and I got all hyped up again! I want to draw the 2nd cover so I figured I better finish the first one first.. XD (so excited and proud I finished ToT) (((NEKOOOOO!)))

This week is my spring break so I all I've been doing is finishing it up (no life). The most annoying part of this cg was fricken Atoli (dang, what a pest) The character bugs me to death u_u; Most of the cg has all these dark colors and she's this BOOM, bright, thing.. >_> Oh well, I'm done. Enjoy!


Chosen by fireflywishes and euna

You thought this was a scan? Well, you're wrong.

Chubbykitty has done a marvellous job on the colours and shading of this artwork. It is well laid out and painted from top to bottom. Excellent work :)

Proposed by fireflywishes and highlighted by euna.

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  1. MallieChan Apr 05, 2007

    omfg.. i love this so much ;3; it makes me cry
    ish so prettyful x3 your are so awesome to captures all the textures and colours *_* isnant fav
    i lub your work <3

  2. pamkips Apr 05, 2007

    wow, I suddenly got the urge to paint :D
    the details are...wow
    nicely done, yo

  3. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Apr 05, 2007

    WOW. This really is a quality piece chubbykitty! Excellent job on the colors and shading-- It looks like an official scan from an artbook or something! The foreground character is especially well done (And his? weapons are so unique!) Background character's eye is creeeeepy! *shudders* Well, despite that it is still such a stunning work that I am going to fav it! Keep up the great work! :D

  4. Ephemeral-Garden Apr 05, 2007

    Compared to your previous submissions, I think this one is really unique and beautifully done.

    I agree with fireflywishes :) - it really looks like an official scan from an artbook. The painting are very professionally done. The drawings of the characters, the weapons, the cool outfits, every detail is just awesome. Colouring is awesome as well. >.<

    Great job. I really love this one.

  5. gel-chan Apr 10, 2007

    The black haired guy looks like Sasuke.
    Looks great!

  6. MapleRose Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2007

    O_o ...

    wow... nice CG :) I like hair highlights ^^ and awesome details :)

  7. euna Retired Moderator Apr 11, 2007

    Excellent work!

    Lovely use of red/orage shades and fantastic job on keeping the whole artwork consistent with its style. Your painting skills are also very good. Great job :)

  8. ideal Apr 12, 2007

    is it really hand-drawn? damn your pretty good!
    i can't say anything, i'm speachless! XD
    just one thing: excellent! excellent! excellent!^^

  9. o0Beginner0o Apr 12, 2007

    wow...this is GREAT, your shading and shadows are great, must of been really hard to draw

    adding this to my favourites

  10. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 13, 2007

    Shut up!
    This is bloody awesome. The details are excellent and the coloring is really well done! Great job!

  11. Jarrek Apr 13, 2007

    This one is awsome I love it.
    . hack gu rocks,awsome job

  12. ShiXon Apr 14, 2007

    goodness! I thought this was a scan D: I never would've guessed xD
    excellent job I must say <3 It's just so wonderful .. ;-;

  13. LifeAndColor Apr 17, 2007

    Dynamic and Sinister! I love the color shades. It really brings out the emotion of the picture.

  14. rythem Apr 19, 2007

    *O* is this a paint over or artwork from scratch ? anyhow the painting is really good <3

  15. itachi300 Apr 25, 2007

    <3 It's really good!
    .hack gu is one of my favorites

    merged: 04-25-2007 ~ 10:37am
    <3 It's really good!
    .hack gu is one of my favorites

  16. KisekiAeon Apr 25, 2007

    It looks so much like official art. +_+

    Awesome job!

  17. DarthTofu May 02, 2007

    *stare stare* Holy shit that's awesome.

  18. WWLAOS Jun 07, 2007

    Awesome. That is some amazing detail. The characters each sing out their own personalities without stepping on each other's toes. The colors are incredible, and the hair...oh my god the hair looks so good! The smoldering background with the shattering chains looks fantastic as well. Atoli's hat is a little...erm...off, somehow. It's not deformed, just a little...lopsided. Despite that minor (very, very minor) nitpick, this is still one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Just...wow.

  19. Sakura-Dust Feb 05, 2008

    A year of work on this fanart paid off.
    It got highlighted and a lot of people simply adore it (count me there) ^____^
    Who's the guy in black? When I first saw your drawing I thought it was Sasuke in a cosplay fanart. And thanks for posting in my thread too ^/3\^ (you got a kiss from Itachi XD)

  20. hayashinomura Oct 04, 2008

    First I think it's scan, but I'm wrong...
    So detailed art like the original one... I love it....^_^
    It must be hard to coloring like that, don't ya?
    Thanks for sharing

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