Amazing Nuts! Wallpaper: WfdGugdeV

Amazing Nuts! Wallpaper
Amazing Nuts! Series

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this scene goes back to the age of discos... paraphernalia... stroboscopic lights... licentiousness: (and my sister with her ipod playing placebo in a corner)
"Wir fluten dein Gehirn und gehen durch eure Venen" (We flood your brain and go through your veins)

this is based on the OVA of Studio 4°c ( four grades celsius ) called "Amazing Nuts"; an compiled of four animated shorts with each featuring its own distinct animation style and music.

this is my first work with my tablet, and this took me 6 hours. first i used the autotrace on illustrator for leave the screenshot in gray. after that i colour again that on photoshop, drew new lines and painted it... only for psychedelic souls ^.^
remember, this is my first work with the tablet. of the six hours, two was for get used to it.

i need advices, so all your suggestions are welcome.

my groups ^^
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  1. Lum-sann Apr 03, 2007

    Oh honey! your first work with pen is wonderful! u did such a great work! ^_^
    I love the colors and the all scene, the characters look great! ^^
    I want to see more works with the pen! ^^
    Fav chuack and evil hug! XD

  2. Sinever Apr 03, 2007

    I have nothing to say about it except for nice work neko-kun
    well done

  3. URanimEnigma Apr 03, 2007

    Now that you mention it, it does look like they're in a room with many lights in it. I'm sorry man. I have no advice. I'm worthless. HAHA.

  4. Melisandre Apr 03, 2007

    Que voy a decir que no haya dicho ya? Pues que es una maravilla, como siempre y que me encanta el uso de los efectos luminosos y que la tableta ha sido una gran compra, enhorabuena y felicidades!

    Amazing work, as always, sweet neko-chan ;)

  5. Danielly Apr 03, 2007

    sogooi toraneko-okimi-sama!
    once again you did a wonderful job XD
    i loved the effects you used here ;)

  6. Angi Retired Moderator Apr 03, 2007

    para ser la primera vez q tocas tu tablet

  7. starrliteangel Apr 04, 2007

    I love the pose, the perspective, and the light shining through! The colors are beautiful! I thought it looked like there was a sunset behind them..or something I dunno. Ohh Ive heard of the Amazing Nuts..only because Koda Kumi sang a song for it.

    I kind of think they look a bit blurry. I dont think it matters if the girl's lips are blurred, or if her face is blurred, but I think her eyes need a bit more definition, a bit more sharpness. The could also do with some more colors in them too, like highlights. Right now, it looks as if she doesnt really have a neck, so you might want to put highlighted skin like you did with the side of her face.

    agghghghgh it looks so great! this isnt fair annakee, Im going to hit you for getting a tablet. XD youre already so good..what are you going to do by getting even better? give me your tablet. har har! jk. <3 your wallpapers so I cant wait to see what theyre going to look like with extensive use of this tablet, neko-san. You better use it as best as you can since Im never going to get one T-T

    merged: 04-04-2007 ~ 08:51am
    *mutters* omg I hate this stupid fav button..Ive already clicked it like 10 times and it wont let me fav it!

    merged: 04-04-2007 ~ 08:51am
    ope, never mind

  8. alterlier Apr 04, 2007

    me acuerdo de lo primero que hice con una tabla, le puse porqueria....
    ya te dije que me habia gustado y blah blah....but if there's something I can complain about is that you didn't put too much tought on this, you put effort and work of course...but like I asked last night, what are you gonna do with the original image apart from painting it? not even changing the colors?
    since it's the first one with the tablet I guess it was just a test and stuff but you know I like to complain...

    merged: 04-05-2007 ~ 12:49am
    another thing....

    bro, by that time listening to placebo, I'm gonna be so high I'm not gonna know where the corner even is

  9. Devildude Apr 04, 2007

    This... is fantastic, not that I am a fan of the strobe lighting up the arse of a bullish englishman type, this wall marks a favorite spot when I just look at it from afar, the whole close up aspect, the whole idea, the whole presentation of it caught my eyes and make them wander across to admire the skill infused.
    A perfect play of excellent execution walling theory meets walling perfection.

  10. Rorschach Apr 05, 2007

    HA!HA!Nice one again dude!

  11. CaMiLi Apr 06, 2007

    yeah, a german phrase and i understand it *lol* great job as alsways,.. u are always so creative >_> anakee ,.. wish i have a bit of your creativness XD Psychedelic RockS!

  12. darkwings Apr 07, 2007

    Wow! neko-san, you're great, do you know? you can do amazing walls, very impressive as always... about the bg, i really love it! and the effects too!

    (pd. Placebo is great!)

  13. maho-ho May 01, 2007

    The truth is that I do not like that the face is very great in wallpaper, I do not know it really, seems good to me is subject of the colors, but I prefer the scenes! Greetings!

  14. sakuya-sama May 03, 2007

    the fealling your wallie pass us is really mystic
    loved *.*

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