Keiyaku no Kuroneko Wallpaper: Don't lay another touch

Keiyaku no Kuroneko Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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well its finished XD
I never thought I can complete it but anyway I did it & Im so proud of myself :nya:
okay I want to thank Marissa-san for sharing such a wonderful scan :)
& I hope you like it & you wont be diappointed on me like my friend
saikusa-san once did ( I used a good vector with a stock image as a BG) gominasai saikusa-san :(
first of all I vectored the scan & then I made the bg :)
everything is made by me ( using all my skills of PS)
well I used 86 layers & it took me about 2 weeks to be done I think ^_^'
anyway hope you love & see you around mina :)


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  1. CaMiLi Apr 03, 2007

    oh my gosh u made it,.. this is my fav pic and u made such a great wall,.. thx for sharing + fav^^

    merged: 04-03-2007 ~ 10:38pm
    oh my gosh u made it,.. this is my fav pic and u made such a great wall,.. thx for sharing + fav^^

  2. Lum-sann Apr 03, 2007

    Wow sinever! ^_^
    Great vector art! it's really a beauty! ^^
    I <3 it! ^^ it's so nice and clean! you've really turned into a great waller! :D

  3. joemighty16 Apr 03, 2007

    Wow that is truly beautiful!

    The colors..."they should have send a poet..." +fav!

  4. SakuraShirayuki Apr 03, 2007

    oh my! i wanted to vector this scan too one day XDDD
    And gosh! it's fucking awesome! the pillows and everything wow! smooth and clean OMG

  5. annakee Apr 03, 2007

    sweet koala imouto... this is so gorgeous! amazin skill ^_^

  6. ThunderByte Apr 03, 2007

    You're right! No regret when looking this as full size :-)
    Great wallie. Thanks to creator and hope see more of your works in future.

  7. Zepphyre Apr 03, 2007

    Amazing, I loved the original scan and you certainly did it justice here. +fav

  8. inREVERIEforever Apr 03, 2007

    Simply amazing. The vector is so clean and beautiful.
    Haha I really love those pillows! They're so cute. XD
    Wah, I love it!

  9. Monica-chan Apr 03, 2007

    This looks simply perfect! Just like your previous wall!
    It's awesome! Really well done! Congratulations!
    Definitly a fav! Keep up with the good work!
    Kisses... :)

  10. pamkips Apr 04, 2007

    I was gonna vector this ;_____; thank god I didn't, 'cause it
    wouldn't of come out as pweety as this :D great use of
    shadows and amazing vectoring-ness, the only thing I'm
    not too fond of is the swirls, they stand out too much, but nether-theless
    amazing job, I know you worked extremely hard on this :D

  11. overbond Apr 04, 2007

    adorable... i love those oriental-looking-girls wearing futton and in very coloured/stylish poses... ;)

    great work!

  12. x-lawss Apr 04, 2007

    This look great!
    Simply amazing :)
    Keep it up XD

  13. rika23 Apr 04, 2007

    i can't believe that you made this wallie O_O
    you done a really good job desu~ ^^
    :thumbs up:

  14. enchantment Apr 04, 2007

    wow, lovely vectoring and the room is really nice :D i love the pillows and the light thingy is a nice touch :) i love the designs as well :) lovely wall~^^

  15. eternallegend Apr 04, 2007

    i like the nice designs in the background and the pillows look lovely :D the vectoring is really well done and the lamp thing helps add a nice touch to your wall :) the vase adds a nice touch and i like the overall composition of the background :D wonderful wall ^^

  16. Mya102 Apr 04, 2007

    nice wall, sinever ^^
    I enzy you :)
    oh, the scan look like jigoku shoujou lol..

  17. Hanazaki Apr 04, 2007

    I thought this is Hell-girl but I was wrong. A very beautiful wallie. Looking forward for your next work. + fav.

  18. BlueAngel17 Apr 04, 2007

    Somehow, I wished her legs.. the character itself has more "shine" or something.. because it seems that the background was wonderfully made, adding more volume, but the character only had the shine in her eyes, other than that, the others are flat. You don't have the vector the scan as is, but add more depth to make it much more better. Btw, the background impresses me so..

  19. gaara-no-shukaku Apr 04, 2007

    Nice work with the vector, cool idea for the background. But the whole wallpaper looks bad in term of composition. The lamp looks out-of-place, the girl looks a total flat. The perspective kills the beauty. Indeed.

  20. starrliteangel Apr 04, 2007

    ok, let me start off with the odd parts of the wall, and then go to the good parts.

    -like gaara and blue said, the girl looks too flat. she needs more highlights and shadows. if youre going to keep that orange lamp, she needs oranger highlights.
    -the pillows seem a bit too modern and out place. Personally, I think pillows with japanese kimono patterns would work out better, although they didnt really have fluffy pillows like those back in the feudal Japan..
    -lamp is too big. Its bigger than her head! ahhhh! O.O haha
    -the biggest problem I see in this wall right now (other than the lack of shadows and highlights) is how theres modern stuff mixed in with old time stuff. The pillows are out of place..the cute vector designs on the wall in the back are too modern, and they clash with the oriental style of her kimono. Vase looks okay, but again, it looks a bit too big. You should try comparing stuff with her head to see whether its too big or not. XD it usually works for me.
    -If your main source of light is the lamp, it needs to be dimmer, and things around her need to have darker shadows. Light sources from lamps like those dont extend very far.

    otherwise, nice vectoring, and I love the whole concept. It mustve been a pain to vector..I can just imagine! Great job!

  21. norine07 Apr 06, 2007

    i love the patterns on the wallie, the back ground and al of it is also well done. your vectoring skills have improved alot alot! pround of ya! XD love the colours put together and the way you presented the wallie, nice job! XD

  22. mystvearn Apr 06, 2007

    very nice wallpaper

  23. Fran Retired Moderator Apr 06, 2007

    The vectoring must have been a pain! I love it!
    You're definitely improving Sinever!
    Keep it up!

  24. Luceyd Apr 06, 2007

    You sure know how to surprise me with every new wallpaper you make.

    I love the effects you give, makes it more realistic. Though, the only thing it feels weird is the face, way too sad for such a beautiful wallpaper. Regardless, this is another masterpiece. Keep it up!

    And of course, added to my favs.

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