Ah! Megami-sama Wallpaper: La Nouvelle Lumiere

Kousuke Fujishima, Anime International Company, Ah! Megami-sama, Holy Bell, Belldandy Wallpaper
Kousuke Fujishima Mangaka Anime International Company Studio Ah! Megami-sama Series,OVA Holy Bell Character Belldandy Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

art-nouveau FANS UNITE!
finishing this took bloody long. And I despise more than ever the vectoring process. But even I am impressed with my own results. Doesn't it look perfect :_: or almost!
I'm sorry to the guys who have a desktop loaded with icons, I don't normally make busy walls, but i can't wall nouveau simple-ism-y.

you got 3 different ratio res and a full wallpaper walkthrough available at RevolutionApparel and I will up soon a bigger res than this over there, I made the wall in humongus size because of the vector detail XD
I hope you enjoy it cause I do!

widescreen-walls paint-o-rama art-nouveau

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  1. speedfreek19 Apr 02, 2007

    Truly outstanding work i have to say =D I've been waiting for you to do an A!MG one, so i was happy when you decided to do this and you and your skills have truly made a winner to say the least

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Apr 02, 2007

    Yay! Excellent vectoring and the colors look really soft. Great job!

  3. frozenwilderness Apr 02, 2007

    such complicated vector lines X___x

    I think the bg goes really well with the vector.. my only gripe about this is the fact that you combined vector lines w/ soft style cg which I can't really stand because it always feels like the lines are too hard/prominent to me and makes the image look kind of flat. Still, it's nice work because even though the scan is busy, you made up for it by putting it on a simple bg so the whole wall isn't cluttered.

  4. Tama-Neko Apr 02, 2007

    As your fellow Nouveau waller-in-crime I feel obligated to fav, but it's really just simply gorgeous, and the culmination of a lot of work that you should definately feel proud of.

    ...That was rather a weak comment, wasn't it?

  5. URanimEnigma Apr 02, 2007


  6. irix Apr 02, 2007

    wow, yeah, it's a great work... i didn't like so much the omg series, but the vector is great! :D

  7. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Apr 02, 2007

    Wow! Impressive!

  8. MizuhofanFFX2se Apr 02, 2007

    Great, very nice work there cabdy-chan.

    i can't open RevolutionApparel, my browser show "can't find the server at revap.freehostia.com." but the window tittle still show "Revolution Apparel".

  9. Greomer Apr 02, 2007

    Shugoi... ;)

  10. alterlier Apr 02, 2007

    heavenly feeling.............you made me work...

  11. ThunderByte Apr 02, 2007

    Thanks also providing 1600*1200 resolution version from this beautiful peace of art :-) Excellent job indeed.
    Will find way to be fav.

  12. pamkips Apr 02, 2007

    wow, so many details :D
    as the peeps above me said, amazing job
    and it is so stylistic, oh my art nouveau is awesomeness

  13. ZeroMasahara Apr 03, 2007

    I have no idea what these guys are saying, about vectors and stuff, but, it's simply fantastic. Just seeing this makes me soo amped, AGAIN! the flames of my passion are high. Ty for the inspiration, Kousuke Fujishima's work is what brought me into the anime world, and seeing this is really something. Great job, keep up the stellar warok :D Can anyone else say Favorites?

  14. gaara-no-shukaku Apr 03, 2007

    Candy, you made me looooooveee art nouveau! I don't like much of the clouds though, sort of realistic a bit. Anyway, where did you get big sized artnouveau pics? Tell me your ninja!

  15. enchantment Apr 04, 2007

    wow, the vectoring is really nicely done :) i love the design in the background and the colours are really nice :) really lovely idea and i love the way you were able to incorporate them into the background :D nice wall~^^

  16. eternallegend Apr 04, 2007

    i like the composition and the heavenliness of your wall :D the vectoring is really well done and the colours are nicely chosen :) i like the nice design and the arrangement of your wall :D nice wall ^^

  17. shiwei Apr 05, 2007

    wow, nice wallpaper. the vector is great.
    the clouds is not bad, like the background the way it is. ^^
    keep it up, +fav

  18. yashiko Apr 05, 2007

    This vector is excellent and it will fit to be a wallpaper. I love the details and the background is perfect for the theme. Thanks for sharing it and keep up the good work!

  19. Kyelor Apr 05, 2007

    The scans look really fresh and everything is so well-defined . . . you've definitely put lots of attention to detail!

  20. MissyG Apr 06, 2007

    Waaah I <3 Belldandy ! It looks really beautiful, the vectoring and all D: I like the idea for the background too! Thank you for the link also, I'll use the one with the res for my comp screen :3
    Good work, it's puuurrfect!

  21. redangel6112 Apr 06, 2007

    Wow! It's nice

  22. overbond Apr 08, 2007

    omg... that looks awesome!

    the colors of their clothes looks so good with the colors of that ring in the back, and the painted clouds are very well done too! ;)

    great work!

    and hooray for wide xD

  23. DarthTofu Apr 14, 2007

    Woah. *falls over*
    It's so beautiful! I love so much... And I really like how the design in the back isn't perfectly straight.

    I just realized I'm the only one in my family not using a widescreen monitor.... damn it!

  24. Lachette Apr 17, 2007

    Really nice vector work! Colors are really nice and antique!

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