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Finally it's done! and I made it in time for Vectory's Out of Bounds Contest.

Illuminated at Celestial Luminesse

This is vectored from a photograph I took of the poster I have in my room. I wanted to do this 'cause I love tigers ^^ But now.. I'm a bit sick of vectoring T__T ... I think I started this in February... (but I took a huge break in between though)

It's hard to distinguish the edges of the colours T__T ... I started out wanting to do a lot of details using a lot more in-between colours, but in the end, I got sick of staring at it, so I think I got a bit lazy to the end and used bigger blocks of colour.. I really really admire people who could vector from photographs with such fluid transitions...

What I love:
I love how the eyes turned out, esp the left one ^__^

What I dislike:
The right side of the face... T__T it took me forever....

The title is random.. from William Blake's poem.. if anyone has a better suggestion, please let me know!

Done in PSP8, with the pen tool. No gradients, no brushes, no filters.

vectory oringinal celestial-luminesse

Edit Apr 2: Vectored the background.. the old background sucked too much ^^;

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  1. CarbonR Mar 31, 2007

    oh wow even though i've never said hi (hi *waves*) this is cool, i can feel that tranquil effect you were going for. very solid vectoring which i shall fav.

  2. gaara-no-shukaku Mar 31, 2007

    I can see the winner now. w00t!
    You said you didn't use gradient, but the background is gradient lol.

    Great vexel, nice details and I'm very impressed of your style. The left eye is the perfect part. =) Though, if you can make the whiskers thinner, it would be greater.

  3. Sinever Mar 31, 2007

    I will not say anything except for you have done an excellent job on this
    congrats & good luck

  4. kashikosa Mar 31, 2007

    Wow. Really impressive! I reallu like the work. And you're right, the eyes are the most appealing. This needs to be rewarded with a fav!

  5. annakee Mar 31, 2007

    your work rule! i don't have patience for make that ^^'

  6. SakuraShirayuki Mar 31, 2007

    wow! this is one hell of an extraordinary vector!
    i'm really amazed!
    you like tigers , right? again! WOW

  7. Narikoneko Mar 31, 2007

    Neat~! The vector looks so hard to do... and I like the blocks of color. The only thing that is disturbing me is the color of the bg, mainly cuz I just don't like that kind of colors lol. I'd like to have so much patience XD I don't have patience to make a decent outline, what about something as amazing as this? XD Well good job, and a favvie from meh~ ^__^

  8. starrliteangel Mar 31, 2007

    Quote by gaara-no-shukaku
    You said you didn't use gradient, but the background is gradient lol.

    I dont think the bg is a gradient..it looks like blocks of different colors that gives it a gradient look. Gradients usually give a lower quality look

    wow! so much detail >.< it looks awesome, like one of those filter effects..hmm...cutout? that filter "look" isnt exactly one of my favorites, but I do love all the detail and color you put into this.
    hahah most people would just take the easy way out and stick it through the filter. XD youve got a lot of patience! I would dieee.

    just a suggestion, but some lower opacity fur around his body parts might work better. Ermm...I dont know how to explain this so it makes sense. Like, right now your tiger looks like hes glued to a wall rather than jumping out of a portal. My suggestion would be to have the fur fading into the green bg (like you have the green fading into the black), but I dont know how well that would work.

    yesh, i agree. I <3 the eyes!

    merged: 04-01-2007 ~ 12:29am
    O.O oh how odd...I just noticed that if you capitalize the group name for the BBcode, it shows up as a link in firefox, but the button doesnt show up in IE. hahah.

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator Mar 31, 2007

    Whoa. This is really neat! The details are crazy and the colors look great! Excellent job

  10. Fran Retired Moderator Mar 31, 2007

    Holy patience x)
    I love the way you vector it :o It looks pretty cool

  11. moonescape Mar 31, 2007

    Whao! This has a lot of detail in here. O_O I'm suprised by your talent on vectoring. :D I'd go crazy with having to put that much shades. This is increible. Wonder why it took sometime to make it into the elite gallery. :o

    I agree, I especially love how the eyes turned out here. It looks like you captured it very well from the poster. :D At the same time I'm quite tired of vectoring too due to the recent vector I made. >.<

    I remember tigers use to be my favorite animal, but today they still, or at least I think they're better than lions. >:D When I see this vector and the gradient background you used it tooks like the tiger was killed b a hunter and put on their wall. T_T

  12. pamkips Mar 31, 2007

    I hates you *strangles* stop vectoring better than me XD
    Omigosh am I implying something here? XD XD
    Oh my I <3 this, yo :D

  13. Odeena Apr 01, 2007

    Omigosh... is THAT a VECTOR?! *fullviews* *falls on her back*

    Senpai... you should have your own temple and worshipers. Seriously, you should. WOW.

  14. rubenz Apr 02, 2007

    OMG such a detail xD xD Awesome Maple chan ^^


  15. gaara-no-shukaku Apr 03, 2007

    Yo, now that totally wow-ed me. I couldn't believe that you can vector the water... O_o
    A magnificent piece, mod should highlight this.

  16. moonescape Apr 03, 2007

    Going to comment this again, but the vector for the water is awesome. IT looks better right now or the background combining with the vector. It's perfect! Better than the gradient definately! I'm glad that you updated it. :)

  17. starrliteangel Apr 03, 2007

    looks much better! I like it with the water XD Im going to illuminate this at CL when I have time (so many tests right now..Im not even supposed to be online >.<)

  18. Narikoneko Apr 03, 2007

    2nd comment - Yaay the bg looks kick-a$$ now! ~ And again Omgosh how can you actually vector water like that? Give me your skills and patienceee~~ :3 haha good job~! [again] ^^

  19. kashikosa Apr 03, 2007

    Not fair MapleRose! I cannot fav this once again, but this looks absolutely magnificent! The bg makes this SOO better!

  20. alterlier Apr 03, 2007

    I'm very impressed for the amount of work/effort that this piece is showing, I saw the previous version and yes definitely the extra work in the water issue was worth it, it looks amazingly stunning, and like you, I also love how the eyes turned out and how my sight is confused by this incredible palette of colors.
    one thing though, I dont see the necessity to put the copyright in the middle of the artwork, first it's actually hard to read what's there, so it's worthless, and then it's completely damaging the perfect air of the vector.

  21. UchihaTaijiya Apr 06, 2007

    .... WOW....
    You have got talent! *___*
    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!
    ++++fav! <3

  22. KOKUJINDESU Apr 13, 2007

    Great vector! Coincidentally, I also have a piece called Tyger Tyger--(great minds thinking alike?)

  23. gabysango2011 Apr 17, 2007

    i luv tigers and this one is really gorgeous!
    + fav
    i luuuuuuvvvv it!

  24. DarthTofu May 10, 2007

    That's the most insane vector I've seen in a long time. Awesome!

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