Busou Renkin: Tokiko-hime

Nobuhiro Watsuki, Xebec, Busou Renkin, Tokiko Tsumura, Vector Art
Nobuhiro Watsuki Mangaka Xebec Studio Busou Renkin Series Tokiko Tsumura Character Vector Art Source


Artist Comment

This is a request I took on vectory. Funny thing, I have no idea for who I made this and whether this will ever be used. You might think I'm naive. Perhaps, but I think of myself as dilligent and reliable. Nevermind. The request was for busou renkin, but no specific scan, and since I never watched the anime or read the manga and didn't really like the artwork I decided to take a little advantage and I chose to vector tokiko in a yukata. I think she looks great, the only thing that makes me frustrated is that horrible scar. Well... since this is for someone I dared not omit it.
As for the bg - I hope entity-chan won't be very angry with me that I made it like this... since it's her signature bg. But I coudn't find anyhing that fit Tokiko.... Gomen T_T
Now for some facts:
1lineart took five times as long as the coloring
2there are about 70 layers
3 this is a clean vector I used only pen tool, some gradient meshes and the free transform tool
I hope you like it!
Oh, and here you got the scan.
free--wallers feathers-of-eternity celestial-luminesse
vectory hoteru-no-shiki~PureLight~

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  1. WindAlchemist Mar 30, 2007

    Wow, this is really cool and you did such a great job! I am definitely favoring this =)

  2. Regenbogen Mar 30, 2007

    Perfect vector, Kashi... couldn't be done any better! :)

  3. Ranga Mar 30, 2007

    I love it!

  4. entity1660 Mar 30, 2007

    Awwww...that's okay, Kashi-chan, for using my background scheme. I know how hard it is to make backgrounds, believe me. XD

    Oh, if that member who requested the vector ever comes back to the group, you can post this vector in a list like I do on my userpage. It's worth a try. =3

    As for the vector, kudos to you for the yukata, because I dare not try vector another kimono-type scan unless I was extremely bored. Yay, yay, good job on this one!

  5. SakuraShirayuki Mar 30, 2007

    my dearst kashi-chan <33 chu!
    i prefer quality over quantity and this one is a nice one <333
    the outlines are clean and that's what i missed in other vectors ^^
    OMG the kimono was hell, ne?

  6. CarbonR Mar 30, 2007

    well then as i saw these past five days how you progressed on it i shall say good job with this vector, you even tempted me to use PS to vector BUT YOU WON'T WIN! illustrator FTW. anyways i love how you guys do that white w/e color effect it adds a pastel look to me i love it, you love it, ANYONE WHO D/L'S THIS SHOULD LOVE IT LORD DUNCAN COMMANDS IT![b][/b]

  7. gaara-no-shukaku Mar 31, 2007

    Very clean, so I consider this real vector. =)
    Nice work with the patterns, and the gradients really fit the flowery patterns and her eyes too. I think the lines are too bold for my taste.

  8. Sinever Mar 31, 2007

    the vector is looking gorgeous
    well done

  9. enchantment Mar 31, 2007

    wow, really nicely done :D lovely vectoring and i love the flowers on her outfit :D nice work~^^

  10. moonescape Mar 31, 2007

    I must agree! The sacn of it looks lovely especially something like that deserves to be vectored. >:D This one was really nice. Very smooth and clean. I can't see why this can't be in the elite gallery I mean I can see that this is definately something worth full viewing.

    The flower patterns looks so complicated it would ache me if I had to do that. @_@ The gradients on the flowers add a very nice touch too. :) Definate fave! ;)

  11. starrliteangel Mar 31, 2007

    ohhh beautiful vector! nice smooth outlines. I think the only (err..major) problem with this is the fact that the bg color doesnt work at all. i know she has a gray kimono on with gray hair, but IMO, a purple bg wouldve worked a lot better. and also, she has flowers on her dress, but dots in the bg. i dont think the dots go very well with the flowers >.< i wouldve just used a texture or some kind of design that kept the bg simple and subtle so her dress x flowers stand out more.
    the thing with entity's vector bg is...she doesnt vector many characters with large patterns on their clothing when she uses the dotty bgs.

  12. EevaLeena Mar 31, 2007

    Waiii! It's Tokiko! And in kimono! So pretty... There's no way in hell I can see her wearing this the series! Anyways, love vector, Kashi-san! I especially love the flower pattern in her kimono!

  13. saikyou Mar 31, 2007

    When you said "no specific scan" i thought you made this all from scratch... O.o
    Hmm, it's a great job indeed... With my skills now i can only imagine how to make those motives on her yukata with a vector... And that rose hairpin... No matter how i see it it's a great vector!

  14. Lady-Lotus Mar 31, 2007

    OMG! this is just SO gorgeous. The patterns on the kimono is just so stunning. Very beautiful colors as well. I like her exression. So lovely. Great WORK!

  15. irix Mar 31, 2007

    without compliments about this great and awesome work! XD
    [can you take my request? :nya: well, if you like... ]

  16. gabysango2011 Apr 01, 2007

    i luv it
    very well made and full of details
    + fav

  17. shiwei Apr 01, 2007

    beautiful vector, the yukata is pretty and Tokiko looks great with that
    keep it up, +fav

  18. rubenz Apr 02, 2007

    very lovely Kashi chan ^^ The kimono looks awesome ^^, it must be hard to vector cose its so complicated with the pattern :D

  19. AnimeFan4Life Restricted Member Apr 05, 2007

    Tsumu-rin all the way. :D
    A great job. I Love It. More.

  20. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Apr 06, 2007

    One of my favorite scans of Tokiko, and you've done an excellent job vectoring it! :D

  21. Otakon07 Nov 16, 2007

    I love this scan of Tokiko-san ^^

  22. ninja123 Dec 20, 2007

    It's rare for tokiko to act like a girl... ^_^

  23. LordKamina Sep 18, 2009


  24. Exalda Apr 20, 2010

    Oooh Tokiko en kimono! Tr

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