Sister Princess Wallpaper: la principessa del regno della pasta

Naoto Tenhiro, Sister Princess, Haruka (Sister Princess) Wallpaper

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EDITED! i made some changes on the chara. as i cleaned the image previously, the chara didn't seem painted. for fix that and and to give the impression of painting i dirtied the image with some brush in low overlay effect, and later was used the smudge tool.
finally i give to her some little details on her head.

im seing the anime "gunslinger girls" and in that anime, the title of an episode was called "el principe del regno de la pasta" (the prince of the kingdom of pasta). the title is due to one history:
Once upon a time... blah-blah-blah... ..and the principe del regno de la pasta was so lucky, because he could eat all the pasta that he wanted. for a while he was happy, but with the time he wanted to invite his friends to dinner with him and make his meals so much happier... but the dark side of the force.. NO! sorry... that was other history ^^'
what i said? oh.. yes... the principe wanted make happy his friends enjoying the food in company... but he only had one fork in the kingdom; he couldn't invite to anybody... sad, no?
well, this is the same, but with a principessa ...and without the dark side of the force.

like 10 hours of work. only ps cs2.
mmm... painted! but again that is not noticed ...anyaway.. if you see the stock photo of the background, i think you can notice that was painted. see also the scan.

oh.. and this has dedication. for angie-chan (aka xangel)
angie, siempre habra tiempos mejores mientras tu corazon albergue esperanzas ^__^

this is my entry for The Sister Princess Fan-club Big Wallpaper contest!


my groups ^^
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  1. URanimEnigma Mar 30, 2007

    I noticed the painting as soon as you showed it to me. But, I wondered if it was based of a stock photo. When you showed me I was amazed. This version doesn't look much like the actual stock photo, other than the layout of the room. its good. For a moment there she looked sadder with the purple kimono. But, when I saw what you were trying to portray she did seem a bit more sad here. The room gives a sense of slowly passing moments. She seems to simply be waiting for an answer.

  2. Sinever Mar 30, 2007

    the painting is looking awesome
    well its gorgeous & very nicely made
    well done as usual & +fav
    best of luck in the contest

  3. MiesMuffel Mar 30, 2007

    I like this very much, the painting in comparison with the original is nicely done. Any tips on how you do this for a Photoshop novice like me ?

    The only thing I found a bit... strange... The gloomy background and the gir'ls pose and dress are something different... Don't know how to explain, they conflict each other, but that has not too be a negative point, because it sticks out. I think.


  4. Oriya Mar 30, 2007

    so this is what You were working on, right?
    quire nice, calm lights, toned colors. really nice

  5. Lum-sann Mar 30, 2007

    Woah! sugoi honey! ^_^ i love the painting is really beautiful! ^_^
    I didn't know that Haruka liked pasta XD me loves it! :D i saw the stock photo, i'm wondering how did you turn that into this beauty! you're a really artist! :D Good luck for the contest honey! ^_^ evil hug and chuack! oh and of course the fav! ^^

  6. Angi Retired Moderator Mar 30, 2007

    Your painting is amazing o.o
    pasta yum!
    Gracias neko ^w^

  7. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Mar 30, 2007

    The background is amazing! *.*

  8. motilla Mar 30, 2007

    I like it everything on it is just amazing! so beautiful..

  9. Rella Mar 31, 2007

    Ooh, this is very nice! I really like the background, you did a nice job painting the stock photo. =D The lighting is also depicted correctly. Good work and good luck on the contest! ^^

  10. starrliteangel Mar 31, 2007

    the background looks awesome! Your painting is always so beautiful, neko-san. I just wish the girl had a painter look that matches your bg...she doesnt fit in so well >.<
    very nice! ohhh gunslinger girls is a good anime!

  11. eternallegend Mar 31, 2007

    the room looks really nicely painted :D i like the tones in your wall and how the atmosphere is created through your wall :) i like how you did the lighting :D nice wall ^^

  12. enchantment Mar 31, 2007

    wow, i love the room and you did a nice job on the painting :D i love the lighting :) nice wall~^^

  13. Yuzupt Mar 31, 2007

    I liked the way you adapted the story to the wally
    It's sad when we can't have our friends around
    You really made a great work with the bg transforming that stock photo in a bg so beauty
    Can you do that with people's house? just kidding
    I love the way as the light comes trought the window
    My fav

  14. Danielly Mar 31, 2007

    ahhhh sugoi sugoi me loved this one soooo much ^^
    awesome job yoraneko-okimi-sama!
    it's perfect and dark!

  15. alterlier Mar 31, 2007

    looks pretty nice, the painty style really works with I dont know...the feeling of the story, what Idont like is the red dot in her mouth that is supposed to be sauce from the pasta...guess it doesnt look like it, but you put a lot of effort on this and that's truly visible.

  16. pamkips Mar 31, 2007

    oh my it's painted :D

  17. overbond Apr 01, 2007

    what a wonderful background you did! looks amazing, very peaceful and calm... very good! ;)

  18. auel1124 Apr 01, 2007

    en mi opinion, un nombre muy raro... suena a italiano xD
    de todos modos, se nota que editaste el scan porque las sister princess no son de ese estilo... me gusto el detalle del plato de tallarines con el tenedor al lado ^^
    y muy gracioso lo del lado oscuro de la fuerza xD tarde en reaccionar pero cuando lo hice me rei un rato xD
    sigue asi!

  19. Zoamel Apr 01, 2007

    This is simply a great work. It's really interesting how you cleaned the scan. It wasn't looking to great.
    I also like the background a lot. It's not to full and the light is so warm.

  20. Melisandre Apr 01, 2007

    Ayns, por que nunca me entero de que subes tus trabajos? Porque se me ocurrio mirar, pero MT no me informa de cuando publicas algo #snif, snif# Ya conoces mi opinion sobre el wallie, es precioso me encanta como pintas y como usas la luz en todos y cada uno de tus trabajos y siento no poder tiempo para que me ensenies algun truco, ayns...

    Amazing work, I do also like pasta and the history is really nice. You made a great work and I'm happy to see the work before MT, cute! I'll be waiting for more like always ;)

  21. IzumiChan Apr 06, 2007

    Yay, I understood the title without translation! XD
    The painting-ness is awesome, I loved the little table with the fork on it~ XD
    The only think I disliked was Haruka's lip. It look strange, it's not like she's smiling... can it be tomato sauce, from the pasta? O_O
    Good work! ^_^

  22. maho-ho Apr 22, 2007

    On this wall, I like the style, like me the atmosphere, but she troubles the solitude to me, the melancholy of the image. Interesting work! :D [Saludos!, realmente es agradable ver este new o no tan nuevo trabajo!]

  23. chisaikame May 13, 2007

    i know this episode!.. such lonely beauty annakee kun! this a great composition from the original! ganbatte! :D

  24. LyraScience May 13, 2007

    The bg is wonderful and it suits the scan perfectly. Moreover the work you 've done repainting it is obvious. ;) Great job indeed.

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